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  1. thanks. so many possible interpretations of a dismissal! Sure hope they don't file again. I could use a break from the universe.
  2. @slavenomore Go to the court house and get a copy of the signed dismissal. This will be your proof that there is no longer a lawsuit open against you. Also, if you want to look at the service certificate it will probably answer your question. Most court's websites don't give details, but my guess (and mind you, this is only a guess) is that they had to file a certificate of service with the court but that doesn't mean they claimed you were actually served. The certificate of service could quite possibly say "not served" or "not found". Thank you I will try that. it is very confusing. also I want to know how they say they did serve me so i can protect against that or strategize in case they refile. The Sol is 5 years so i am guessing 2017 if they filed in 2013
  3. thanks so much! very helpful. How would I go about finding out how they said they served me without me knowing? so I can be prepared? also if i check court records will the creditor be PINGED or informed and try to sue me again?
  4. Thank you so much. If nothing else I have no suit against me at this time. right? how do I know if they file again? keep checking the electronic docket? Also how do I find out the correct SOL for this. thanks again! I really appreciate your wise council. ; )
  5. thank you. thats a good thing right? why would a banks law firm dismiss it on their own after they said they served me please? is it a tactic?
  6. Case dismissed without prejudice - Allowed. what does this mean in real life please? CC BIG BANK trying to serve me for CC in 2013 I have never been served or even notified. However when i looked up the case in the docket it said this: CCBIG BANK Notice of motion filed 8/30/15 CC Proof of service filed 8/30/15 ???? CC Motion Filed 8/30/15 CC MOTION scheduled 9/10/15 9/10/15 case dismissed without prejudice - ALLOWED 1) the case was from 2013 and I was never served. 2) even thought It says proof of service I never got any of any kind. or notice even. 3) I was in a hospital as i had a heart attack and surgery during the last 3 months. 4) Does this mean they somehow served me, got a settlement or judgement against me, and I never even was informed? WHERE does the term Case dismissed without prejudice - Allowed, leave me in real life? what does it mean? Thank you so much i find this very confusing. and I can't afford the additional stress right now...
  7. thanks so one insolvency sheet. but they are 3 dif dates on the 1099c (1 day apart) but all from the same OC with 3 dif dates what date do I use?
  8. CLARIFICATION; These are the exact figures. 60K cc and other liabilities. 30K in CC 1099c - all from OC. 10K in assets. May 1st 1099c = 9K, May 2nd 1099c = 13K, May 3rd - 8K, / liabilities on 4/29 including all CC = 60K. 10K assets. do I have to do 3 different insolvency sheets? I just can't quite wrap my head around how to do this right.
  9. I did have one other question please. How in Gods sake do you determine the value of your Assets and liabilities of the Date Prior to the 1099s? I mean How do you go back in time and see the exact liabilities and Assets? What do tools, statements or documents, do you use to determine or prove this? and how do you get them from that far back?
  10. CLARIFICATION QUESTIONS ABOU YOUR REPLYS PLEASE> 1. Day before first 1099c. ? Is this how I determine the figures correctly?or is it. To exclude the forgiven debt from gross income, you must have been insolvent at the time EACH debt was forgiven? So, you must first show you are insolvent on the date of identifiable event shown on the 1099c with the earliest date. Then, go to the next 1099c and show that you were insolvent on that date, without including the first discharged debt as a liability because you no longer owed the first debt at the time the second debt was forgiven. Then, move on to the 3rd one. ??? 2. Sales tax? Not sur what you're asking... Just if the fed affects the state even though i paid in full to state with extension. 3. Form 982...ALL liabilities. All liabilities before 1099cs or just the total of 1099c liabilities? 4. "Garage sale" values. Makes sense, any online valuation site like salvation army, good will or other that will make this easier?
  11. Thank you! #2 What I am asking is : do I have to send anything to the state about my insolvency since the 982 and 1099 c s are all federal? and I already paid in full my state taxes.
