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  1. What state do you live in ? What is the SOL for your state ? When did this account report as a CO ?
  2. Still can't view anything after first page of credit repair forum this ever going to be fixed..lots of great info that we aren't able to read. Please....
  3. Don't be sorry..I was just trying to be starting your own thread it will be easier for people to help you. Goodluck
  4. Start your very own thread so people don't have to weed thru this thread. It will make it easier for people to help you.
  5. If you can take a picture of the summons and upload so people can have a looksy at it. Be sure to delete your name ..address and account number and change the S amount by a few dollars just in case never know who's reading this board. Goodluck !
  6. No ...Thankyou ! I'm a newbie and still learning the process and without people like you ..people like me will be abused in the courts. So Thanks for all you do here on these boards
  7. This is so true...if we have to follow the rule of the law when we owe debt the OC or CA should have to follow the law in order to retrieve said monies. They aren't allowed to break the law just because someone owes them money !
  8. NY Bill for CREDIT SCORES INCLUDED IN FREE ANNUAL DISCLOSURES. Status: This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Explanation: Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee. [Last Updated: Jul 20, 2011 6:13AM] ------------------------------------------------------- Feb 17, 2011 - Introduced in House. This is the original text of the bill as it was written by its sponsor and submitted to the House for consideration. This is the latest version of the bill currently available on GovTrack. HR 769 IH 112th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 769 To amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to require the inclusion of credit scores with free annual credit reports provided to consumers, and for other purposes. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES February 17, 2011 Mr. COHEN (for himself, Ms. RICHARDSON, Mr. RANGEL, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Ms. NORTON, and Ms. TSONGAS) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Financial Services A BILL To amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to require the inclusion of credit scores with free annual credit reports provided to consumers, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the ‘Fair Access to Credit Scores Act of 2011’. SEC. 2. CREDIT SCORES INCLUDED IN FREE ANNUAL DISCLOSURES. Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. 1681g) is amended-- (1) in subsection (a)(1), by adding at the end the following flush sentence: ‘Notwithstanding subparagraph (, all consumer reporting agencies described in section 603(p) shall disclose any information in the consumer’s file at the time of the request concerning credit scores or any other risk scores or predictors relating to the consumer if such request is made in connection with a free annual disclosure made pursuant to section 612(a).’; and (2) in subsection (f), by amending paragraph (6) to read as follows: ‘(6) MAINTENANCE OF CREDIT SCORES- All consumer reporting agencies described in section 603(p) shall maintain information in the consumer’s file concerning credit scores or any other risk scores or predictors relating to the consumer for a period of no less than 1 year from the date on which such information is placed in the consumer’s file.’. SEC. 3. BANKRUPTCY RISK SCORE STUDY. (a) GAO Study- The Comptroller General of the United States shall carry out a study of bankruptcy risk scores used by consumer reporting agencies. Such study shall include an analysis of-- (1) the factors used to determine bankruptcy risk scores; (2) how bankruptcy risk scores impact the ability of consumers to receive loans; (3) actions that consumers can take to improve their bankruptcy risk score; and (4) such other factors as the Comptroller General determines to be appropriate. ( Report- Not later than the end of the 6-month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General shall submit a report to the Congress containing all findings and determinations made in carrying out the study required under subsection (a). © Bankruptcy Risk Score Defined- For purposes of this section, the term ‘bankruptcy risk score’ means a numerical value or a categorization derived from a statistical tool or modeling system used to predict the likelihood of whether a consumer will file for bankruptcy. This bill is very large, and loading it may cause your web browser to perform sluggishly, or even freeze. This is especially true for old and/or bad browsers. As an alternative you can download the PDF of the bill or read the text on THOMAS. Continue on to the bill... Read The Bill: H.R. 769 -
  9. Geeezz...when will this piece of legislature ever see the light of day ?
  10. I was in the same position you were and ended up doing the same thing . I just paid it ( monthly installments) and they filed a motion with the courts to dismiss. Then some how I forgot to pay the last $50 and they had a writ for garnishment . They ended up taking $50 plus for 5 weeks in a row. My employess could do nothing due to the writ even tho I explained it was only for $50. Imagine if it was for hundreds of $ people would not have a paycheck for 5 weeks..crazy huh ? Long story short I got the extra money they took back and they never filed a judgement against me on my CRA. Looking back I think they broke the law. I was never served a summons. I live in a huge co-op building here in NYS . One day I go downstairs and plastered on the front main entrance door where everyone enters was the summons for everyone to read. All the information was plastered on the door. I'm not sure if they broke the law..I should have looked into it and had the super of my building give me the video tape of the guy who plastered it on my door for the worls to see. I did owe the money and decided to call them and set up a payment plan to just pay it and get it over with. Did they break the law ? PS: Congrats on getting rid of this judgement it's out of your life !
  11. I just hope the CRA's remove it without contacting the CA because my SOL is close to the NYS 6 year mark but not quite there yet by a few months.
