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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll just pay it. At least I don't have to worry about it coming and biting me in the tail at the midnight hour. Anyone recommend any attorneys? I'll just have to poke around if not.
  2. Thank you for the reply! So even if the plaintiff says to the courts "Hey we made a mistake, please delete this," it will still stay there? Can anyone recommend an attorney?
  3. Hello Everyone, I have made a few posts with tidbits of useful information I have gathered during my credit repair process, so I hope some of you are getting some use out of them. I will be posting some letters that have worked great for me in getting bad debts deleted at the CRA level, here soon. Anyways that being said I have another few questions... The background: Long story short, when I was 22 or so my roommate and I were laid off and were evicted one month short of completing our lease in California. A judgment/eviction was entered in 2006 for about $2000 with the Irvine Company, a huge land-owner/apartment owner in California. No action has been taken by me to satisfy this judgment, and they have not tried to collect. I now have a great job and I want to get this judgment off my credit via a pay for vacate. I don't want my employer finding out about this situation at all, so I intend to pay off the judgment, and hopefully negotiate a pay for vacate in the process. I intend to get legal counsel to handle this debt; as I mentioned this is not something I want my employer finding out about, and I cannot afford any mistakes by doing it myself. Here are my questions in regards to this situation: 1. What type of attorney would be able to best help me negotiate this type of deal, and ensure all the proper paperwork is signed and recorded by all parties involved? 2. Is there a good site that rates attorneys? 3. Can anyone specifically recommend some attorneys in California for this, or attorneys who frequent this site? 4. The statute of limitations for me to request a motion to vacate with the courts in California is 2 years. Does that mean even if the plaintiff agrees to vacate, I will still be stuck with this judgment? 5. What forms must I have to send to the CRA's, and any tenant-screening companies proving that the judgment was vacated and that their information is invalid and needs to be removed? 6. Once I have the paperwork can I use it to then get the judgment kicked off my credit reports with the CRAs, or is that something that will have to be done by the plaintiff? Thanks for the help, as always. I really appreciate it!
  4. Personally I wouldn't divide the workload up among different addresses. The law is on our side, not theirs. They have to respond. You just have to be careful to come up with new justifications for verifying/disputing debt so that the CRAs cannot call your dispute "frivolous".
  5. I pulled the actual credit reports directly from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion today for my wife and I and gathered up the addresses for DISPUTES ONLY along with dispute resolution phone numbers for 2 of the 3. I cross-checked this information via their websites as well. So if you are looking to dispute or do a "method of verification / MOV" use these addresses for your work, and remember to use Certified Mail with Return Receipt on everything you send, keeping detailed records every step of the way. TransUnion Consumer Solutions P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022-200 1-800-916-8800 Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374 (Dispute phone number unknown) NCAC / Experian P.O. BOX 9701 Allen, TX 75013 1-800-493-1058 Note about Experian: Experian handles its disputes in its National Consumer Assistance Center or NCAC. I have added the name "Experian" to the address just so I could keep track of it better. These guys are the slimiest of the group and make it difficult to find a current address. Don't use any other Experian address you find on the web...This is the current one, and using others could have your mail returned or lost in limbo. Hope this helps. S. PS I find it funny that Experian calls their dispute resolution department the NCAC...It would be more appropriate if it were called Regional Center for Unhelpful A**holes. But that is just my 2 cents.
  6. My best advice is a UPS Store. They aren't anywhere near $200 a year, and they do give you a street address that looks like an apartment address. I have never had any OC / CRA / CA call me out otherwise. For example your UPS Store box address would be something to this effect: John Smith 1212 Main Street, #B-219 Los Angeles, CA 90001 ...No one is going to know that is a box at a UPS store. You could even use an old utility bill or some old ID to set up your UPS box with an old address in the event a collection agency is attempting to track you down. For legal reasons the UPS store must verify your address, but the verification is weak, and can be circumvented. After giving it some thought and listening to the responses in this thread I have decided to use my home address when dealing with CRA's, but use my UPS store address when dealing with CA and OC's. For the small cost it will be nice to have some buffer between them, and my wife and I. There is only two creditors that can actually do anything about the debts to begin with in court, but I figure my negotiating position is better if it would be difficult to serve me. Hope that helps.
