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  1. Yep that is how they win and get the $$. I went to court to watch some cases ahead of time and the same thing either they weren't prepared and were helpless or didn't show up. The same renta attorney was there for all the cases. Education is a powerful thing and unfortunately many don't have the means to educate themselves and just give up or feel helpless.
  2. We had that happen to us. Never served and they got a default. The only way we knew about it was the sheriff showing up at my wife's work with a wage garnishment... Had I been knowledgeable about my rights and the law back then I would have fought it and won. I made up for it the next time it happened though Just keep educating yourself and you will do good.
  3. Yes what he said. They asked what I wanted and I told them with prejudice and we came to the agreement to pay our own costs. If they don't then file for the costs.
  4. Congratulations! With or without you still won! Now you can breathe.
  5. Make sure you keep an eye on the online case info as Kenosian & Miele are pretty shady. Before I found this forum we were supposedly served by them (never were) and they got a wage garnishment. Just make sure they don't slip something in behind your back. If your sure on the SOL I would follow what they say above. Would love to see these guys pay up.
  6. Maybe I said it wrong. I requested that all communications be done by writing no phone calls. So guess it wasn't a C & D
  7. Yeah I sent a C & D and validation all rolled into one.
  8. No wasn't one of them. There was no back and forth. I disputed it, furnished my court document and it was removed. Worked for me. But it was WITH prejudice so that may have helped. May not work again or I just got lucky. Also at that point the SOL was past too.
  9. Convergent Outsourcing sent the letter and the creditor listed is Palisades Collection. I don't even know who the OC was so this had to be at least 10 years old. Not on my credit report. They want to settle for 50% off $300. Think I'll pass on that offer
  10. Yeah I'm not worried about it and will DV them. Already have it ready to go. Just thought it was funny. Not even worth thinking about it
  11. I had a jdb fold WITH prejudice. I then disputed them on my CR and used my winning court document. They ended up removing it. JDB might have had something to do with it but nevertheless it was removed.
  12. Received a collections letter for under $300 for a debt that I can't even think what it's for. If it is the debt I think it has to be at least 10 years old. The original creditor listed is another JDB! Anybody hear of that before? Not on my credit report. Guess I'll just send a DV letter and be done with them? Almost want to have fun with them but probably should just DV and move on. ThunderCA
  13. I have filed Chapter 7 many years ago. We didn't have the information that is online back then. I will tell you the 1 and 2 below is EXACTLY how it feels. It's a big decision and shouldn't be made lightly. Where I'm at now I'm glad we did. We would have never got out of the hole that we created.
  14. Yeah you can get a free one during a 1 year period. You must have already. Also I know when you apply for a card and they turn you down they send a decline letter and you usually have the opportunity to get a free report from that. But that would take a while. The judgements don't fall under bankruptcy? Thought it all did.