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  1. where did you hear about the program to pay you to get out?
  2. so would i go to the courthouse and file a motion denying it or do i send a certified letter to wells fargo lawyer denying the allegations and then when the 6-3015 courtdate comes i have my attorney present.? what im trying to do is stall from paying the lawyer until june as once i give the $1500 retainer to the lawyer from that point on i have to pay them $300 per month while they fight the foreclosure so we can stay in the house as long as possible so if i pay $1500 next week then come may, june i pay $300 per month so if i file a answer on my own and then retain the lawyer in june i could save $600 in monthly fees.
  3. So how do i answer the summons? it says i have 30days but there is a court date on the paperwork but it is on 6-30-2015. I informed the lawyer but if i dont have to go to court until 6-30-15 i would like to refrain from giving the lawyer any money until say june 15th as once i pay the lawyer its $300 per month after i pay the intial $1,500. can i just send a certified letter to wells fargos lawyers like a debt validation letter. Ive done those before and stalled the lawyer when we had the credit card bills go to the lawyers.
  4. well i just got one of the summons tonight , this was just taht wells was filing forclosure, no court date on it but said i have 30 days to respond. so do i have to do anything with this one? Also i see that my wife is listed on the mortgage but she isnt listed on the note so im assuming that im the only one financially responsible for the 180K is this correct?
  5. I will be served also, i have been checking the county website every week to see when the banks lawyers would get a summons and i found they filed the paerowrk and we already have acourt date scheduled for June 30th 2015 which is good as i was expectiing to be in court by beggining of May. Wells is taking their time so this way i can bank more money until i pay the lawyer. also since my court date, the 1st one is June 30th to respond to the summons, can i go in on the 1st one and say i need a continuance as i need to seek legal counsel, im just trying to stall them as long as possible while a save more money. Im going to check the mortgage paper work to verify. I beleive she is on the deed but not the note as her credit score was to low when we refinanced and definately not on the mortgage as the wells fargo statements i get are only in my name and on the mortgage interest tax statement at the end of the year is only in my name.
  6. My wife and i just had our chp7 bk discharged in dec 2014 and in the BK i also let our mortgage go as part of the BK. My question is since we didnt use my wifes credit on the mortgage and it was in my name, is my wife responsible for the mortgage, she did sign when we closed but it isnt listed on her bk schedule nor her credit report. I just dont want her getting sued for the mortage of $182,000. Oh btw, we are living in the house and already have a foreclosure lawyer we are going to hire.
  7. QUick question since the house/mortgage with wells fargo was thrown into my chp 7 and my credit report shows zero debt as everything has been wiped out when i finally move out of my home will a foreclosure show up on my credit report and if it does how could it if i formally didnt go through a foreclosure before my chp 7 was discharged?
  8. Thanks for all of the responses and i talked to my attorney and " I am not responsible for taxes" so for the commenters that said i was at least in illinois if the bank was paying the taxes on the property before the BK, the bank is responsible for them. I finally got a letter yesterday from wells stating that they have turned over my case to a attorney so my lawyer expects for me to get served in the next month or so, the clock starts ticking. Hopefully i can buy two years in here as there is a lot foreclosures in my neighborhood that are going for $40,000 to $90,000 and between our savings and my 401K in two years i can go buy a house cash and be done with it. I wonder if i could even buy this house in a auction. Ill have to ask my attorney.
  9. thats what i thought as they ahve been paying the taxes. so well see what happenes.
  10. I dont understand how am i responsible for the taxes when the loan was put in my bankruptcy and discharged, i never reaffirmed the mortage, the bank always payed the taxes as it came out of my mortgage payment and they also pay the insurance out of my mortgage payment and have paid both the mortage and mortgage insurance. So how can i be responsible for all of that when it was wiped out in the Chapter 7?
  11. Well I finally got my Chp 7 discharge paperwork, it was done middle of dec 2014, its bice to see on my credit report 0 everywhere, the wells fargo Mortgage is also listed as zero. I finally got a letter from wells 2 weeks ago stating they revoked the paper that states they could only speak to my lawyer and then saturday i got the paper stating that i have until March 6th to come up with the past due mortgage payments and then they could start the forclosure proces. I was wondering if i tried to do another home loan od and told the lawyer to tell them we would do it for say $125000 instead of the 181000$ i owed them, i think that reasonable and they dont have to fight a foreclosure meanwhile im living for free and they have to pay the tazes and insurance. Have you ever seen anyone play hardball with them and get them to do something like this? Also again my question is since i filed BK and its discharged i dont own the debt do i have to pay taxes. The othet thought i had was to file the loan mod through the attorney its $1500 and it bought me about 9 months time so say i did that and wells said no and then they have a few months before they file foreclosure im thinking it could stall them as then i would pay the $1500 for the foreclosure defense and then the lawyer wants $300 per month after that for court fees and appearences. Im trying to buy as much time as i can living in the house so i can save for a new one if possible.
  12. Otherwise, live there rent free (just make sure to pay the utility bills and taxes) for the year and stockpile cash for when you have to move. Ok, so say in 90 days the automatic stay is lifted and they send me paperwork they want to foreclose, say i get a foreclosure lawyer are you saying i am responsible for the real estate taxes as in my mortgage the taxes were paid by wells fargo and not me. am i responsible for the taxes? also i will try to see if wells wants to work out a better loan mod, i would stay here if they dropped the principal to say 125K as the house was comped out at 90-100K but say i fight the foreclosure i have friends that after 2 years still havent had to move out yet or have heard from the bank as to the final date to get out. I guess inn illinois the avg foreclosure time is 695 days, do you think that is the amount of time from the 1st notice of decision to foreclose? i emailed my bk lawyer and they wont even respond as we are done. We have foreclosure houses on my street that 5 yrs ago went for 190k and some sold for anywhere from 40k-80k so i wonder if wells if knowing they will eat the house would maybe sit down and bargain.
  13. Quick question how long after the chp7 meeting of the creditors does wells have to wait to start any legal action is the automatic stay for 60 or 90 days?
  14. well i went to chp 7 bk court today and everything went smoth, we didnt reaffirm the mortgage so i guess the ball is in wells fargo court, they shoulda gotten back to me and not given me the run around on the signed new loan mod mortgage. we are kinda glad as when you look at the deal its pretty crummy. current loan is 180K at 5,5% interest we owe and we owed 22k in past mortgage payments. new loan mod was 175k at 4.2% and on top of that a 20k HUD PROMISARRY NOTE 0% and not due till 30 yrs so im paying 195k for a house worth maybe 100-120K max. + i guess when we filed the chp 13 back in april of 2013 is when the clock started on our BK since we switched to a chp 7 so we are in about 18months already. my question is since wells is sitting on the loan mod paperwork we signed back in sept what if they said hey we wanna use this loan? am i on the hook? or would i have to reaffirm the mortgage? also im not planning on paying from now on and if i talk to wells i would tell them drop the principle down to current value or forget it, what do you think? Do you think the loan mod was a rip off deal? Also I talked to my lawyer the bk one and he said that i have to have my loan mod lawyer cancel the loan mod, is that true or cani do it.
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