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  1. I just finished a South Florida Vacation, in a 4 story condo with an elevator on the beach, 3 dive trips in the gulf and and a deep sea fishing trip, all thanks to an out of SOL, 415$ debt that the CA wouldn't remove. TOes in the water A$$ in the sand, another CA with cash in my hand!
  2. Good info, I will go over there tomorrow. BTW there was a 200.00 off a riding lawn mower that I really needed for this Beautiful house and yard that I was able to purchase with the help of this board!
  3. They have removed it from 2 of them already, but damnit, I got turned down for credit.... I like your thinking, "Sue them all and let god Sort it out!"
  4. Grumpkins and snarks.....White Walkers beyond the wall, inbred kings....What the hell is this world coming to ?
  5. Ha, They couldn't even keep up with the work I was doing. I had things removed from my credit report BEFORE they sent letters, then I told them that they needed to work on something else, the said "We have a process" I said, I do too, the bashingQ style, take it off or I'll sue your a$$! Seemed to work well, I had a 780ish credit score until day before yesterday. Now back to the bashingQ style. Off to see the lizard! David
  6. There I was, just minding my own business, happy as a lark, with a credit score in the low 780's. When I check my scores, there was a collection account on there. I had never heard of this collection agency, nor had they ever phoned or sent me anything in the mail. My score dropped like a rock in a bucket of water, down to 631. Turns out, it was for an additional co-pay for an MRI I had doneon my knee. I had paid up front for the estimated co-pay, and gave the hospital my correct mailing address and phone number. Turns out, the hospital did not update the records, and the collection agency
  7. Case closed, Chalk another one up to the good guys!
  8. Kinda like the lottery. You have a better chance of being mauled by a grizzly bear and a polar bear in the same day as you do of winning the lottery. That is a statistical fact. I saw it on the Internet, and we all know they cannot put anything on the Internet that isn't true. Bon Jour!
  9. Someone posted on here about the tax code that if you signed an NDA then the income was taxable. I really need to find that post, but my search efforts have not been successful. leagle, I think you posted it, but dang, you post a lot! Chief
  10. It's fun, I did it, lost in a large, loud and grotesque(sp) manner. But the Constitutuion gives you that right, if you feel the need, excercise that right. That is what the coiurt of Federal Claims is all about. Chief
  11. This should be a mandatory read before anyone gets permission to post! out of the 101 new messages I saw today, 50 of them were "Help Midland/"Insert JDB here" It sure would save a lot of bandwidth and server space.... Chief
  12. I hate peole like that, I can walk past a pizza and gain 2 pounds!