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  1. So I filed a Summary Judgement to end a case that the other party in the lawsuit settled with. I was on a lawsuit due to a lease agreement on a car that was totaled and no payment was made. The other leasee agreed to a judgement to pay the total due, so I filed to close the case. How long does it take before I hear something. It has been 3 months since I filed for summary judgement to dismiss case against me and have yet to hear anything? I am in Florida. Thanks
  2. So does filing a motion for summary judgement to dismiss all charges seem like a way to go? Is it worth it, whats the worst that can happen at this point since Ford has already settled with the other party?
  3. I am not sure what you are asking? My original lease agreement stated that I would be informed prior to auctioning of the vehicle. I would also have the right to make the agreement current prior to the vehicle being auctioned. I was never informed of anything, late payments, crashed car, or auction until long after the auction was completed.
  4. Could you explain the idea of me filing a motion for summary judgement as the defendant? Thanks
  5. I prevailed from the Summary Judgement based on a finding that in the Ford Motor Lease Agreement that states the leassee will be notified 10 days prior to auction of the vehicle and be allowed to make lease agreement current before vehicle is auctioned. I was never made aware of the fact that the vehicle was auction until several months after the fact. I do not understand myself filing the Motion for Summary Judgement? What would I file in that motion, that I should be released from the case? Could you please provide me some more information on what I could file in my motion for summary judgement? Thanks
  6. Yes it was a cosign situation. Ford's summary judgement against me was denied several times due to a failure on their part to notify me prior to vehicle auction. The judge denied the judgement and told them to set a court date. Instead of a court date, they were able to get the other party to settle on a payment plan to satisfy the lease agreement at a discount, however I am not involved in the settlement agreement and never signed or agreed to the payment terms that are in the agreement that the other party signed.
  7. The other lessee let there insurance coverage lapse. Again something I was never aware of. Is there anything I can or should try to file to remove myself from involvment in this case now? As I mentioned the other lessee entered the judgement agreement and it is signed by the judge and states Stipulated Judgement Against Defendant XXXXXXX Only Withholding Execution. I would like to remove myself from this so I can get this cleared up. Can I file a motion to dismiss or anything?
  8. Now that a summary judgement was made against the other party, and the other party reached a payment agreement with Ford Motor Company to settle the lawsuit, can I get removed or dropped from the case? Also, can I now get this removed from my credit report since the other party assumed responsibility for the money owed?
  9. So I have been battling with Ford Motor company for almost 3 years now on a vehicle lease that I was a co-signer on. The vehicle was out of my possession and was totaled and sold at auction without my knowledge. I was never aware of the vehicle disposition, until Ford began contacting me for $12k to satisfy the loan because the other party never paid it. So I responded to several summary judgement attempts and finally have the final summary judgement denied in front of the judge. I now find out that a stipulation to the summary judgement was filed and agreed to with the other party that they have assumed a reduced payout of $10k and a 60 month payment term to satisfy the debt. I am not listed on the Stipulation to summary judgement, other than in the header of the paperwork, the document was signed and agreed to by the other party solely. The question is does this dismiss me from the case, since an agreement was made with the other party? What steps should I take so that they can not come after me anymore and I can be taken out of this court battle? My main goal is to get this removed from my credit since I know Ford was in the wrong by not allowing me to assume the vehicle before auctioning it off. Thanks
  10. Is it possible to have a loan deficiency removed from your credit report while the debt is being fought in court? I don't know how long this lawsuit is going to take, but I would like to have it not affect my credit until the court proves who is in the wrong. Otherwise, I have a scar on my credit this whole time during the lawsuit pleadings back and forth. Thanks
  11. No nothing was brought on by Ford, they have a local attorney filling all the paperwork and managing the suit. I will try that argument as well, since Ford has hired an outside law firm.
  12. Unfortunately they have supplied several documents that try to breakdown the cost of what they are sueing for. However can I still use the arguments 5-8? I argued the lack of proof and breakdown of fees in the first opposition, so not with there second summary request they have supplied copies of the contract and how they are coming up with the fees. They have fees in there for such things as how much time it took them to clean the vehicle, etc. So they broke it down quite a bit.
  13. Where can I find court cases to reference in my Opposition? I am looking for cases in reference to Florida Statue 537.012. Would really like to find references online somewhere.
  14. No trial date was set. They motioned for summary judgement, I opposed it, then they filed another motion for summary final judgement. At this point do I write an opposition to it again?