  12. That's it...I'm not racking my brains out anymore over this. I'm sending this to the CRA's with wording that the CA is in violation and request removal. Thanks so much ..this is really helpful ! Happy Feet Dance
  13. Verizon isn't on my report..just the CA. I would think Verizon keeps records for awhile so I'm kind of scared to go this route being my SOL is short by a few months. I don't understand why verizon isn't listed because it hasn't been 7years -180 days where it would have been deleted. Very confusing.
  14. To tell you the truth I'm not sure of the DOFD but it is over 5 years and very close to 6 by a few months. So I'm not going to call verizon. I'm afraid to dispute this becasue I know the SOL to be sued 6 years is very close and pretty sure it's not 6 years. I believ I have 2-3 months to go. If I dispute with the CRA that anyone who furnishes information to a credit reporting agency must report the same date of 1st delinquency then Pinnacle might come up with the DOFD which will fall right under the 6 year mark.Then I could be taken to court. Being the SOL is so close to 6 years but not quite there should I still dispute with the CRA's becasue the CA has no DOFD listed ? What would you do ? Keep in mind I won't be applying for Mortgage until May or June . Can CA get a court date right away to start proceedings to sue me or does it take months to get on the court calendar ? Thanks so very much ! PS:I owed money to other OC that were CO to CA's..LNVN ARROW AND Midland that I have paid in the last 2 years because it was my debt . Nothing to do with Verizon who I refuse to pay because they are lying thieves who screwed me.
  15. OK I get it..The SOL means the time they can take you to court but the 7 -180 is how long they can list it on your report. One last question...If I call verizon for the original DOFD will they reactivate this and list it on my CR again ? Thanks so been very helpful.
  16. This is how I got a few removed in the last few months. I paid several CA's the last several years ( I did owe the money ) and they even worked with me on reducing the amount. This was when I didn't know anything about the rules and regulations.They even listed them as PIF...go figure. Well I disputed them online (I know stupid) and checked paid in full or something like that.. I forget exact wording that was listed and in the narrative box I wrote it was to be removed upon payment. So either the CA didn't respond in time and they were deleted or they did respond and deleted it. Who knows what happen but they are gone. It was 3 CA removed....Midland..LNVN and Arrow. Needless to say I was shocked they were removed but then again I did pay up because I did owe the money and believe in paying my bills. I had a rough few years back then but eventually made good. I have one more with Midland that I sent a goodwill's scheduled to be removed May of 2012 and hoping they work with me again being this is around the time I'll be shopping for a mortgage. The only bill I refuse to pay is a CA for Verizon..they lied to me and screwed me at the same time. Goodluck !
  17. Thanks for your time..appreciate it. I have been paying money out over the last 2 years to CA because I did owe it. As for this verizon bill I refuse to pay this one. Verizon screwed me and renegged on the plan they laid out for me and threw crazy extra charges on the bill . So PFD is out. I do want it off my CR ...I will be applying for a Mortgage within 6 months so I'm in double fix because.... One..I need it removed and Two I'm not PFD. I'm sorry but could you clear something up for me..You keep saying 7 1/2 years. Is this for every state ? Or is the SOL totally different than how long they can report to a CRA ? Verizon isn't even listed on my report just the CA. PS: If I call verizon for the original DOFD will they reactivate this and list it on my CR again ?
  18. Are CA's Required to list DOFD To CRA ? I ask because they only list the Date Updated and Date Placed for Collection. No date at all for DOFD. The original CO is no longer listed on CR just the CA. Thanks
  19. Thanks and no payment was ever made after the DOFD.
  20. If someone disputed a collection on their report with CRA in the past will this start the statue of limitations all over again ? The CA was never contacted about this..just the CRA who contacted the CA who verified it.
  21. Two more question ..pleaseee I just checked and know for a fact that this Verizon CO was over 5 years ago but no more than 6 years. I don't have the exact date but it was over 5 years for the original CO . Pinnacle shows Placed in Collections: Sep 30, 2008. Pinnacle doesn't have a date listed for DOFD. 1 - Is Pinnacle breaking the rules by re-aging or are they allowed to being it's not a credit card because it's a Verizon wireless account ? 2 - Also...Is the SOL date for New York Sate 5 years ? I just want to be sure before I attack.
  22. Great Read..Thanks for posting this. What I find most disturbing is the debt-collection lawyers actually call the judges and threatened to take their cases and filing fees elsewhere if the Judge didn't back down. Also this "Judge Graves says some company lawyers asked court officials to fax them hundreds of pages of documents on previous judgments, which the judge took to be a test of his willingness to accommodate debt collectors." There should e some kind of law preventing these scumbag lawyers from contacting any judge . Another way to solve the townships from losing the fees is maybe to have all fees divided up among all the courts in the township. This way the scum can't use it against any judge looking to bring extra funds to his court.
  23. I thought I had this problem beat but I don't. Only able to view first page..very frustrating . IE 8
  24. I thought only the OC can report debt as an "Open Account " per the FCBA...... Or am I mistaken ?
  25. Thanks everyone..I will dispute with CRA's via mail. Thanks again !