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  1. I have forwarded a cd of the hearing to an attorney I am waiting to hear what he has to say..See cases like mine don't even get to court because they are baseless.I know that bill of sale is hearsay but I had no back up.I went to the hearing unprepared..I had no cases to bring up so judge had no choice but to grant their motion...I thought a hearing is something like answering questions and giving sworn statements but I was so wrong... I will post my case when it's done I promise.hopefully it'll help people avoid mistakes I made..
  2. I went to a hearing and judge granted it. I opposed it but I guess I didn't do something right.
  3. Initially they filed SJM and it got approved. Then I filed Motion for reconsideration opposing their SJM. Judge granted my motion and vacated their SJM.Then they filed motion for reconsideration to approve original SJM because they brought into evidence bill of sale you know typical with gross sales no mention of my name and acct #. I opposed it saying nothing has changed since the first time they filed SJM. I said Bill of sale is hearsay and Motion for reconsideration is not a second chance but to prove that judge omitted something.But judge accepted bill of sale as proof and approved thei
  4. I am getting an attorney for this because it's really complicated at this point. I don't know what to file anymore. Plaintiff filed SJM and it got approved.Then I filed Motion for reconsideration opposing the SMJ and so their SJM got vacated by the judge. Then they filed motion for reconsideration to approve original SJM because they brought into evidence bill of sale you know typical with gross sales no mention of my name and acct #. I opposed it but judge accepted that as proof and approved their reconsideration for SJM.It was an oral hearing I went to. I think now I need to appeal but not
  5. Just to keep you posted plaintiff's SJM was reconsidered. Judge has accepted bill of sale (you know typical one page sale of accts without acct # or my Name on it)they presented imagine that. I was so embarrassed at the hearing but the show must go on. I am looking into appealing this. If I have to pay the least I can do is rank up their legal bill
  6. Haha you are too funny I am petrified! I am so not argumentative! They'll kick my a$$ that's why he requested it because he saw what a coward I am. But tell me do I get to object anything or whatever the judge asks me I just have to respond. Also is it possible that they will bring a witness at the hearing. Should I be prepared for that? They keep saying I didn't object the facts basically their statements. What does that mean? I feel like all I did was object. THANK YOU
  7. Hello again...Going to a hearing next week anybody knows what am I supposed to do there? This is for the Plaintiff's motion for reconsideration on their vacated summary judgment. I filed my opposition in writing but judge ordered me to appear they requested oral hearing ...Any tips?
  8. Sorry but I am confused by your reply... They filed a motion to get more responsive answer from me.They sent me interrogatories twice before I gave them what they call "nonresponsive answers" in their petition...I want to object that but I don't know what to say. Any clue?
  9. Yes I objected their SJ, and it was vacated but now they want to reinstate. This time they included proof of assignment basicaly one page, a paragraph saying bank sold accts to midland and no mention of my name in that statement...and then another page with my info like dob,ssn amount of debt and on the bottom it says printed by midland from original bank docs or something in those words. so I will file the opposition tomorrow same as last one I'll just add a few pointsjudge already told them this is not a valid proof I don't understand why they are doing this.. as for intergorattories the
  10. I will read the rules over but I guess this one doesn't apply. I have to file asap don't want to wait 10 days because last time judge made decision on the 9th day..
  11. How about this? 4:17-6. Limitation of Interrogatories Except as otherwise provided by R. 4:17-1(, the number of interrogatories or of sets of interrogatories to be served is not limited except as required to protect the party from annoyance, expense, embarrassment, or oppression. The party to whom interrogatories are propounded may apply for a protective order in accordance with R. 4:10-3.
  12. Oh OK because it says if I want to oppose I have 10 days to do so and then there is a page where it says opposed not opposed... so I am thinking how to oppose just for the sake of the option they are giving me..I answered their interrogatories in Jan twice..they had over 60 days to file this motion but they didn't do anything about it. Basically since their SJ motion was vacated in Feb. they sat quiet...and then 1 week before trial they asked for adjornment because it was less than 30 days since they received sj order and they are allowed 30 days apparently..Judge denied adjournment...and then
  13. I tried to get him on board but basically he says he can't handle it because he is shorthanded. I will definately try again and keep fighting this!
  14. They filed motion for reconsideration to reinstate sumary judgment and attached bill of sale and some computerized report with my name on it. I will oppose obviously. I'll follow Sterns oppositions from his website. They also sent a motion for more responsive answers to interrogatories. They sent me intterogatories in question twice before and I basicaly gave them the same answers. What should I do with those?Object? Can they be penalized for filing these frivoulous motions. I mean what can I possibly give them?
  15. Thank you! Obviously if it wasn't for all of your great advise I wouldn't have come this far so..I am going to keep fighting!
  16. yes it appears so. why else would he want to adjourn we were next. As for the complaint I really don't think he did anything wrong he is just one very lucky attorney who got away with the court administartion nonsense.
  17. I hear you but I don't want to mess with them I just want to move on. They have three statements and computerized report why ask for more let's see see how blind our justice system is. I got their sj vacated if judge wants to overrule that with the same proof then there is nothing else I can do. I will show up and present my arguments I wasted more than enough time already. I bet you can pull it off but me I broke down and cried yesterday
  18. You know although very frustrating I don't think he actually did anything wrong. He asked for adjournment, he told the clerk what he did and the Clerk was suppose to consult/advise me what's going on and not just assume before relating the matter to the judge. Of course the judge is going to approve it she was going to adjourn couple of cases anyways because she had to leave so this was served on her plate. I think the fault is in the administration and this sleazebag just got lucky. Obviously they know him well beacuse he was friendly to everyone. He had 5-6 cases one of which he settled,min
  19. it's freaking not over yet they asked to adjourn trial again!!! So I went to court and basically judge called our case and told us to go see a mediator...it's mandatory....We did and I said I don't know anything about the debt I don't owe this and I want proove that you own? So plaintiff's attorney goes little nasty with me things like stop playing games bla bla,here is statements that's your name on there... Back in court room judge calls our case and attorney goes" I request adjournment of trial because there is outstanding discovery" I was like whaaaat? So I said "hon. judge There isn't an
  20. I am petrified. Everything I read I already forgot what it means. But thank you for the video!
  21. Can anyone tell me when do you object plaintiffs remarks and evidence at trial. At the oppening statement or after he is done with the statement? Do I need to read my brief or I just hand it in and wait to be asked questions? I am not a good public speaker
  22. Plaintiff's request to adjourn trial was rejected by the judge!so my trial is still on for this thursday...I'll keep you posted!