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  1. I had a student loan that defaulted. I went through the Federal Loan Rehabilitation program which (when completed after 9-12 months) the loan will have all negative information removed and the loan will be placed with another lender at which time you can make payments or pay off and it will never have shown negative. After I completed the program, the US Department of Education told me that they would update the CRA's to reflect "Pays as Agreed" never late, etc.. A month or so passed (about Feb. of this year) and it still showed negative so I disputed and 30 days later it came back as Updated.... collection account CLAIM FILED WITH GOVERNMENT. Obviously i was a bit shocked because now it looks worse. I contacted the US Dep. of Education and they said it would still take more time. I waited another month or so... no change. I disputed again in May and June... Verified. No change. After each dispute came back verified I called the US Dept. of Education and they say their systems show that they sent the request to the CRA's and to just wait. Each time I asked for some sort of documentation showing they submitted the information to the CRA's and each time they said they couldn't provide it because it was handled by a different department or done electronically. Finally after disputing it in July, it comes back as UPDATED: Pays as agreed, never late, etc! THANK GOD! But then about a week later, I get a credit alert on all 3 CRA's that a new derogatory account has been listed so I get my new CR's to see what it could be... lo and behold... the tradeline had been reverted back to COLLECTION ACCOUNT CLAIM FILED WITH GOVERNMENT. I submit another dispute stating that they already verified before that it wasn't a collection account and the report reflected PAYS AS AGREED. A month later they come back as VERIFIED COLLECTION ACCOUNT CLAIM FILED WITH GOVERNMENT. Once again I call up the US Dept. of Education and they give me the same canned responses, we are showing that we sent the information to the CRA's and give it time to update. I asked to speak to a supervisor and same thing. I waited another month, disputed yet again and yesterday I get the results back VERIFIED COLLECTION ACCOUNT CLAIM FILED WITH GOVERNMENT. I don't know what to do... it seems like I'm either getting the run around by the government or the CRA's aren't doing the verification they are supposed to be doing or both. It has been about 7 months that I have this $29,000 collection account with a claim filed with government on my credit report which should have been removed/corrected and which obviously will prevent me from buying a house, car, etc What's my next step? Any help would be appreciated... I live in the state of MD if that is of any consequence.
  2. As per my next route... do i need to do a DV letter before I send a 623 letter? Or can I just send a 623 after i've disputed with the CRAs
  3. Should I use a DV attempt first or just go straight 623? Also, I noticed that the FDCPA states: " ยง 808. Unfair practices [15 USC 1692f]A debt collector may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section: (1) The collection of any amount (including any interest, fee, charge, or expense incidental to the principal obligation) unless such amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or permitted by law. " LVNV has been increasing the debt every month.... does this constitute a violation for the state of maryland?
  4. Would I send a 623 letter to the OC or the JDB or both? I disputed both with the CRA's and both came back verified
  5. Someone else had also advised filing a complaint with FTC and BBB against LVNV for no dunning letter (i never received one). Would you recommend this as well?
  6. So after a years worth of great advice through these forums, I have been able to rectify many issues that came up in previous years. I do have two issues that remain and I wanted to know the best route to go about handling them. I have two credit cards TLs that show up as CHARGE-OFF and two JDB's reporting the debt (one debt is almost doubled by the JDB LVNV). The OC and its related collection JDB are the following: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OC: HSBC BANK --- Date opened: 05/10/2008 --- Balance: $0 --- Date Reported: 07/10/2012 --- Status:CHARGE-OFFCredit Limit: $300 --- High Credit: $661 --- Date of First Delinquency: 06/2009 --- Date first major delinquency reported: 12/2009 Account Type: Revolving --- Type of Loan: Credit Card JDB: Portfolio Recovery --- Date opened: 06/22/2010 --- Balance: $662 --- Date Reported: 04/05/2013 --- Status:COLLECTION ACCOUNTPast Due: $662 --- Date of First Delinquency: 06/2009 --- Date first major delinquency reported: 08/2010 Account Type: Open --- Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt buyer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OC: CREDIT ONE BANK --- Date opened: 01/30/2007 --- Balance: $0 --- Date Reported: 06/30/2012 --- Status:CHARGE-OFFCredit Limit: $500 --- High Credit: N/A --- Date of First Delinquency: 05/2009 --- Date first major delinquency reported: 11/2009 Account Type: Revolving --- Type of Loan: Credit Card JDB: LVNV FUNDING LLC --- Date opened:12/10/2009 --- Balance: $1760 --- Date Reported: 04/22/2013 --- Status:COLLECTION ACCOUNT Past Due: $1760 --- High Credit: $1052 --- Date of First Delinquency: 05/2009 --- Date first major delinquency reported: 02/2010 Account Type: Open --- Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt buyer) --- Creditor Classification: Financial ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've disputed with the CRA's as 'not mine' back in April of 2012 and they came back as verified. What would be the next approach I should take which would have the best result to my credit score? I also want to mention that I have the money to pay them both in full if necessary but if there is another route which has a better effect on my overall credit I would prefer to take that route. Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide!
