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  1. I have the following accounts with date of removal : Applied Bank 4/20/14, Chase 4/20/14 and HSBC 12/12/13. I'm trying to figure the best way to have these accounts removed before the seven years are up. I'm trying to buy a house soon but I don't want pay these accounts because they are about to come off. I would appreciate for any suggestions.
  2. This is the address tha'ts on my credit report: CAPITAL ONE PO Box 30281 Salt Lake City, UT-841300281 I was under the impression I needed to contact the legal deparment directly.
  3. Does anybody have contact info for Capital One legal deparment(phone number/fax number/address? I am doing the 623 method on an account I have on my credit report and has been verified. Thanks!
  4. My husband has a debt of $2262 with Americredit Financial services for the balance that the gap insurance did not covered when he totalled his car. We received a 1099C form in the mail today stating the below. Form is titled "Cancellation of Debt" "You received this form bc a Federal government agency or an applicable financial entity (a lender) has discharged (canceled or forgiven) a debt you owed, or because an identifiable event has occurred that either is or is deemed to be discharged of a debt of $600 or more. If a creditor has discharged a debt you owed, you are required to include the discharged amount in your income, even if it's less than $600, on the "other income line" of your form 1040. However, you may not have to include all of the canceled on your income. There are exemptions and exclusions, such as bankruptcy and insolvency. See pub. 4681, available at IRS.gov for more details. " My question is: If the debt is being forgiven shouldn't they remove it from the credit report? I called them today and they said that they don't have to remove it. Also, they are constantly calling my husband to collect on the debt. I'm kinda lost here. Can somebody please give me a better explanation and guide me on how we should handle this. Thanks so much.
  5. My husband and I are working on repairing our credit. I have learned a lot from this forum on how to approach most of our accounts. However, there is one that I do not know how to handle. My husband has a judgment on his credit from Nov/2007. By the way we are in SC. Here is the info: Date filed: Nov 2007 Responsibility: Individual Claim amount: $1,551 Date Resolved:Not reported Liability amount:Not reported Status:Civil claim judgment Judgment in favor of: American General Finance Can somebody please give us some guidance on how to handle a judgment.? Should I start by disputing? Should I try to settle? This is scheduled to be removed on Nov/2014. If we pay it, does it reset the date of removal. I am afraid to make any arrangements or pymts. Also, is there anyway to negotiate deletion if PIF or SIF? Thanks for making it this far.!!
  6. Credit Cards, banks and Charge offs, oh my! Dated 7/11/12 (Sorry I tried to post the link but I don't have enought counts to be able to do so) I followed the advise on the above thread to file a complaint with The F.D.I.C., The Federal Reserve, office of the comptroller of the currency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to have one of my credit cards removed. It's a HSBC cc that was purchased by Capital One. I based my complaint on the fact that I have not received validation of the debt. I called HSBC and they told me they did not have any documentation on file for this acc and that it has all been fwd to the new collection agency. Soooooo I received a call from Capital One office of the President in regards the complaint I filed. I don't know if I should call back and talk to them. I'm a newbie by the way so I am really afraid I may say something that's going to backfire on me. Their vm was very simple, it said that they would like to discuss the complaint I filed. Please help.
  7. Ok so I followed this procedure and filed a complaint against HSBC which is now being collected by Capital One. Ofcourse I called HSBC and they told me that they dont have any documentation on this account and that it was all fwd to the collection agency. I wrote down the rep id number and included it in my complaint. NOW, I have received a call from Capital one office of the president. They left me a vm wanting to speak to me about the complaint I filed through Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Should I call back? What should I tell them? I am sorry. I am a newbie trying to clean up my credit. Please help!
  8. Here is another question. I was under the impression that you need to attach a copy of your ssn card and DL along w/ your dispute letter. The "Where do I start for newbies" thread states not to send your ssn with any letters. Also, should I use the same wording I use on my first dispute letter? This is my second batch. I was able to get 2 out of 4 removed on my first dispute letter.
  9. I just want to confirm that by disputing my accounts with the CRs or CA the removal date, or any other dates do not change. I remember reading a thread that warned about being careful when disputing due to a date change, but I can't find it or seem to remember what it said exactly.
  10. This is an example of the letter I used. I have received credit reports w/ the status updated as "Disputed", and other saying that the debt is verified as mine. I want to make sure that by disputing these accounts it does not extend the date these accounts are scheduled to be removed off our credit reports. Please help! Dear Credit Bureau, This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information. I am very distressed that you have included the below information in my credit profile due to its damaging effects on my credit standing. As you are no doubt aware, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. No doubt the inclusion of this inaccurate information is a mistake on either your or the reporting creditor's part. The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible: CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA DSNB/MACYS ENHANCED RECOVERY COMPAN NCEP, LLC Please kindly remove the above from my credit report as soon as possible. Thirty (30) days constitutes a reasonable amount of time for investigation. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, send me notification that these items have been deleted, as well as an updated copy of my credit report. Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciate it.
  11. I am a newbie here trying to fix both my husband's and my credit. We are in our late twenties, and ruined our credit as soon as we were allowed to. Now we are wanting to buy a house, and regret everything we have done. Thanks to this forum we have learned so much, and took action a few weeks ago. I pulled our credit, and sent dispute letters to the credit bureaus for a few of the trade lines on our credit report. So far this is the first response we have received. The below is from MCM on my husband's Chase Bank credit card. "The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance so that we may reach a quick resolution to your dispute. As part of our investigation of your dispute, it would be helpful to have a copy of any documentation you may have that supports your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major consumer credit reporting agencies change the status of this account to "Disputed". Examples of such documentation include the following: 1.PIF or SIF proof 2.Fraud 3.Balance discrepancy 4.Death of consumer owing the debt." Please help me! I don't know how to proceed from here. Thanks!
  12. bmc100 & firecapt13 Did it work for you guys?? Do you mind posting the email address you used? Thanks!