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  1. Good advice, I'll check my credit report! I do need a little extra xmas money! lol
  2. You can search my posts for the history of my case, (2012) that I won, but the past 5 Months they (new Collector) are trying to collect. First it was "Dynamic Recovery" for LVNV. I sent a letter for them not to contact me anymore, that this Acct is past SOL (I didn't mention that it's already been to court and I won). Now I received a response, but from a different collector "Resurgent Capital Services" verifying debt with original Contract attached with Best Buy. Acct Charge off Dec. 2008. Can someone advice me on how to respond? It was actually sent to my old address, so I'm just getting it. It was dated September 2018.
  3. You did good for not doing much preparation! Congratulations on the dismissal!
  4. No Harris called my house phone and it was definitely a recording. I don't know what they're calling about actually, I haven't called them back, and I haven't had anything in the mail. It was PRA that called my cell and no, I didn't give them permission. They didn't leave a message. But, I googled the phone number and realized it was PRA. I called them back and asked them not to call my cell anymore, she said she'd make a note. They didn't tell me why they were calling, because I wouldn't give them my birth date! Oh well. But when I went to my house phone and printed a caller id report, I realized they had already called 3 times! but didn't leave a message. So, they actually called my home 3 times and my cell once. all within a very short time frame.
  5. Hi 1stStep! So you won against N&K also huh! Is there many here on this forum that's one N&K? Why Federal? You appealed and then one? How did it go? What was the ultimate reason you won?
  6. Looks like I'll need to pay for another credit report! I pulled my free one about 6 months ago.
  7. Have you read your court procedures? What State are you in? I believe you have 30 days to serve the ccp96. counting backwards from the court date and if the 30th day falls on a weekend, you have one more day, which leaves you tomorrow only!! Does anyone else want to comment? I want to make sure I'm giving Barney the correct advise! Neither party (as I understand), has asked for discoveries and his court date is August 30th. They did serve him with a bogus Affidavit though. I suggest serving them a ccp96, one,so he knows what he's up against and two, so he knows what to object to if they bring anything else not mentioned. He should also serve a subpoena on the signer of the Affidavit!
  8. Well, I'd love to, but I'm thinking maybe i should wait till they sue me and counter sue? BTW this is Portfolio Recovery!! The one that called my cell phone and also called my house # on the same day 3 times within an hour 1/2, but didn't leave a message on the house phone. Also, a Harris & Harris left a ROBO message the other day. I'm not sure what what they're calling about, but I'm pretty sure it's another HSBC account or Capital One. The case I won last week, was only target practice.
  9. Really? So a ROBO call, is a computer making the call initially, then if you pick up, you have to wait for someone to pick it up! or, if you don't pick up, a computer voice leaves a message? Or........
  10. How many times does a jdb have the priviledge to call your house a day? SPECIFICALLY PRA? I checked and printed out my caller Id and they called 3 times within an hr and 1/2 Friday. Hey, have any of you had a debt collector call your house ,you answer and a recording comes on and asks YOU to hold! Hilarious. Then (yes Ive actually waited before), a recording comes on to apologize their lines are busy right now and cant take the call! Seriously???
  11. Hi Barney, did you ever send that Ccp 96? or have you subpoenaed the affiant that signed that affidafit? What discovery's have you been served with and visa versa. Were you prepared for trial? If not, this is probably good news for you.
  12. Yay!! I printed the first link up a couple of weeks ago, now I saved the other 28 page one on my memory stick and I'm gonna go get it printed at kinkos! Every little bit of knowledge will help! I have a few law suits coming up in my very near future, I think. As soon as Main Street was dismissed this week, I started getting calls from others standing in line! lol Now if there was a law to prevent BofA from foreclosing on my house!!!! Been denied a modification twice...... Just waiting in limbo, stalling the inevitable!
  13. Oh, anyway, that's how I found this thread today. I got a call today from Portfolio Recovery. They called my business cell phone number. I don't think they violated any laws though. Well, maybe they did. They called and didn't leave a message. I punched in the number in google and found out it was from Portfolio Recovery. So I decided to call them back. I'm curious on what debt it's from. She answered and I told her someone just called me and I'm not sure who, cause they didn't leave a message!! She asked me, is this _________ _______, I said yes. She said can you tell me your ph#? I said, no! You obviously have it. You just told me my name, without asking me! She said well, your name came up on my screen. I said, and not my #? She said yes, that too, but I want to make sure it was the number we called. I just replied, yes, that is the #. I said this is my business number and I'd appreciate you not calling it anymore. She said she'd note it in the computer. Then I asked what the call was regarding. Then she said, well, can I get your date of birth? I said "no". She said, then I can't verify you and I won't be able to tell you why I was calling. So I said, is that my disadvantage? or your disadvantage? She was a bit confused at that point and just said, we won't call you at this number anymore thank you, and hung up. She kind of giggled at the end. lol