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  1. Thanks, I will get moving on this and keep the forum updated.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply! Not to beat a dead horse but... , DV first and wait and see? Or cease and desist now? And can I send a cease and desist after they file suit? I was given until July 5th to respond to Second Notice. Thanks again!
  3. To be honest, right now, I could care less about credit score. I want to address the debt once I have the means to. By any means necessary I am simply looking to delay and prefer no court. Of course, I want to be certain they own the debt, though I am pretty sure they do since the timeline and balance goes from the OC then over to the JDB., but let them show me documentation noting it is so. If that is a tactic I can use to stall while I gather funds to settle, so be it. If they move on, even better. At this point, it sounds as if a DV won't do anything since I received a Second Notice,
  4. Understood. I know when I was going through the settlement procees last year, this was first thing I was told not to do as this resets the clock and was a ploy by all OC's and Collection agency's. I understand I need to buy time, but this may be a bit overboard and would kill any leverage. Still, I def need to find a way to gather funds to make a plausible offer when time comes. Based on willing's response, at this point, being that a DV would be a wast of time, do I even bother sending one? Or just respond if/when they file suit and then do whatever I can to delay until funds are available?
  5. Thanks for the re-assurance, and reiteration on sending the DV and purpose it would serve. I guess I was hung up on fact that I know debt is valid and I do want to settle in future when I gather funds. I'll get that DV out to the JDB, registerd mail w return receipt. Play it from there. And I will continue to post throughout for updates and guidance if you all can be so kind. Thanks so much.
  6. Hi willing, On my Credit report, OC shows this- As of Feb 1, 2013: Account transferred to another office Balance: $0 Last Payment Date Jan 28, 2013 Account in Dispute: No I have not made a payment since Mar 2012 so not clear where they get a payment from Jan 28, 2013 from. That an issue I can dispute at any point?? Checking details on report is says "Account transferred to another lender" The JDB shows: As of Apr 1, 2013: Account seriously past due date/account assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department They also list the OC. ---- re:
  7. correction, the JDB (Portfolio Recovery Associates) is now listed on my CR.
  8. If I am reading this right, if I got a "Second Notice, being referred for possible litigation"..." yet to be placed with a local attorney", I am still too late to DV? Also, currently the JDB is not listed on my CR. The OC shows the account as Closed as of Feb 2013 likely when they sold it and I had my 2 calls w the JDB. If I am too late to DV and do nothing, are there delay tactics if the end up filing suit until I am able to make a settlement offer? How long of a delay are we talking? I am wondering if I am able to delay another 2 months if this JDB would sell the debt as it would be past
  9. Jared, Thanks for your reply. The goal initially when I decided to work settlements was to finish them all at once as the leverage to note you have others acct would assist in getting the best settlements (it did). Unfortunately I ran out of money and circumstance has it so I am still in that position now. Obtaining funds now will be extremely difficult. For my particular case, from a logical standpoint, I agree with everything you stated above. Topping it off is the fact that I have a steady job with what many would say is relatively very good income. This likely makes my account that mu
  10. [There is a certain plausibility to this. The argument is that the DV forces them to expend (either by using up their 10% or paying out) to answer the DV (if they are going that far), and having done that, it is a "sunk cost" that makes the lawsuit slightly less costly (they now have the info and it won't be expended to file the suit). For borderline accounts, they may make a statistical difference. But there is also the counter argument that a debtor who knows how to DV is a debtor that is less likely to pay. For an account that is worth filing suit on, this would likely speed it up. But
  11. Admin, Credator, thanks for commenting. I wrote up a very basic DV letter, pretty much what admin wrote above. I have not sent yet. To note, in reading the letter they sent me closely, I see the Seller, Merchant, and Original Creditor is clearly listed as U.S. Bank National Association ND. Creditor who debt is owed is Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. The Balance is also listed. Based on above, I take it this still doesn't suffice as all info I'd need for a DV request and thus make that request moot. ?? As for Credator's comments, I was concerned as well with regard to previous settle
  12. Hello coolchicka, I am dealing with PRA in NJ and am about to senda DV after recieving a Second Notice stating my account would be passed to legal for possible litigation. I read throught the thread and was looking for an update. Where are you in the process if I may ask? My debt is much larger ($7k) and I have 3 settlements I already completed last year listed on my credit report (all between 20% and 40%), and 2 more left including this one. I cannot afford to pay anything now though so I am looking to buy time and ideally settle at a later date or see if they violate law somehow in meanti
  13. I ran through the site for Sample DV letters and found these: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter10.shtml The first one is very detailed and almost comes off as threatening. The second one is very general and while I can adjust is to say I was notified by mail, I am not clear if it is too general. I also have known about the debt spoke to PRA via phone in Feb 2013. Opinions on which letter to go with for my situation? Will sending this letter halt a judgment based on this Second letter notifying me it will be assig
  14. Hi, and thanks for your response. Will sending a DV letter by the 7/5 deadline they noted at least put off them filing a judgment against me? Ultimately, I am looking to, at a miuimum, buy some time until I can gather funds to negotiate a settlement as the debt is valid (though fees were tacked on since last payment in Feb 2012. Note - last contact with them being Feb 2013. Additionally, I have settled 4 accts in the past year, 3 of which show as "settled" in some way shape or form on my credit report. The 4th was settled and refunded as part of a class action w Americasn Express Centuri
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply. Do I jeopordize settling the account by sending a DV? If they file suit how would that affect ability to settle? Ultimately, I do not want to have a default judgment on my credit report. Especially as I seek new/better employ and for fear of wage garnishment. I will be digging through forums for a good DV template on hand assuming I send. I hope the fact that this is a "SECOND NOTICE" doesn't affect timing of me sending a DV. Thx again..