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  1. Where to find a liberal VA lender that will go with the VA guidelines???
  2. I need to find a second mortgage for $35,000. I have a deed in lieu from Oct 2009 and a 659 credit score, with plenty of equity in the home. What is the best source to apply?
  3. Thanks for the reply... The lender tried to make me think that the VA made the conditions. I guess it is easier to blame a Govt agency than your own underwriter!
  4. I had inquired about a VA loan to refinance my house 8 months ago and was told that the VA required a two year waiting period after a deed-in-lieu before I could get approved. I waited until the two years were up and applied through a local lender in November 2011. The VA review person notified my lender last week that they declined the loan because they now want a three year waiting period after the deed-in-lieu. All else, income, credit score, debt ratio is good. They also said that they will consider only a 75% loan for me, not the 90% they state. Questions: 1. Can the VA arbitrarily make the three year waiting decision when they are stating a two year policy? 2. Can they decide to loan only 75%, not the 90% they state? 3. Can a VA reviewer/underwriter decision be appealed in any way? Thanks for your help!!!
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