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  1. Will do chiquita! I wish I had more time to invest in this. The whole situation bothers me with the way they handle everything. Just common sense things that strike you as odd without having legal experience at all. I mean I have a letter here on Pressler and Pressler letterhead. The letter begins "You are hereby offered a significant savings on your (account details) now owned by New Century Financial Services, Inc." The letter then goes on to explain why I should accept the deal and that I "must act swiftly to accept these offers." This is on letterhead from a law office! Then at the bott
  2. OK, it's starting to make more sense. Thanks. So I did miss something, it was just 3 years ago. Just out of curiosity... What is a judgement? Is that an order to pay? You have to forgive me, I have never had an interest in understanding any of this.
  3. I'm making a settlement offer to Pressler & Pressler... being mailed ASAP. I just included the information about Gerald Ramoth because it struck me as odd and maybe someone here could make sense of it for someone else that is or will have a similar situation.
  4. I appreciate your efforts BTO429, but I'm going to take ColtsFan's advice and make a settlement offer as I have no issue paying the debt. Taking time from work, going to the court, trying to get judgement information, etc. are excellent ideas but if my settlement offer just makes them go away at this point it is well worth it. In a way, they win, but in another, I do as I don't need to spend further time on this. If I had more time to commit to educating myself on procedures, etc. and use your advice better, I certainly would. Again, I appreciate your time already. I'd like to share some fu
  5. I'll look for the exact wording but I remember reading what was sent and saying to myself... wow! Jail. I was concerned at first but I read a little about this particular group and then began to think they were empty threats to intimidate. I actually thought it was a scam because of the fact that this debt was gone from my credit report.
  6. Thank you all for replying. I'm thinking that what is becoming clearer and clearer at an increasing rate is that I'm not very well informed on judgements, lawsuits, motions, etc. I'll be sending a letter looking to settle to Pressler & Pressler and New Century. My letter asking for a Motion to Continue should have already been received. I very much cannot miss work on the particular day the Motion to Appear states. I have a client flying in from the West Coast that day specifically to meet with me. The money is not an issue at all. My attempt to fight was on principle and the high value
  7. I think I'll just settle then. Is there a point of no return here where I cannot negotiate any longer? I have not heard back on my Motion to Continue, asking for an additional 30 days prior to a hearing. I'd like to avoid missing a hearing because of work commitments but if I had to can I still negotiate a settlement?
  8. Thanks ColtFan1972. You're right, I don't understand the process and don't really understand where I'm at in that process. I basically was under the impression I could fight until the end based on the fact that they still had never proved they owned the debt. Obviously, I missed my chance to fight for that proof somewhere in this process. The motion to appear was the 1st instance where I was asked to appear in court so I thought that that would be my chance. I'm wrong obviously. No problem, I pay the debt, I'm fine with that as I missed the opportunity to request the proof I wanted. My origin
  9. Here are some more details: Proceeding Status PENDING Case Filed Date xx/xx/2008 Calendar Type MOTION HEARING Judge Name JOSEPH R ROSA Caption NEW CENTURY FINANCIA VS xxxxxxxxxx Motion Type MOTION TO ENFORCE LITIGANTS RIGHTS Motion Status PG HEARING I have a docket number, I received 2 sets of papers from P&P demanding personal information like items i own, etc which I refused to provide to them... mistake?? My bank account is out of state so I doubt they'll get their greasy hands on my account. I just have an issue paying someone who can't produce evidence that I owe money to a
  10. A little background. In college I had a few credit problems, had a credit card and stopped paying in August of 2004. It looks like I owe about $755.00 which I am more than willing to pay now as I'm employed at a great job, etc. I started receiving notices from Pressler & Pressler stating I owed them over $1,000. They threatened to seize property, put me in jail, etc. I responded with Certified Letters requiring them to prove they owned the debt. They responded with a letter of their own stating: Their "client" New Century Financial currently owns the debt and that: "Judgement was enter