  12. 3 very specific questions about 1099 c, insolvency, and form 982 please Sorry, this may be a little jumbled, I have been in the hospital…..and I am writing this from there. Questions 1) If you have 3 separate 1099-cs all from the same OC all on a dif date but just (1 day apart from each other ex may 1,2,3rd ) and from the same OC. What is the date that you use to show your insolvency? as the date immediatly prior to discharge. The day before the first 1099c? Which is May 1st? i.e.? April 29th? 2) I paid the sales tax in full with my state extension. does the Federal 1099 cs, and the 982 that is all Fed affect the state tax if at all? is there anything I have to send them? 3) On form 982 and 1040, do I fill int total liabilties? or total of only the 1099 cs ? ASSETS 4) How do i determine the Value in the assets liabilities worksheet of old stuff? A) 200 books but they are highlighted so they cant be sold? so what are they worthless? Old equip 5-10 years old computer. c) Furnishing - old tvs, old microwaves, couch, coffee table, table all at least 5-10 years old. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. it was all i could do to just write the questions.
  13. thank you. but the only gambling I do is in trying to figure out the IRS forms! ; ) If i have multiple form 1099-cs, from the same OC, say on 4/10, 4/11, and 4/12 2013, can I just declare my insolvency date on 4/9/13 FOR EACH ONE OF all 3?
  14. Thank you so much for the info that helps to clear up what the balance sheet might look ilke. I appreciate it. Thanks for your patience, and my questions, but I am trying to get this right. and to wrap my head around this, If i have multiple form 1099-cs, from the same OC, say on 4/10, 4/11, and 4/12 2013, I can't just declare my insolvency date on 4/9/13 and include all 3?
  15. thank you so much for all your help. there is so much to learn! how do you determine what the amount of insolvency is to claim? For instance is if the date on the 1099 c's are 4/1/13 that means I have to claim insolvency the day before that (3/31013) correct? Does that just mean my bank accounts? I mean How do I determine what that was from a whole year ago? Thx!
  16. forgot one question: Will filing an extension, jeopardize my 28K in 2013 1099 -c from the OC that i plan to file insolvancy to not pay the tax on for 2013? Thanks!
  17. Wow, I want to thank you so much for all your good info. I was delayed from answering by medical issues. If I can't pay my taxes by April 15th, and I have an IRS payment plan already. What is the difference between the penalty and interest if i file an extension that gives me till oct. Vs filing april 15th but not paying? 1) If I cant pay the new taxes anyway. 2) Which will default my current IRS payment plan 3) If I file and extension and meet with my CPA after April 15th. question: is there any other XTRA penalties or interest added because i filed an extension, if so how much more ? trying to see any downside to not doing it by the 15th even though i don't have the money for the taxes. Thanks for the clarification.
  18. Thank you so much I very much appreciate it. interesting about line 21. Do you have any tips for renegotiation of an IRS payment plan?
  19. Taxes, 1099-C's, and IRS payment Plan: Does the following strategy make sense? i am in a bit of a pickle when it comes to taxes this year. and having trouble figuring out what is the smart thing to do. Questions: 1) Is it smarter to file in April or file for an Oct. extension given my current situation? 2) Does the below strategy make sense? Have I forgotten anything? 3) How does this situation affect my state taxes? 4) Are all the documents listed that I would need to bring to A tax meeting ? Have I forgotten anything? __________________________________________________ ____________ CURRENT SITUATION: 1) I have an IRS payment plan for the last two years. Currently it is at $45 a month. for 2011 and 2012 for a total of $6,500 2) I have had a bad last few months and I will not have the April 15th amounts due the IRS, or even possibly the state for this year either. 2013. est: 3-5K 3) I received three 1099C's debt forgiveness (code G) this year (2013). If I do not declare insolvency I will owe tax on these. I qualify for Insolvency. 4) I dont know if it is smarter to do all of this in april, or file and extension and do it in October. __________________________________________________ ___________________________ THE SCENARIO THAT SEEMS TO MAKE SENSE: 1) Fill out form 982 attach to 1040 and declare insolvency to not pay taxes on the 1099-C's 2) Do taxes and send to IRS and state without payment. 