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  1. I've got a good reasonable attorney who is all over the country if anyone is in need of a good foreclosure attorney.
  2. The courts are more and more recognizing the problems Mortgages have had. One site you can check out is He seems to be having great success in appeals courts especially with reversing problem cases and ruling in favor of homeowners/
  3. Listen. I will stop commenting on any of these cases because I don't want to confuse the person anymore then they already are. I was trying to help and obviously @Clysesmom didn't like it. That's okay. I have been dormant from this site for a bit and I will go dormant again. I have had great success trying to figure out what works and doesn't and thought I would pay it forward if I could help. I know other Jurisdictions and States have different Civil Procedure Rules but they are all similar to degree. Case law varies significantly from state-to-state and from Jurisdiction-to-Jurisdiction. But I don't know of any Court in America that you can't put forth a MTD. It doesn't mean it will be granted but it can be done. I also have some very good national Attorneys and CA attorneys and FL attorneys I've worked with over the last 6 years which I could have recommended especially for Foreclosure defense. This will be my last post and I wish everyone well in defending as defeating creditors.
  4. Up a few she said MTD doesn't work in JP Court. I didn't say it would be dismissed but my comment was that a MTD could be used and she said no. Maybe it is a misunderstanding of words but MTD can be used in JP Court whether they are actually granted or not is another thing.
  5. By the way...Clyde's CAN motion a JP Court to Dismiss. Learn your procedures.
  6. Good Luck with your case. Godspeed jkr9010. I am not GUARANTEEING anything and never said I was as I don't have a dog in the fight but I do see where this case can be won with the right moves. Following the advice of @texasrocker is a good plan.
  7. Okay Cylde's Mom. You obviously know more than me about Texas Law. So I will bow out of any advice and let you go for it...
  8. I'm with qednick. This case is easy to defeat. Not sure why MTD won't work in JP Court? Should work in any court. And with nothing to claim the debt belongs to them they seriously lack standing.
  9. I also defeated an OC with Arb. They fought me on it tooth-and-nail but in the end the Judge Granted. I filed with JAMS paid my $250. They tried to get JAMS to treat me as a nonconsumer (business Credit Card) but JAMS refused as they only sued me and not the business. JAMS kept sending them letters threatening dismissal if they didn't pay and file their paperwork. OC attorney eventually contacted me asked if I would agree to an order Dismissing the JAMS case with Prejudice if they don't hold me accountable. I said only if they agree to remove from credit bureaus. They agreed. Case Dismissed.
  10. That stinks. CA is too liberal leaning toward Debtors. FL is very friendly to the Debtee and makes it easier to win and dismiss. I've had 3 cases dismissed due to lack of Exhibits which support their case.
  11. Once you get past this I would consider filing a MTD. They only included statements with no contract or agreement and the statements reference someone's name other than the Plaintiff and the bill of sale is vague at best and the dates don't even line up. And there are no charges listed on any of the statements. They essentially have nothing to go on. They reference several agreements in the bill of sales. I'd put in MTD there is no Contract or Agreement as none is attached. How can they claim a breach of any contract?
  12. You need to destroy that Affidavit with a motion. That is so bogus and I would even let them know you want to depose her. That will really scare them.