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  1. I am so relieved! I have lost the first case, so I was very worried. The lawyers have dismissed without prejudice, but I still had to go to court today to find out. Thank you to everyone's input on this forum! Especially Seadragon's! I am very grateful to have found such a great support group! A question about Memorandum of Costs. Can I still file it, even though the case is dismissed without prejudice? Does the judge need to rule on it? Do I need to include any proof - receipts? Thank you again for the wonderful support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have a court date tomorrow. I am being sued by Midland. This is case number 2. I have lost the first case back in December after the judge admitted all the evidence:( This time around I denied the debt completely. I sent out BOP request, to which they replied that it is not appropriate for "account stated". I served them CCp 96 ( request for witnesses and document to be presented during trial), they failed to respond with CCP98. During the discovery process, they have sent me a bunch of hearsay documents. However, since they have not provided a witness or the affidavit in lieu, does it mea
  3. I received an exact letter for my second case, which is scheduled for trial on February 22. This was an answer to my second request for BOP, the first they just ignored. Should I file the motion to compel?
  4. Hello! I have lost a case to Midland, and planning to appeal. I live CA. Can Midland impose a Bank Levy on the account in my husband's name only? We plan to empty out the joint account and he opened one in his name only. However, after reading several articles about joint property in CA, I am getting worried. Does anyone know for sure? Thank you!
  5. I did object to everything! And she said that I should stop objecting because all my objections are overruled!
  6. I believe that this information is referring to the Unlimited Civil Cases. My case is a Limited Civil case. I have been reviewing the website(Thank you!!!) and this is the information: Title Eight Rules However, it is not clear of the forms required beside the SC-140. Again, THANK YOU f=very much for the help and patience with me. Even though, I have done alot of groundwork, I am still quite an amateur at this. I appreciate ALL the insight!
  7. Thank you for this information. The form for an appeal seems to be 1 page. Do I need to enter the grounds for an appeal, or just state that i want one? Also, the judge decided, even after i pointed out that there is no proof to admit the evidence. All she did was read the OC statements and asked me to proof that I paid the debt. Will the appeal court,most likely, follow in her footsteps? Or is it going to be a completely differen trial. I am not feeling very confident. I did, until today. I did alot of groundwork for this trial:( e
  8. The court is Contra Costa Superior, I am having trouble finding the concrete information.
  9. On top of everything, the judge suggested that it's not so bad to have the 10% interest added and the court fees. Because "some credit card companies ask for 25%" Isn't it illegal in CA???? Usury laws???
  10. The plaintiff's attorney got a free ride. She did not make him prove anything. She admitted all the evidence and I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. I believe, it also bothered her that I was not a lawyer. She actually asked if I were a law student, and told me to study harder. I replied that I am not in a legal profession. There was no one to authenticate any of the documents, I kept fighting to object. And she said "why do you keep objecting?" I already overruled. However, there were several documents, but she wouldn't allow me to object. And made me feel stupid for filing the motio
  11. I had the documents supporting the hearsay: She did look at the bill of sale with CROSSED-OUT account numbers, and said: "Oh well, they buy them in bulk, you account was one of the batch, isn't it right? - to the plaintiff's attorney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I am sooooo mad. I kept saying that the records are not the records of the Plaintiff - she said - well they bought the account, now they are - isn't it right? to the plaintiff's attorney!!!!! again1
  12. Where do I find this information? When you say a pretty big deal, what exactly do you mean? Is it a jury trial?
  13. So, my best course of actions is an appeal or a motion to vacate? If I appeal, would this be heard with a different judge? I want to file something as soon as possible, I am very mad. The evidence is clearly hearsay, but that was totally ignored. The plaintiff did not have proof without hearsay that they own the account. Instead, the judge started going over the OC statements and asking me about purchases and saying that I had to think better then not to pay.