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  1. apparently "MEG61" has never been been a victim of fdcpa violations, harassment, or JDB injustice........nor does it sound like this forum is a good fit for it..I mean , "her".....please feel free to go somewhere that is better suited for you, MEG61 COLTFAN1972 ROCKS!!
  2. P.S. I know I have used this particular utility since 1996......I did in fact, have electricity in two different locations, for which I have paid fully, and closed out on time...and have had no knowledge of a balance oweing until now.....but, why would I be able to open new utility with this same OC..and they not try to collect from me during those years? this makes no sense to me.
  3. It says, "date of last payment" 05/11 and, "date of 1st. deliquency" 12/09 and, "date Maj. Del 1st. Rptd." 05/11 This is not a JDB, cuz it says "southern Cal Edison"......and it does say, date opened 08/1996 $340. So, should I mail (cmrr) them a DV or a MOV ? or shall I send them something that says it all; "this is not mine, you are reporting past SOL, with violations, and now you are reagaing....prove it's mine..etc..." They say date of last payment 05/11....LIARS....believe me, I never sent them anything. Does it sound like someone else has utility in my name?? Thanks, not sure how to go about this....
  4., here i have a mailed copy of my credit report from experian and concerning that utility account??? HERE it says my last payment was 5/11!!! Uhhhh, as I said earlier; on this other report from says the bill was from back in 1996??? This information is no where on this experian says a completely different DOD, and It IS the OC reporting this.....what the heck is going on? I have NOT made a payment, they, I have lived in colorado now going on 3 years...... It seems like the first time you pull your credit reports; they contain all kinds of BS....then, when everyone catches on that you are interested and gonna clean it up....all the dates begin to change to reflect recent activity!!!!(protection against violations..) Am I just seeing things or has anyone else experienced this??? I copied these other reports with the different dates , same OC......thank goodness! I am going MAD here..................
  5. well well's an update!! I just recieved my Equifax snail mail report, so that took maybe 7 days! (yeah) But get this: of course I sent a copy of my DL and my Auto ins. all three....and Experian sends me this piece o crap; "We are responding to your request for a free annual credit report. We were unable to honour your request because you did not provide sufficient identification for us to verify your identity.....blah blah blah... " (you know the rest of it..) This just Pisses me off. What do they want???? My firstborn?? And they won't let me see it online for the very same reasons~~~~~!!!! USAGGI555: you knew this might happen, huh?? Geez. Anyhow, haven't heard from Transunion yet. But those student loan people gave me a nice NEGATIVE reporting after a year of paying each month on time....s.o.b's.......ugg. I'm thinking; after is see these I want to sign up for a credit reporting agency and pay each month...until I get some stuff straightened out on my least they can break it down for you-what is negative and what is of no consequence....that part is nice.
  6. More good information; and I will keep in mind, I can't do a rehab again. LOL I will find out tomorrow (hopefully) who and why that state tax lien was put on my report.....I will post this mystery once I figure it out. Your expertise on this matter has been priceless. Again, my gratitude to you!
  7. StudloanGuru: You ROCK !!! I appreciate you explaining (which somehow could not be explained comphrehensively by any agents I have spoken with) all of this in plain english. Everything makes so much more sense, and I don't feel as if I made a wrong choice or was suckered into something. (except for the fact that I will be paying this off for the rest of my life...eeeeeeeek) There is no statuate of limitations from my loan years, right? cuz if I find out I have just restarted some SOL after 22 years....I will cry, probably forever. I have paid quite a bit on these loans; pretty close to the loan principal amount....but, I know.....fees, interest, and whatever else they threw on the pile.....ugg. On the state tax lien; The only entity that claimed a lien on my income tax return WAS the student loans.....I have nothing else going on that could do that; all my paychecks get taxes taken out, and I am due some sort of refund (didn't file last year, hope to do it this year)But, (duh) I didn't even think about asking the CRA who the lien is from....eeeeeegads...I guess I am so swept up with all my grief from my credit was hiding in plain sight! That will be done first thing monday~ ! One more question; if I find out it is, in fact, from the student loans...should I just contest with the CRA's? They (FMS) did tell me they would remove it..and if they remove the lien, they aren't reporting anymore to the CRA' the CRA's will be inaccurately reporting on my CR...which they will have to remove it at that point...... Would this be a correct scenario? P.S. LOVE your monkey pic!