  7. The offer was legit and I ended up getting it out of default status to show two years perfect payments and ended up paying off the ~$36,000 in loans
  8. I'm not sure I can since I still have four things I'm trying to get off my credit with PFD - Two credit cards (HSBC and Credit One) both small balances (under $1000) and defaulted in 09/10... both have collections open with LVNV and Portfolio recovery (in process to get a PFD - One Medical Collection for $200 (they won't do PIF for PFD) and was from 09/10 not sure what my next move should be yet. - The Credit Union Line of Credit for $1000 (which I asked about in this thread). I have been able to get PFD's for several other things so I'm chipping away at the mountain but I am told rather than focusing on strictly cleaning my report I should also be attempting to show credit worthiness (hence paying off the loans and opening a new car note even though I already have a car). I could pay these off cash right now but I am afraid that would do more harm than good (stay showing on my CR as negative at one time) since I have had success with PFD's recently. Will I be able to still get a AMEX blue with those things on my report and my score showing ~580 FICO Equifax? I can easily prove my income with W2's and recent pay reports. Someone advised that I should get a Gas Card/Store Card to help with revolving credit since I got turned down for not having revolving credit from CC companies... and guess what... I got turned down for a Shell Card and a Macy's Card (lol) for lack of revolving credit! ::: so much headache trying to make right what went wrong almost 4 years ago!
  9. Easy way to get that is: Everytime you call them you hear a recording or they tell you that they are recording the call. If you ask them if it is ok to make your own recording they will often say no and hang up (or just hang up altogether) since they don't want to be caught on tape with violations. So, once they get on the line just ask them in this fashion: "Hi... just so we are clear is this call is being recorded, right?" They will say yes since they think you are referring to them recording it. Once they acknowledge the call is being recorded with out stating they do not consent then you can use it in court. That worked for my last appearance where the company wouldn't let me record the conversations when I initially was asking to record our phone conversations (since they stated they are recording on their own). Came up with that as a way to allow me to record without them ending the call and bam... gottcha.
  10. I was listed as an authorized user since it was my parents account and had the history on my CR but never was late with them. After the issues with the credit union when I fell on hardship, I lost my banking privileges. I ended up banking with USAA since then but banking is all they will allow since I am not military (or family of military). That is why I was curious about going back to the Credit Union or whether that would open a can of worms (my goal with everyone I had an issue with has been to acquire a PFD and not a "Paid" or "Settled" status)... should I just open a secondary account with a bank (I really don't wish to get rid of USAA) and use them for 6-12 months and apply for one of their cards? Also, was paying off the $36,000 in student loans a good idea (which I had been making two years worth of perfect payments) or should I have just kept making the payments? I thought it would lower my debt ratio but now I'm not so sure that was as important as payment history on a credit report. Thanks for your advice!
  11. The only card I want is an AMEX again since I've had my parents platinum for years and liked the PIF aspect. I have a job that provides an incredible amount of income and have been using just my debit card but it doesn't come with some of the benefits that the Platinum AMEX provided. I'm under the assumption that, in order to get AMEX again, I need to show some revolving credit history demonstrating my credit worthiness once more.
  12. I have been working to correct a bunch of problems I created a few years ago when I lost my job. Bit by bit I'm getting them corrected with the help of everyone in this forum (including Linda7)! The next account I would like to correct is a line of credit with a local credit union for $1000 that went bad back in 2009/10. It is currently listed as a "Charge-Off". I'm not sure how I should approach this... I don't see any collections looking for it and I would love to have the opportunity to have it reopened again so that I can use it since it would be great to help me reestablish credit. I believe I need some revolving credit (line of credit) since I have none currently (including no open credit cards) and can't seem to get anything but secured cards (one of the rejection letters states "no open revolving accounts" or something along those lines). I've opened up an installment loan with BMW for ~$50,000 and have been (and will be) paying on time but it is recent (since November '12) so it doesn't help much atm. I have also paid off $36,000 in student loans (showing paid as agreed for two years and now have $0 balance and closed). If I call the OC, given the above scenario, do you think they would be willing to reopen my line of credit if it has been charged off already or could this possibly open up a can of worms with SoL etc? What would be the best course of action if I would like it to be removed from my report or put into current/open/pays as agreed standing? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Hello! Does anyone happen to have a 2008 Cardholder agreement for: CREDIT ONE BANK (with JAMS) HSBC Bank (with JAMS) that I can have? I have been looking around and can only find 2012 versions. Thanks in advance!
  14. Linda, Thanks for your help.... I sent a letter to the attorney (CM/RR) stating that in order to save us both time and effort, I would agree to pay the alleged debt in full provided they remove the tradeline from my credit report. I gave them 15 days to respond or said I would withdraw my offer and pursue arbitration. They sent a letter back stating that the debt has been verified with a one page copy of a bill. No agreement to my terms whatsoever... 15 days are up... I'm sending the notices that you posted earlier which notifies them I elect arbitration... .how do I go about initiating arbitration with JAMS?
  15. It was a generic form letter they emailed me with a password. It basically said congradulations you may qualify for loan rehabilitation program which could offer you some great perks... yada, yada. Nothing spelled out the exact agreement. If I get them to verbalize it and record the conversation... would that hold up if they didn't honor their verbal agreement? FWIW: I did my due diligence and they are who they say they are... and they are in charge of the debt as per the Fed. Gov.'s conversation with me... Being a federal student loan, I don't mind paying it back... but I wanted to make payments to the gov not to the CA... is the CA setting up the payments for me or am I paying the CA?
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