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  1. He can go to the website of the courthouse or I'd suppose call the courthouse and at least find the status of the case.
  2. Your answer to 13 makes me wonder if they actually filed the lawsuit or if this is a fake summons document used as a scare tactic (illegal btw) is is there a docket number and a court date on it?
  3. and the sticky on "question to answer" asks a lot but it does it for a reason. It helps to determine what the best advise is to give you and that really is the goal here.
  4. Just remember everybody here is to help you do don't panic and keep hold of your towel.
  5. After thinking about this, an actual summons being forwarded from one address to another seems odd. When you post the answers to the question in the main lawyer forum, you should scan in your letter (redacting personal information) so we can see if this is a real summons or not. Tomorrow morning, I would call the court and give them the "index number" and see if they have an actual lawsuit for you. If there is not a lawsuit and dependsing on what they really sent you, a fake lawsuit letter could give you ground to sue them. All depends on the details. LIke so many things.. dev
  6. If they sued in the wrong location that helps you at least temporarily. Go up a forum to the main "is there a lawyer in the house" forum and there is a sticky that says " Q's to answer when posting in this forum - please read! ". Repost in the main forum with the answers to all those questions and people will be able to help. (I'm the person who replied to you are reddit BTW) Regardless of if you are guilty or not, if you have been sued there are certain processes you need to follow at this point Everybody here is about helping you out so don't get negative and put y
  7. That is what I normally do. Sometimes I'll add a comment about electing arbitration with JAMS as well to go on and get that out there early.
  8. So this is onl7 going to cover 175 of 4500 companies? That isn't going to do anything. The large companies this covers will just create smaller entities they'll assign acccounts to that don't apply.
  9. The green card came in before you received the summons or before the case was filed? That makes a huge difference.
  10. He would still need to compare the date to the date teh lawsuit was filed. as another poster mentioned lawsuits take time and if he sent the DV one week and got the summons the next week there is a good chance that lawsuit was filed before they got the DV. Just need to compare the green card date to the lawsuit filing date and see.
  11. I am pretty sure they can file a lawsuit without responding to a DV however because you elected JAMS you might have a violation if you can prove they received your letter before they filed the lawsuit. For now, I think your best action (and I'm not an expert by any means) is to go on and file a motion to compell arbitration.
  12. When was the account original opened? If before 2008, you might be able to use the 2008 Cap 1 agreement and elect arbitration. For 1100 they will not want arbitration.
  13. If you find it is outside SOL, I would just send them a "I refuse to pay" letter which automatically involved a C&D. If they contact you again, it's a violation. If they sue, they can't win due to SOL.
  14. I have not filed a lawsuit before, but with the help of this board I am not opposed to doing that. What would be the specific violations I have here?
  15. 1. No. The letter was from Praxis, but had listed "Creditor:Calvary SPV I, LLC" and the amount in the CR entry matches within a few dollars. 2. No. My green card shows the DV received Jul 30th. I pulled a report August 3rd and it was not on there. Pulled one yesterday and it showed with Experian. Today I got an alert (USAA credit monitoring) and pulled another one and it now shows on Equifax as well. The entries have no notification that they are in dispute.