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  1. I have seen so many list of questions that I should ask here for Admissions, rogs, and docs. Is their one posting that you our aware of, that I should should be looking at to use as my Admissions, rogs, and Docs. Basically, a one stop shopping post that I can make my own and send out tomorrow? Thanks You
  2. I have read many of your posts. You are in impressive! I to am being sued in NJ by Midland LLC and their lawyers are Pressler and Pressler. I wish I found you guys sooner. To get everybody up to date so I can get advice I will give you guys the short of the long. I received a Civil Action Complaint and I answered The Civil Action Answer " I am not aware of an outstanding bill by XXXXXX or the current owner Midland Funding LLC. I would like either entity to provide evidence of the outstanding bill in the amount of $8000.00. (This is before I found this site.) Was that a good answer? Then I received Interrogatories and Request for Admissions to be answered. Their letter said "TO BE ANSWERED WITHIN 30 DAYS AND RETURN TO THIS OFFICE". I answered them both with answers that I found on the site. Most of them from Leagle Eagle I believe. I mailed them on the 29th day of the 30, Certified and return receipt. I just got the green card back today(12/28/11) and a seperate letter from Pressler & Pressler saying "I would appreciate receiving cerified answers to the Interrogatories within ten days from the date of this letter, or pursuant to R. 6:4-6, your continued non-compliance will result in an appropriate Motion being made without further attempt to resolve the matter. Please do not make this necessary. Very truly yours, xxxxxx xxxxxxx WTF!!!! I almost jumped out of my skin today when I read it. My question is do I reply to this dummy and tell him I have the letter that said I have 30 days or just move on and send out the Request for production letter? Or send my own Interrogatories and request for admissions? Or countersue? If so, what bases? Guys, I can scan and post all docs if I need to, but that was the short of the long. Whats the next logical step here? Thanks to everyone that has read this and is willing to spend there time replying to my questions, I do appreciate it. I am a single father of 2, doing it on my own. THANK YOU!
  3. Can you please detail what the 2 FDCPA violations were because I am being sued by Midland too. I would like to check and see if they made violations on my case. Also, what violations would be because of them robo signing? Thanks.
  4. I also am being sued by Pressler ect... I answered the lawsuit first by denying I knew about the bill. Now I got the Interrogatories and request for admissions. I saw a bunch of ways it is answered. I can do that. I was also sent a letter for a court date in Feb. 2012. I wanted to know after I answer their questions, what should I do first, and second, ect... I think I should be doing something and make them reply to me, Right? I did call them and they offered me a settlement of $7000.00 and change from a $8000.00 and change bill! What kind of offer is that? I was offered much better then that from Midland! I was not in a position to take Midlands position before but I can now. I would settle for $2000.-$2500 now. What do you guys & girls think? Am I crazy to think I could get this from Pressler ....?