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  1. Sorry to bump my own thread, but does anyone have any input on this? I got the letter back as expected and double checked everything and the CA definitely reported their address incorrect on my CR. Would something like this be pretty strong material for a dispute with the CRA's, or would it not amount to much more than just delaying the process while the CA corrected their address and I will end up just sending the letter again in a month or so?
  2. I sent a certified letter to a CA proposing a pay for delete. I looked at the tracking info this morning and it said it was deliverable as addressed. I was surprised to see this and started doing some searching and found out that the CA indeed did put an incorrect address with their company info on my CR. It was only off by 1 number, but it was enough for USPS to give up on it. Is this a strong piece of leverage I could use in getting this account removed disputing it with the CRA's? I hope to get some type of benefit from this seeing as how if I don't all it means is I am out the $5 it cost to mail it and will have to change 1 number in their address and pay another $5 to resend it. Annoying to say the least!
  3. I figured the best route would be to dispute them. What they reported is actually pretty good for me. Different reports show different balances, dates account opened/closed, etc. So that means that only one of them is right. I am going to file disputes for one piece of incorrect data at a time so I have more "ammunition" if I need to dispute again.
  4. I have two account on my CR that are negatively affecting my score. Both are about 5 years old. I handled these situations before I really started looking into credit repair and I am afraid I have left myself in a no win situation. The first account is a Chase credit card. It was just a $200 limit, because this was the first credit I ever received. I had a total of 4 late payments, the highest being 90 days. I simply just paid it off before it went to a 3rd party. Is there anything I can do to get this removed? The only angle I can think of is that I still bank with Chase for my personal and business needs. 2 checking accounts, 1 savings account, all in good standing and no issues at all. Any chance threatening to take my business elsewhere unless the have the old credit card removed for my CR would stand a chance of working? The other account is with Capital One. I was young, broke, and unemployed, but somehow they figured I was credit worthy. Out of the blue I received a pack of blank checks with a $500 limit. Of course I maxed it, didn't make regular payments and it eventually got charged off and went to a CA. About a year ago the I received a court summons regarding this debt and I panicked and paid the CA to stay out of court and close the case. However, a few months ago Capital One once again found me credit worthy and gave me a credit card with a $300 limit. I found this to be odd considering my track record with them. I have used the card regularly and made payments every month that brought the balance to about $50. If I threaten to transfer my balance elsewhere or flat out cancel the account, would they be inclined to remove the information regarding the negative account? Any advice someone might have regarding a strategy that may work, or if you think my proposed strategies won't work, please let me know.
  5. It shows up on my Experian only report. However, it looks like they may use the same template for the 3 in 1 report, because for every account it has an "advertisement" with blank columns for the other 2 encouraging you to buy the 3 in 1.
  6. Is there any key terminology I have should use when requesting this in writing? I want to make sure that this is entirely removed from my history, not just showing that that the outstanding balance is 0, but still show a bunch of delinquent payments. I just want to make sure there is no room for different interpretations of what will be done by them. Sorry, as previously stated I am definitely a newbie to all of this. I have figured out most of the acronyms myself, but was does TL mean? Is there a sticky somewhere with all of the common acronyms?
  7. Thanks for all of the advice. I spoke with the school again today and as expected they didn't know what the outstanding balance was specifically for. Also as expected, they still did not want to do anything about it. I just explained to them that I wasn't going to let this go and was willing to do whatever it took to get it removed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and of course he was "busy". So I asked to guy I was speaking with to relay the message that it is pretty clear that a) they don't have sufficient records to explain this debt it doesn't seem they have any document that I signed agreeing to take a loan or debt of any kind from them c) Fighting this battle from my end is not difficult at all, just time consuming and that I would take all the time it took to get it removed d) that if they wanted to drag this out and eventually let this go to court over $29, was there any way that the ruling would go in their favor considering the lack of any meaningful documentation they have? A short while later I got a call back, and they informed me they would be erasing the balance and removing the account from my credit report! I guess they were just hoping I was not serious and I would just let it go. I am relieved that I didn't have to jump through all of the hoops over something so frivolous. They said that they had already contacted the company that handles their reporting to the credit agencies, so how long should I expect it to take before I actually see this gone from my credit report. I have never successfully had anything removed before so I don't know what to expect. This forum and the resources included here have really taught me a lot in just a day on how to handle getting my credit fixed. In retrospect, I didn't even know the basics of how to go about this. Thank you to everyone who replied with advice. It is truly appreciated.
  8. So I just wrote a crazy long post detailing the situation and the series of events that have ensued. It was so long and detailed I figured I would probably lose half of my potential readers/advisers, so I am going to post a summary. I saved the original post and would be more than happy to send anyone who is interested a private message with the full thing if you think you can help and need more details, or if you just want to know more. In a nutshell, I went to a technical college 5 years ago. My parents paid in full, out of pocket. Never took any type of loan or aid. Zero. Pulled my credit report for the first time in a long time, and I have an adverse account from this school, listed as "Loan Type: Student Loan", in the amount of $29. Yes, twenty-nine dollars. It has been reporting as 120 days delinquent for 10 months. I have called the school 4 times, and the collection agency they passed it off to once trying to get this resolved. Yes, that is correct too. They really did pass off a $29 balance (cost over $10,000 to attend this school, once again, paid in full) to a collection agency. They haven't been able to provide any type of explanation for the outstanding balance to this point. They are pulling some records and are supposed to let me know tomorrow. However, I know this doesn't really matter. Based on the numerous conversations I have engaged in with them, their official response will almost certainly be that they stand behind everything they have done and cannot / will not change anything. I have had other debts over the years, and creditors/collection agencies have never had any trouble finding me. I assure everyone that when I saw this on my credit report last week, this was the first I had heard about this $29 balance. They claim they did their "due diligence" in attempting to collect this outstanding balance...whatever that means in their world. I find it hard to believe they did more than place 1, MAYBE 2 phone calls to collect a $29 balance when I am sure they have hundreds or thousands of accounts owing multiple thousands of dollars. Basically, they are not going to do this the easy way. I am sure they are hoping I will give in and admit the debt by paying it. This way they don't have to report the mistake to the credit agencies and do "extra" work. What they don't know is that I am willing to take this as far as they are. I have paid a hefty sum in the past 6 months repaying previous debts as I have started my path to getting my credit on track. I am not going to let some $29 mystery fee show as being massively delinquent and drag my credit score down. Would the easiest/more likely solution be to more or less pay them off? Pay them/the CA the $29 plus a "bonus" on top to get them to just remove all records of this off my CR? I have read a little a bit about this online, but does this actually work? Or would the most logical thing be requesting a debt validation, then disputing the record with the agencies, etc.? Like I said, the original post I wrote was 3 or 4 times longer than this. Needless to say I am pretty upset with the situation. If you want to read my short novel regarding the situation, let me know and I will send it to you. Any advice anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.