  8. It seems so crooked!! if you aren't able to make a $320 monthly payment; How can they hardly expect you to come up with $7,300 within 2 weeks!! Did they offer some sort of payment option? Seeing as you've made, what? payments amounting to $15,360?? And to boot, they HAVE the automobile........Even depreciation....can't cover this crap......come on; is this legal??? Can you find any case law with respect to you situation? I hear of this scenario all the time...and people just take it in the......*#@!
  9. WOW. an interesting timeline of how money has been used. It has a political bent to it, but watch with an open mind....I enjoy getting all sides of the story and this is one of them. The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11 - YouTube ***Disclaimer****Please READ*** The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the authors and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of creditinfocenter or any representative, employee, member, or volunteer thereof. Creditinfocenter and/or it's affiliates make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. The Creditinfocenter forum reserves the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner it sees fit forum entries or comments that it, in its sole discretion, deems to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, or is otherwise unacceptable.
  10. So I checked the mail today and guess what I got!!! A Bill from the Dept. of Education! LOL It says my lender is the Dept. of ED ; group A, direct consol interest rate; 3.250% principal balance; 12,623.87 monthly payment: $89.24 due feb 21, 2012 ok. so, The DOE sent me to FMS Investment Corp. for collections (rehab)..and I completed that, so now; above is my new bill from the DOE. Could you clarify this for me? when dealing with FMS; I received a bill last september: (of course i didn't respond because they were taking 155.00 out of my account automatically) this was strange because it was the only one I had received from FMS (I kept it) it reads; principal balance; $9,685.33 interest; $3,219.65 fees and costs; $3,141.07 Total balance: $16,046.05 The DOE is showing less, so I can't complain....but none of these figures add up to anything I can understand. I DID go ahead and sign up for a PIN online to get all the details of my loans but that will take 3 days. (AND by the way- I want to tell you how grateful I am that you included phone numbers!!! YOU ROCK!!) As far as the state tax lien?? Now this is still strange; I called the number you provided; they said there are no liens against my SS# . I called California state tax; nothing; I called Colorado too, nothing. No one has anything against my income tax return. YET, it is on my credit report..and I was told by FMS they had a lien on me. That is why I believed it was from my educational loans.
  11. Usagi555: Really...that is great! I thought I was gonna have to wait longer..Yes, I did save copies of what I sent...thanks for reminding me. I didn't think that would be necessary, but as you's a good idea. Do you know if I am correct in thinking I will get more detailed reports directly from the CRA's? I recall seeing some reports about 10 years ago and boy did they have ALL info! Original creditors, dates of everything including when they were sold...etc... I know that was a long time ago...but I was able to see everything.
  12. For immediate gratification and to get an idea of what was on my report, I first pulled my reports for free from credit report. com, and got some fairly detailed reports. (you have to cancell the membership if you don't want to pay monthly) I wanted more detail, like the OC and original dates, so three months later I went to privacy guard. THAT was garbage. Absolutely no detail whatsoever. They make you call them and then they will tell you how to get a hold of the creditor...but, Of course, I cancelled that too. Everyone here likes annual credit report .com. They wouldn't allow me to do it online ; I had to send them copies of my personal information. SO, I I'm waiting for them....who knows? 4-6 weeks? I'm hoping i will be able to see more information on the reports coming in the mail. If you are lucky and are able to get them online from annual, then it is instant gratification; if you have the time to wait; (and you will) go snail mail from each CRA. I wouldn't bother with anyother online reports; annual is tried and well liked here.
  13. Great information! thank you....I am going to re-check all of this again, and see what is happening here. I will post as soon as I get some solid info; right now, just wanted to say thanks for the input!
  14. bankruptcy stays on your report for 10 years; your attorney can answer the question as to WHEN it will actually be dismissed.