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  1. i agree Huey. forgery is indeed the main concern
  2. i have read and heard lots about ways on how to improve credit score. but how should you really improve your credit score before you decide to ask help from credit repair service?
  3. you have to notify the bureaus about this too. and make sure that everything is documented for it might be needed in the future.
  4. other questions that you might want to ask before applying for new credit are "is this new application necessary? wont it hurt my score if i'll go for it?"
  5. i say that there are really credit repair companies out there that can enhance your credit. but before you get one, make sure that the company is well established, been operating for several years already and is composed of lawyers and legal experts so that your payment wouldnt be wasted. i had tried [REDACTED] and they are doing good on my credit score.