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  1. - So, do they still have to mail it to me, being that I paid it (although, again, even though it's likely immaterial at this point, it was for the amount they requested but that amount is incorrect).
  2. This morning, I paid the entire bill directly to the utility company just to avoid the tradeline going on my credit report at all (they stated they wouldn't even put it on there as "paid" as long as I paid it immediately). I plan on disputing the charge on my credit card as I know the amount is incorrect. Here are my questions: (1) The DC contacted me for the first time on Saturday and still has not sent out a dunning letter. I paid it on Tuesday and plan on disputing it - does my paying it affect their responsibility for sending me a dunning letter within 5 days as per FDCPA law? (2) If I dispute it on my credit card, will this kick the amount back into collections and thus making the DC responsible for sending a dunning letter?
  3. I am really upset about this. I had an apartment and I moved back in March, cancelled my service, and the utility company continued to charge me for the electricity. I found out about this in July and requested NO LESS THAN FOUR TIMES that they send me itemized bills from March until July (when they cancelled the service for "non-payment" for the bills incurred after I shut it off until July). I got the name, date, and rep ID of each and every rep I spoke to from the power company, and they all told me that the debt would not go to collections until I had a chance to review the bill and respond. Yesterday, after nearly 3 months and over 4 requests, I finally received a statement. This morning, what do you know, there's a negative entry on my credit report from some sketch collector for the amount. I am really angry about this. This collector apparently doesn't do PFD, and both the collector and the utility company's billing offices are closed until Monday. I was told a number of times by a number of agents at the power company that this would not go to collections until I got a bill and had a chance to review it, and literally the day after I got the bill, it went on my CR. I emailed the power company this evening, and I'm going to call the power company on Monday and request a supervisor and ask them to recall the debt from the CA, as I was told by a million different reps that this wouldn't happen... but this kind of stuff is just ridiculous. I'm a student and I don't have time for this... any advice from anyone?
  4. A collector from the agency told me that "there could have been a mistake" with their system, and it wasn't sent back to them. I really think that they didn't mail it.
  5. Hi, I've been receiving numerous calls from a collection agency for over a month now, and I called them to ask when they sent me a letter - and they claim that they sent me a letter April 1, and that it wasn't returned to them... problem is, I've never received it, and they keep calling. I know they have 5 days from initial contact to send a dunning letter, so... I know they claim to have sent it, but I never received it. What do I do?
  6. Hi, I'm actually not in Missouri at this time I'm in PA, so the FCEUA applies
  7. @BV80: Are the calls being made by a live person? Or are they robocalls (prerecorded voice)? - Robocalls Are they calling your cell phone? Did you give them the number? - They are calling on my cell phone, which I put down as my home phone when opening the account. After I called the bank and spoke with the CSR and asked her to remove my number, I explained to her that they were in fact calling my cell phone. Do you have proof that you told them to stop calling? - Absolutely. I have the date, time, name of the CSR, and the Rep. ID of the CSR. The issue is that, because they are survey calls, there doesn't seem to be any statutory damages that would come with these like there are with debt collection or sales calls (i.e., FDCPA or TCPA). I'm trying to find something in particular that would set damages on such a thing but am coming up short at this point in time. Would you (or anyone else on here) have any suggestions?
  8. @BV80 - thank you for that info! According to my current state's laws, posting such information on a letter is also a violation for an OC. I would have never thought to look into state laws for such a thing! Good work!
  9. Hi, So this is a weird one. Recently, I received a letter from an OC, and it's one of these letters that's sent in an envelope with a see-through window. From the window on the letter, you can clearly see the words "pre-collections" in bold letters. I thought this kind of thing wasn't allowed? I found the following on the FTC's website: "...not use any language or symbol on any envelope or in the contents of any communication effected by the mails or telegram that indicates that the debt collector is in the debt collection business or that the communication relates to the collection of a debt..." Wouldn't this indicate that they're not supposed to put the words "pre-collections" in a visible place like this? It's *inside* the envelope, but because of the placement of the phrase in relation to the window, it's clearly visible on the outside.
  10. THANK YOU FOR THE CAPS Clydesmom. I really appreciate the reply. Just spoke with an attorney whom claims I can file on the grounds of invasion of privacy and civil harassment. Will be a weak case but it can be done. I take it you're a lawyer no?
  11. Hi, Actually, even if you have an existing relationship with them, you have the right to "opt out"; therefore, they should have stopped calling. You can revoke their right to call you at any time. I verbally revoked their right to call, got the customer rep's ID and name, and... 30+ calls later, still calling. I want to get them for invasion of privacy, harassment, etc. I assume these aren't TCPA violations as they weren't trying to sell me anything nor collect a debt, but still... Any lawyers, etc. reading this that have had experience with this type of thing? These calls are annoying.
  12. Let's say you have a JDB and they've violated FDCPA on numerous occasions. For example, backdating the initial contact letter, stating that they're a different CA than they really are, use of autodialers (I guess that's technically TCPA) - I know that TCPA damages are stackable in that you can collect for each separate violation, but if you have, say 4 different FDCPA violations, can you collect damages on each or only to the maximum of $1,000.00? I've never been able to get a clear answer to this so I'm curious. Thanks for reading!
  13. Hi, Back in November, a bank I have an account with started calling me, asking me to complete a survey. I called them back, got the agent's name and ID, and told her to remove my number from the list. After this, I still received over 30 calls. Since they were not trying to sell me anything nor collect any debt, I can't get them for TCPA and FDCPA violations. I can probably get them on invasion of privacy and civil harassment, but I don't know if there's something I'm missing or if anything they've done is actionable. Any advice or similar experiences?
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