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    Hey, Hey!

    Great! I have been dreaming of doing that myself. Thanks for sharing that now!
  2. Remarkably helpful information. I was having the same issue as a newbie a long time ago. finding great credit repair companies tips
  3. I have not set up my very own business yet. However, I have had a few partners who run one after the other. Some were good some turned out bad. In the near future, I would love to set up one I can call my own... This thread really help... keep posting..
  4. That's one among great things to hear these days... Hope there is more coming! thanks for sharing it with us!
  5. simple as is... I must agree that everybody should try the basic. In my case, I started out with reviewing my records... =) then continue to dispute whatever i did find confusing on it.
  6. Such a great and very informative thread you guys have here. I would definitely utilize this in the future. Kudos and keep posting great information.
  7. I must agree. There is no best initial step to take but review and evaluate credit reports for any errors and mistakes you can use in the future. Thumbs up race car...
  8. One tough day. I am sure sunshine is upcoming. You just got to live life fruitfully and forget about the problems at times. But I am not saying you completely forget about your problems. You just did the right thing, venting would lessen the load. keep smiling!
  9. I must agree with the others suggestions. Perhaps, there is more to it than meets the eye. Your first action should be, to have the officer sign it. =)
  10. There can only be a few option to take, disputing it and exert effort and send in DV letter as 1st step suggested... That only I can say.
  11. Experian is really quite strict about giving out credit reports. However, I have not tried transunion. I might use the information in the future. Thanks! _______________________________________________ If It's Credit, Credit Repair help tip is always a good choice~
  12. Really? I have not heard about how great the template could be. I might as well try it! I sometimes use Mac.. _____________________________________ It's credit repair help tips that you want, get it here!
  13. This is awesome.... Great information. I would have this on my lists. ___________________________ If it's credit repair help tips that you want, seek me.
  14. Talking about "such a pain" that's equifax... I have had a couple of problems with them a long time ago. I didn't know that it still exist up to now!
  15. Great! I stumble on this 4 year old post. However, it still is of great help. An additional information to add on my stored one. =) ________________________________________________ If it's about credit repair help tips, you have come to the right option.
  16. Definitely, yes. The CC's would run after your ex for any unpaid balances. However, filing for bankruptcy would somehow free you of the obligation to repay... I must agree with the others suggestions.
  17. Well, we really have to put a great fight in order for our dispute not to be removed online. Would sending a follow-up do make difference at all?
  18. Great! Hi there =) welcome to CIC...
  19. I am not quite familiar with how things are in Arizona when it comes to this issues, but I have heard from some acquaintances that there is not provisions BoP in Arizona. So, I must take side with Usaggi's that you have to keep it unopened. Am sure if it's not sent it shall be returned unopened as well. In the event it returned opened... that's another case.
  20. Welcome to creditinfocenter Sloanhelper. =)! It's a good thing, there's an additional member to the forum.
  21. I would say that you have to make sure every proofs you have should be accurate or else they would have a ground to sue you in return. Perhaps, it's better to hear a couple of advice from experts first or from consultation firm before finally deciding.
  22. That's one among great news I have read this year. Thanks also for trusting us though I cannot remember anymore, if I was of help to your case too. Anyways, it's really a good news...
  23. Yeah, I think I should go for Usaggi555's comment. This is actually a hard decision to make. When you go for a fight, you'd only give off a whole lot of money, which of course you have to pay the lawyers for even if you lose the case. However, it's still worth trying.
  24. The upcoming court date can really bring fourth anxiety. The more you think about it, the more you get anxious. So, I guess to support you, there is just one thing i would like to share as advice for you, stay relax and focused. Do not let the court gets into your way, and there is only one way you can do this, to be prepared on the exact date. chillax! you can get through it!
  25. Exactly. That's what I have been thinking. You have accurately and clearly stated it.
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