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  1. I looked at my case summary again. I thought I may have missed the meet and confer if there was one. It doesnt even list that a meet and confer actually took place. (at one point Greg at GCFS called and wanted to talk about payments.. but now to my recollection, i dont remember a meet and confer order from the court or rather a motion from GCFS........ What I do know is that the trial was set for 7.10.13 and the courthouse was reassigned from one location to another. They even sent a different case number which to this day I still cant access with that number. the old one is still working t
  2. This pertains to California--- Hi All! Its been a while since I have posted and I hope that you are all doing well! My original thread prior to a judgment being filed against me by GFCS, INC. is on a post on this site as well. I received two letters from ‘the KERN COUNTY SHERIFF-CORONER PUBLIC ADMINSTRATOR Civil Section’ this week which included Notices of Levy. I would really appreciate a bit of guidance on how to proceed with this. I will list the letter’s contents being as brief as possible, yet detailed. Thank you in advance for any assistance!! Note: a. Both letters are exactly the
  3. What do you mean exactly by faxing them a letter and 'let them know its meet and confer'.. ? Is the 'meet and confer' their reason for the "Case management meeting" ? and.. Their answer to my request for the BOP's basically stated that they did not have to answer that for 1. the timing of the POS and their receiving it and 2. because of what I believe legaleagle mentioned earlier; something to the fact that this type of account does not warrant a reason for them to send a BOP. bottom line, they never did send a BOP as I requested. I sent the ROG's. This is as far as I have gotten. Once I un
  4. And thx first step.. There's a PDF of that form.. Ps .. What are my consequences if I do not attend the CM meeting? Anyone know? I'm not feeling prepared enough :/ can I request for an extension? Thank YOU all!!!!
  5. Ok thanks...rivertime, They sent me a " case management statement" and IN that on one of the pages it was marked " meet and confer" where they state that they were 'unable to establish contact with defendant'. What exactly should I inclyde in my CMS? Rivertime where do I find the timeline of when to file ( prior to mon 4/16)?? I can file with court no problem but I'd have to send an over night proof of service to the CA today for them to get the CMS which I can do. But will that 1. Still require me to attend the CMS they requested ? And 2. Do I just put a future date on it that I could meet
  6. Ok I can do that... what date shall I place on it? Am I required to attend this " meet and confer" on 4-16 that the CA sent me ? If I counter by sending my own meet and confer wd they be required to attend ? And what wd be the consequences if I did not attend.... ???
  7. Do I mention that my original request for BOP was not properly answered or insufficiently?
  8. Do you mean send my own case management statement to them as well? Im confused. Do I need to appear on 4.16.12? What would me sending them a case management do for my case? Is this them trying to intimidate me?
  9. Hi All, A very Happy Easter to everyone and their families! I received correspondence from GCFS last week via first class mail (actually it was almost thrown out as junk mail). The last time I had contact with the court was in January. GCFS sent me form CM 110 and his is what it stated: it was titled "CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT" x LIMITED CASE A CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE is scheduled as follows: Date: 04-16-12 Time: 1:45pm Dept: 004 div.:(left blank) Room:(left blank) This is about 5 pages long... the last page states the following: 18. Request for entry of default and defaul
  10. ok. thanks.. yes I did re file the answer.. But do i send another BOP request/demand? They responded to the first one however, bc they received a notice from the clerk that my answer was void, does that now start the clock over for them? Their answer to the BOP stated something to the effect that "Even if they were obligated to respond but are not since my default is pending....." so. im wondering, DO I send another request for BOP? Their 10 days has passed on the first one.... Im just thinking that they can go back to the court and say "We received a notice that the defenda
  11. How exactly should I reply to their response to the Bill of Particulars demand. (listed above). does the 10 days start all over. Do i send the request again? DOnt they HAVE TO submit a bill of particulars? Im going to do some reading up on this and your advise is very much appreciated!! THANK YOU ALL!
  12. i have a few questions : Since the denial of the fee waiver was sent to me AND a statement which said that the answer was void; even though the clerk told me to submit everything again, 1. Will that event affect the 10 days that GCFS has to answer with the Bill of Particulars request I sent? 2. Does GCFS still have to send a Bill of Particulars? They did send a reply... I will post soon... thank yOU!
  13. Hi Seadragon... GCFS (attorneys) did respond and i posted it in the 4:11pm post today.. Do i send another one. ?>
  14. I did send one (BOP right?) . and they responded (in previous post). I had sent an answer but the whole timing thing with request to waive fees has added some difficulty.. so, dont they still have to comply and send the BOP i requested? im a little confused here... ;/