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  1. That sucks. The last time I got served it was against Defendant and Jane Doe Defendant. If my wife get one that says Defendant and John Doe Defendant can I assist in the defense?
  2. Can't help any as I'm a noob at this. I think it is funny that they clog the courts with with their worthless cases, that they can't win unless the defendant doesn't show up, and then ask the court to grant them a SJ to unclog the courts. Besides it is expensive to prove you actually owe the money so the court should just make you pay and save us the trouble.
  3. You can file an amended return.
  4. They have offices in Buffalo, NY and Greenville , SC so they should have known it was to late as Indiana is in the same time zone.
  5. How much is owed on the two accounts and when did you making payments?
  6. Is this the only thing you owe? If you have a bunch of other debts you owe you can consult with a BK lawyer.
  7. I have done it twice and it was a great experience. One was a drunk driving case and it was her 7th time being charged. The other was a guy running from the police and went in a strangers house to hide. They told him to leave and he took a butter knife off the counter and held it to his throat and threatened to kill himself if they didn't hide him. He was charged with theft for depriving the owners of the knife the use of the knife. Got to see a really good defense lawyer in action in the second case.
  8. Don't know if you already have these but just in case you don't here are a couple of Washington Pro Se Guides.
  9. Sounds to me like a fancy name for a run-of-the-mill debt collector. Like calling a garbage man a sanitation engineer.
  10. She is pasting that into every thread on the board even ones that don't have anything to do with LVNV.
  11. Make sure you give us the blow-by-blow results. Between this case and Coltfans I may just cancel my cable.
  12. Even though the attorney hasn't started your case he probably will not want to give your money back. Ask the old/new attorney how lawsuits are handled when you file for BK in your state. My BK attorney said that, in my state, once the BK paperwork is filed the lawsuit gets put on hold. Then after the BK is final the lawsuit goes away.
  13. That is just sick. Almost as bad as the CA BOA used that got busted calling creditors (N word)'s That cost them 1.5 million.
  14. Some of the more experienced members can correct me if I am wrong but you may not be out of the woods just yet. Was your case dismissed or dismissed with prejudice? If it was just dismissed that allows MCM to re-file the case against you.