3) Call IRS and state and make a new payment plan. 4) The other option is to file an extension for October and hope I can come up with more tax money by then and keep paying $45/m. __________________________________________________ _______________________________ INSOLVENCY 1) My three 1099-Cs show a cancellation date of 2013 with a code G 2) Use the insolvency worksheet included in the 4681 Publication 3) Download IRS Form 982. I will need one for each 1099-C. 4) . The cancelled amount indicated on your 1099C Box 2 enter on line 21 of your 1040 enter 'Cancellaton of Debt' for 'type' 5) . Check box 1b on form 982 (pay no attention to the 'not in a title 11 case') enter the amount from 1099C Box 2 on line 2 of your 982. You need to file a 982 for each 1099C but only enter the total from all on Line 21 1040. IRS needs seperate 982's to match up the totals from their copies of the 1099Cs. 6) . Attach all 982's to your 2013 federal tax return 7. Keep the worksheet from Publication 4681 - if you are audited your will need documentation of how your arrived at insolvency 8) . Keep the copies and the original 1099C, you don't need to attach the 1099C to your return just have it on hand http://www.irs.gov/Forms-&-Pubs __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________ LIST OF THINGS TO BRING TO TAX MEETING: TAX DATA: Sole proprietor 2 Main bank accounts. 1 biz, 1 personal HSA - that was not withdrawn from. no property. car - no payments. rent Have payment plan with IRS for 2011 & 2012 GATHERED INFO THAT IS READY TO BRING TO ACCOUNTANT MEETING: 1) biz Account personal Account ING HSA IRS PAYMENT PLANS TRANSCRIPTS FROM PAST YEAR.\ Year end tax data from bank 2) QUICKEN FILES RECONCILED: ACCOUNTS: BUSINESS ACCOUNT 1) QIF file. 2) register printed out for year 4) itemized report 5) catagories report 6) profit and loss report PERSONAL ACCOUNT Qif file 1) register printed out for year 2) itemized report 3) catagories report INSOLVENCY SHEETS: 1099-cs 1040 982's Worksheet showing insolvency
  20. Thank you so much, one more questions: 1) Can I still file a tax extension and have until october to declare insolvency and my 1099-C;s, without it hurting my insolvency filing in any way?
  21. First of all I want to thank all of you for such great info, your generous time and wise council. I always say when it comes to medical, legal or financial the person with the best info wins! NOW THAT I HAVE RECEIVED MY 1099 -C (code G) for all 3 chase accounts, I have decided to declare INSOLVENCY instead of BK. ( no house, old car, few assets) What are the step by step ways for me to do this? 1) DOWN LOAD IRS PUBLICATIONS - # 4681, # 982, #1040 ( not 1040 a,) 2) Worksheet of assets and liabilities (ANYONE HAVE AN EXAMPLE?) 3) FILL IT ALL OUT AND TAKE TO TAX ACCOUTANT. QUESTIONS: 1) how does that affect my state taxes. ? 2) how does insolvency affect current payment plan with the IRS ?and new taxes due? will it put me in a better position to renegotiate another payment plan? 3) how does this affect obama care monthly subsidy if you declare insolvency? 4) how does insolvency position me in a better place for negotiation of the remaining debt of the remaining -16K from another oc suing me? 5) What is the exact date that I must use for insolvency if the 1099C are for 2013? and how do you find out what the exact figures were for that date?
  22. Diversified Adjustment Service : are you getting bills for zombie debts? http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/diversified-adjustment-service-inc/coon-rapids-minnesota-55433/diversified-adjustment-service-inc-sprint-pcs-sprint-cell-phone-diversified-adjustmen-372928 I found this article above. 1) They are sending me collection notices for a Verizon account. there is no date. 2) I don't even use verizon 3) they say I owe $289 dollars. 3) and the company they have the bills name in is an old company i have not had for 13 years. and that used MCI. What would you do next?
  23. I wish you luck ; ) I understand the sweating…. I really don't understand how 1) we can get a 1099 with a code like G or H on it. 2) we file insolvency for the full amount. 3) How could it possibly still be collectable? 4) oc CC got the charge off, you declared insolvency. Seriously, how could it still be collectable? I mean does that mean you should you declare Bk instead of insolvency, because you will never no if it will be collectable some day or ever really go away ? I don't get it.
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