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  1. Maybe I'm posting in the wrong forum but I'm looking for advice regarding consolidating my 15k of high interest cc debt. In particular, can someone recommend a specific company/organization?
  2. Thanks for the input, what score/scores if any should I be concerned with? It's my understanding that it depends upon your financial goal.
  3. Is debt to equity determined by overall debt vs overall available credit or on a card by card basis? I recently aquired 3 additional cards due to my legal and employment status. I used two for balance transfers and the 3rd I don't want to activate unless it will improve my score via improved debt to equity ratio vs. having a 5th card. Thanks.
  4. My Transunion score is significantly lower than my Equifax and Experian scores. I beleive that one of the magor contributors to this is the fact that Transunion shows no record of 4 small pesonal installment loans from a local credit union which I have incurred and paid off in a timely manner over the course of the past several years. I have spoken, to no avail, directly to the lender and to a Transunion rep. to inquire what steps I can take to have this information posted on my report and factored into my score. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the responses. What are the following acronyms: JDB, CMRR & FDCPA?
  6. Practically all the delinquent debt on my credit report is credit card debt. The last time I made a pmt. or even spoke to anyone about my delenquent debt in any regard was late summer/ early fall 2004 (I have a copy of my report on the way which, I assume will provide specific dates). I'm aware that a 180 day period is attached to the end of the 7 yr. period or the official date of delinquincy. I'm also aware that collectors reassign the starting date of the 7 yr. period (when they aquire it from other collectors) on a regular basis, which from what I understand is illegal. My question is, wh