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  1. Anymore information on how to get the declaration tossed? What actions could I take to make that happen? Should I be looking for violations on their part in relation to certain credit laws? I'm willing to do a lot of research on my part. I just need some direction.
  2. Ok, I'll search up on how to do that. What about the first paper they sent requesting that I bring all those documents to court with me? Should I comply? Do I still have a standing chance against these guys? I was really surprise they were able to obtain an actual statement from Chase.
  3. So I received two things from the law firm recently. My court date is set for mid September. The first thing they sent me was a letter they filed with the court to have me bring my social security id, statements, etc. The second thing they sent me was a "DECLARATION OF PLAINTIFF IN LIEU OF PERSONAL TESTIMONY AT TRIAL" and "PROOF OF SERVICE". They also included a bill of sale, a Chase statement with the amount owed and my name, and my credit card agreement. I'm lost of what I should do now. I didn't know they would have a statement! The bill of sale looks fishy.. it was signed by the "Team Lead
  4. They didn't verify their complaint. i use the lack of standing affirmative defense and checked the general denial box which I submitted to the court today. Sadly, I didn't qualify for a fee waiver so I had to pay that amount out of pocket. =/ At this point, I'm probably going to do a lot more reading in order to prepare myself for court if they decide to pursue it. I will send them a letter to make sure they destroy the bank account information as you suggested as a courtesy. I might just fax it in since I don't think it's required to send it certified mail. The reason why I had to submit the
  5. lol sorry yes i mean affirmative defenses. yeah i'll include lack of standing since that's the only thing i have worth fighting on. I'm relying that they don't have the burden of proof. if they so, oh well, i guess it's worth putting up the fight. thanks guys. i'm going to file this today with the court.
  6. So no affirmative action? Since I've been reading that it's quite useless here.
  7. Hey Guys, So I finally got a chance to look at the PLD-C-010 form. I'm confuse about what I should put down since I do not even know what allegations they are making. =/ Could anyone take a look at my complaint and point out what I should be denying? It seems as thought they skipped a bunch of sections.
  8. I actually called in earlier already before you posted this. I told the lady in charge of my case (not the attorney himself/herself) and she just said "perfect". Do you know which section specifically? Should I add that to my answer? I'm going to draft the answer after work today and post it here for your guys' review. =)
  9. Ahhh I see.. man this is such a dirty business. Going after the people who are not familiar with the laws and regulations of the credit industry. This makes me kinda angry which helps when I'm fighting these guys. I'll be more persistent than the attorney going after me for ~$1800. I hope they have fun wasting their time.
  10. Thanks. I'm trying to understand how these guys are even able to go after people for these loans without having the ability to prove that they own the loan in court. Did they actually buy these bad loans from Chase and other creditors? If so, when they bought the loan wouldn't they require the original creditor to give them the paperwork to actually successfully sue someone?
  11. The account is closed. Since they are planning to pull the funds from my bank account tomorrow, would it be a good idea to call them today to tell them I'm going to duke it out in court? I know someone told me to write them a letter but I don't think that will get to them on time.
  12. Yeah, I thought something fishy was going on but I was kind of lost in all this. It really helps that you guys are leading me to the right direction. I mean, if I don't file something to fight this they win automatically, I rather fight it and let them know I mean business. I just need some help with the how-to and you guys have offered plenty of that. Thanks a bunch everyone! I'll proceed to file the answer with the court tomorrow. I assume I just goto the court and give them a copy of the answer, then send a copy to these scums and save a copy for myself?
  13. The images works fine for me. Just cut and paste it into the address bar. I'm going to file the answer tomorrow. One more question though, could they use my attempt to settle the debt with them in the courtroom? Specifically my phone call to them in an attempt to settle the debt.
  14. Yeah, that's what I was afraid might happen but they tried to reassure me that the case would be dismissed. I could tell they were very shady about everything that's why I came on this forum. I mean, I'm an honest person, and I want to try to pay what I owe but there are more important things I have to worry about like putting food on the table and roof over my head. The last thing I need is for them to take my money then sue me again for some made up figures.