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  1. I have seen so many list of questions that I should ask here for Admissions, rogs, and docs. Is their one posting that you our aware of, that I should should be looking at to use as my Admissions, rogs, and Docs. Basically, a one stop shopping post that I can make my own and send out tomorrow? Thanks You
  2. I have read many of your posts. You are in impressive! I to am being sued in NJ by Midland LLC and their lawyers are Pressler and Pressler. I wish I found you guys sooner. To get everybody up to date so I can get advice I will give you guys the short of the long. I received a Civil Action Complaint and I answered The Civil Action Answer " I am not aware of an outstanding bill by XXXXXX or the current owner Midland Funding LLC. I would like either entity to provide evidence of the outstanding bill in the amount of $8000.00. (This is before I found this site.) Was that a good answer? Then I rec
  3. Can you please detail what the 2 FDCPA violations were because I am being sued by Midland too. I would like to check and see if they made violations on my case. Also, what violations would be because of them robo signing? Thanks.
  4. I also am being sued by Pressler ect... I answered the lawsuit first by denying I knew about the bill. Now I got the Interrogatories and request for admissions. I saw a bunch of ways it is answered. I can do that. I was also sent a letter for a court date in Feb. 2012. I wanted to know after I answer their questions, what should I do first, and second, ect... I think I should be doing something and make them reply to me, Right? I did call them and they offered me a settlement of $7000.00 and change from a $8000.00 and change bill! What kind of offer is that? I was offered much better then th