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  1. BTW I think I found out the website of the collection agency: wwwDOTarlcollectDOTcomDOTau I don't know if they've already started chasing me or my "alias", as I'm currently overseas on holidays.
  2. Yes I did this by myself. The debt collector is some Aussie one. ARL-AU or something. Basically, I was able to use PayPal's "Instant Bank Transfer" method to pay for items. One time, I emptied my bank account, then used IBT to pay for my items. When PayPal tried to withdraw the amount from my bank account later on, they were refused, since my account can't be overdrawn. Thus my PayPal account got a negative balance. Around 35 days later, they sent me an email saying that my account had been passed on to the collectors. There has been some recent developments, though. PayPal emailed me on both
  3. Wait am I victim of fraud here? I was operating two PayPal accounts, one with my genuine name, and one with a fictitious name; and I ended up getting a negative balance on the account with the fake name by abusing PayPal's "Instant Bank Transfer" scheme when purchasing items. Or am I the victim of fraud due to a twist in legal jargon?
  4. I understand that debt isn't a criminal act; but fraud is! They could track me down if they were to put in the effort, as I log into both my PayPal accounts from the same IP (rookie mistake, I know...although I can use the defence that I use a wireless hub at my home, so anyone could use my internet as long as they knew the password, which isn't exactly extremely well-hidden!). After reading your posts, though, I understand that CAs may not even want to put in the effort to find out whether I'm upto anything fraudulent. They just care about the debt.
  5. Cheers for the advice! Although I'm still a bit dubious about whether the CA would simply give up and give me a bad credit rating after wasting a lot of effort to try to track me down, or hand it over to the police, I'm at a lot more ease now knowing that CAs normally don't take it too far.
  6. That's it? I mean, if I were to do that, then wouldn't they start investigating or something...since they won't be able to find out the whereabouts of the account holder by any means?
  7. Self-explanatory title, I guess. Should I contact the debt collector and tell them that I'm willing to pay off the debt on behalf of this "alias" of mine? My main concern is whether I'd be caught for fraud while attempting to pay off the debt now. The debt amounts to around $800. Note that I did provide a genuine address. Also note that I'm in Australia (if that is of any relevance in any way).