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  1. She only makes about $250-300 a week. She gets penalized by the system because she lives with me.
  2. Yes, that is what a charity hospital does. They treat millions of people a year for no fee. The state eats it. What do indigent people icn your state do when they need a hospital?
  3. What does that even mean? You said it mandates (...) and didn't finish your sentence. The fact is it's unconstitutional and it will accomplish nothing, just as his past spending of trillions of dollars has. This is a Hospital charge. It is a CHARITY HOSPITAL. And this is a SECOND NOTICE bill from a COLLECTION AGENCY. I'm asking about a person at poverty level being billed by a FREE hospital for services that weren't even given (in our opinion). And then being collected on. Nobody mentioned anything about filing bankruptcy, so I don't know why you brought that up.
  4. OK, I got chewed out last time I tried to handle a collector on my own, so I am asking this time before I do anything. My GF went to a CHARITY HOSPITAL for a sever pain in her foot because she has no insurance and cannot afford to go to a doctor. She only makes $21,000 a year. She was seen by a Dr. there who told her to go to a Dr. That was the extent of it. Now they are billing her $245.30, second notice. If she had known they would charge her, she would not have gone there. Jackass Obama's free health coverage for the planet has not kicked in yet, so she cannot and should not have to
  5. So now I should ignore anything the CA sends me and only keep writing letters denying the claim to the CO? Or do I write to the CA and tell them that anything they accept has to be authorized by the CO? It was easier when we just weren't paying them.
  6. So what makes them make settlement offers.
  7. I still don't see the point of putting off the inevitable. They will prove the loan valid. They just sent us a letter saying they will do so. What makes CAs make settlement offers?
  8. What's the point of denying the claim? They are going to produce the proof that it is a valid loan, so what does that accomplish? You went to great length to show me how I should not have said things admitting there is a loan. She's been paying on it for 4 years, pretty obvious there was a loan. I don't see the need to pretend there's not one. And then you suggest that I send another letter denying everything I already wrote. I'm sure the letter was forwarded to the collector. Are collectors that stupid?
  9. I'm not sure how you thought your reply was helpful. But I feel no pain in my foot, so I'm sure I'm ok. Yes, I sent it as posted. It's $2000. If it comes down to it, I'll pay it off. But I don't want to as it's a BS debt. What I don't want to incur are any court costs and lawyer fees in the event they decide they want to sue.
  10. I recently wrote this letter to my girlfriend's debtor because she has stopped paying them a few months ago in order to take care of some important things. This debt principal has been paid in full at least once already, but due to late fees and interest, it's almost as high as the original loan. This letter was in response to their settlement offer. World Financial P.O.Box 183003 Columbus, Oh. 43218-3003 December 5, 2011 Re: Your settlement offer for 5780980040-XXX-XXX Dear Collections Department: Regarding your recent collections letter, I will NOT be contacting you by telephone as your pe