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  1. Also, the plaintiff is listed as the hospital with the acronym for the collection agency directly after.
  2. I'm not sure because it was indicated that any payments received would be forwarded back to the hospital.
  3. In September, payment arrangements were made with a collection agency to begin making monthly payments on a hospital bill and requested a billing statement be mailed to my home. Outside of verbal contact, I had never received anything in writing that my account was transferred to a collection agency. Needless to say, I never received anything from this company. Nearly a month after the payment was due, the collection agency made verbal contact once again and at that time, I informed the representative that I was holding onto funds but never received a statement to know exactly where to send it. I was notified that they can assume I received the statement that they supposedly mailed and because I failed to make payment, I defaulted on the agreement. When this occurred, I forwarded the payment directly to the hospital and have continued to provide them with $50.00 every two weeks to settle the debt. I have not received any notification that the payments were not sufficient and the money was not refused. Yesterday, I was served with a Summons from the General Sessions Court in Rutherford County, Tennessee with the collection agency listed as the plaintiff. The initial date of their contact with an attorney was after payment was made to the hospital. In fact, on two subsequent occasions when they contacted me yet again, I notified them verbally that I was making payment on this account. Until receiving the Summons, I had no knowledge that this was turned over to an attorney. It is customary for written contact to be made to provide this notification. My question - is it wrong for the collection agency to have filed this lawsuit when payments commenced before contact was made with an attorney and how can I go about having this suit dismissed since payment is being accepted by the original creditor?