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  1. I have heard it tastes well..
  2. Better job..But how will he manage to explain them well..
  3. Yes..Same thing here..Just had it on 24th eve..But i don't take it more..
  4. Hi..I would like to welcome all the new members this forum..And i am sure they can get to share a lot many things here..
  5. The video has come out well..And it was interesting too..Did not skip any part..Thanks for sharing the information..
  6. It is absolutely good..It has cleared many of my doubts i had with credit and debt..
  7. I have also been cheated like this many times..It is seriously shameless of them to show this kind of behavior..
  8. In this thread we can have the introduction of all the new members of this forum..Hope you we all have a good discussion here..