  7. I wanted to get the opinion of this forum before I pick a fight with IQ Data / RentCollect, and wanted to hear some first-hand opinions about settling debts related to broken leases. I have been getting the credit repair opinion in my thread in the credit repair forums, but want to look at this from the other angle... Long story short my wife has a 2 year old debt with IQ Data / RentCollect for about $3700. Which means it is within the statute of limitations for a lawsuit. Waiting another two years is out of the question for us, so we have to settle or fight it. I'm leaning towards attempting to rack up a handful of FCRA violations and then hiring an attorney in hopes that he/she can get it kicked off my credit by holding up more damages against them, than the $3700 they have against my wife. My question is this...Has anyone successfully settled a broken-lease debt? If so what was the amount owed and how much did you settle for? Were you able to get the settlement in writing and was it a pay-for-delete scenario? Does anyone have any experience with IQ Data / RentCollect? Everything I could find about them online says they are shady and don't honor any agreements, hence my reasoning to try and get this handled via the credit repair methods, and risk a lawsuit in the process. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Thank you for the advice BV80. I will dispute with the CRA's first and then send the DV letter to the CA. Hopefully the CA will verify the debt with the CRA, and then not respond to my DV request which should net me 2 FCRA violations just for starters. No one has recommended I attempt to settle with these guys...From everything I have read most of these CA's are really useless when it comes to negotiating a fair settlement that results in the debt being deleted from the credit report.
  9. Thanks. I guess the UPS thing would be a waste of time. All of the CRA/CA's know my current address anyways at this point. Unfortunately I already have the prepaid cell phone, but I will definitely keep the Google idea in mind. That would have been a more cost-effective solution.
  10. I can try again, but the last girl I talked to at the OC directed me to IQ Data. Once I DV I should know whether or not they own the debt, or if they were just contracted to collect it.
  11. I have read in a few places that the CRA's will want you to include a utility bill to verify your identity during disputes, or while doing the MOV/reinvestigation process. Is that totally necessary? My wife and I are moving to a new address in the next 4 months and I wanted to get a mailing address at a UPS Store for all of this credit repair we are doing. This is too much work to risk having stuff get lost in the mail during our move. I was thinking of providing the CRAs with our Social Security numbers, Driver's License, Passport, and a copy of the contract with the UPS Store. Oh and one more thing we got an AT&T GoPhone which is a pre-paid cell phone for this process. We figure if we are going to get the attention of a bunch of debt collectors it would be nice for them to call that phone instead of our normal cell phones. Does anyone see a downside to using a 2nd cell phone for all of our credit repair needs? Please advise and thanks.
  12. No move out letter, and no IQ has not contacted us, and everyone knows where we live. We have received settlement offers from other creditors, and our current address is on all three of her credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. I really appreciate the help.
  13. 1. No the management company has not provided her with a move out statement. Do they have to provide this, and since they have not, what legal ammunition does this give us? 2. I have not sent out a DV. Should I dispute the information with the CRAs first? I could dispute the amount...I'm sure the increase from the original debt to the current "balance" as reported by IQ Data is somewhere in the realm of 80% a year, which should violate usury laws.
  14. Her defense is weak...She has a string of emails going back and forth with the management for all sorts of unresolved maintenance issues. You can break leases for these sorts of reasons legally, but it usually involves a fight in court. The apartments are not interested in dealing directly so we are stuck dealing with IQ Data. From everything I read about them on RipoffReport (among other sites) is that their standard M.O. is to not verify or prove the existence of the debt, or their relationship with the original creditor...This sounds like a great opportunity to rack up a few violations of the FCRA/FDCPA. My thought process is that of course they could sue, but I can also sue them back at this point and now we have a Mexican-standoff. My other concerns are that everything I read, states that these guys never go away even if you pay them. I'm sure I could mitigate some of this if I handle the pay-for-delete process appropriately, but still their reputation is horrid. I guess the question still remains...Should I roll the dice and risk getting sued, or should I attempt to settle? Another better way of asking this is forget about the details involving this particular debt. Is it generally a bad idea to dispute/DV a debt that is within the statute of limitations with a collection agency? If I attempt to settle am I giving them ammunition to say that my wife has verified the debt as valid? Thanks again.
  15. Hello Everyone, I am new here, but I have been lurking for awhile now...There is just so much to read prior to having enough knowledge to even attempt an intelligent post. That being said I hope I could get some advice on a particular mark against my wife's credit from IQ Data International / RentCollect. My wife broke her lease two months before it was up because of massive maintenance problems with her apartment. We both live in California. This debt was sent to IQ Data International about two years ago and has ballooned to about $3700. It is within the statute of limitations to sue at this time. Here is my dilemma...Everything I have read about this particular collection agency is bad. Very bad. It doesn't sound like that if I settle with them they would honor a pay for delete, or even stop collection efforts in any meaningful way. Does anyone has specific experience with them? I am thinking of just skipping any attempt at a pay-for-delete and using CRA disputes and then DV in hopes of racking up 3-4 FCRA/FCDCPA violations worth $1000 a pop, and then having an attorney go postal on them. What do you think? I cannot find any indication that they actually are litigious and sue people. They just make a lot of threats from the information I gathered. I appreciate the help. I am taking copious notes on this experience and I hope to give back to the community when I have some positive information to share.