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  1. I just received notice that Citibank is discontinuing the Littman Jewelers/Fred Meyer Jewelers credit card. Aside from affecting my utilization (I have a $3,500 limit, so my score will surely take a hit), will my credit suffer at all from the account closure? Will the company note that the card was discontinued and not closed by me or closed due to negative account status?
  2. Sorry, my friend lives in Missouri. I don't think I said that in my OP.
  3. Sure is! I do realize I'm just getting one side of the story, but I'm trying to help out as much as I can.
  4. I just updated my OP to explain. I have no idea how the guy got away with charging her $10K when the place was only vacant for a month.
  5. Since I have learned so much here (and benefited from it), I am trying to help a friend fix her credit. Her big issues are three judgments. 1) She said she paid $4K in February to avoid being evicted. In April, the complex claimed she paid rent late (she says she didn't) and demanded $1K in late fees to prevent eviction. My friend gave up because a real estate attorney told her the complex was notorious for pulling that (yes, I realize she should have talked to a consumer lawyer or landlord/tenant lawyer). So she said she has two paid judgments on her record because of this: the $4K (which I don't understand why it's on there if she paid $4K to avoid eviction) and the $1K in late fees. 2) The other judgment is for $10,000 for "breach of contract." She said she knew nothing about it until she pulled her CR. The other party claims he served her or a family member in person, but she didn't live at that address at the time and has no family in that town. However, her state has very lax requirements for serving a summons. It does not require service by certified mail, process server/sheriff, or publication -- simply delivering it in person is good enough. So how does someone prove that s/he was never served? Is there anything she can do about these issues? Edit: Here is her explanation of the breach of contract issue: I rented a condo for a few months and got pregnant with [redacted]. The place was too small for 2 kids so I asked the landlord if I could leave early when a 3 bedroom at the eviction place opened up. He said that was fine. I asked if I needed to pay to break the lease. He said no. I posted ads and helped find a new tenant. The condo was vacant less than 30 days. I know this for a fact because I forgot to disconnect my Internet and the new tenant used it for a month before registering in their own name.
  6. I read another poster say that it is illegal for a CA to call a cell phone. Is this true? I get collection calls on my cell phone all the time!
  7. I pulled my report and found a hard inquiry from a company I've never heard of. They appear to be a collection agency, but I have never received any contact from them. The inquiry was quite some time ago (a little over a year), so should I just let it fall off at the beginning of 2013 or should I ask them to remove it? Since I have never been contacted by them, I have no idea what debt it is in reference to. I'm afraid if the debt is within SOL and I send a letter asking for removal, that will just put me in their sights.
  8. Sorry it's happening to you, but glad to know it's not just me! When I click the link, it loads the main forum listing with a # in the URL. That seems to be part of the issue. I can load individual links (I saved the direct URL of one of my posts the other day), but I can't look for new posts or read old ones. Also, even when I can get to the repair forum, I can only see the first page. Clicking on any of the other page numbers takes me back to the main forum list.
  9. Good job! That must be a great feeling. I'm sorry to hijack your post, but how are you able to post in the credit repair forum? For the past two days, every time I try to visit the forum, it won't let me. I can visit the other forums -- debt validation, is there a lawyer in the house, etc., but when I click the credit repair link, it just takes me back to the main forum listing. The only way I was able to read this post is because it was the most recent -- so it was listed on the main page and I was able to click the link.
  10. Thanks. I guess I don't see the benefit of even sending a DV letter then -- if they can just validate a year from now, what is the benefit?
  11. I am sending my first validation letter tomorrow. It is to a company that just showed up on my report -- I have never gotten a phone call or letter from them, so I want to send the letter within the 30-day period. However, someone in this forum said that CAs do not really have to validate within 30 days. What does this mean? Is there any point to sending a letter if the agencies do not have to validate?
  12. Thanks. They can connect his name to mine because I am an authorized user on one of his other credit cards. However, I have nothing to do with this particular application. I just looked at the app and there is nowhere to put an authorized user. It only asked for his name, SSN, address, phone number, and mother's maiden name. Even his phone # is different from mine since we use our cells instead of having a landline. I just didn't know they could report his info on my report if I am not listed on the account anywhere.
  13. I have credit monitoring through Experian. My fiancee applied for a credit card yesterday. On the application, there is NOWHERE to list any authorized users or requests for extra cards. He filled in HIS name, SSN, income, etc. So it's not a matter of him listing me as an authorized user. Now today, there is an alert from Experian that the credit card company reported an app in MY name. How is this even legal?
  14. I've been a member for a little while, and I've gotten some great advice on individual issues, but I'd love to get some feedback on how I plan to approach repairing my credit. I am completely committed to doing the work and spending money for pay for deletes -- I know it will be worth it to improve my score. I plan to buy a house in two to three years, so I do have a nice chunk of time to do the work. Current Scores: Experian: 576 TransUnion: 630 Equifax: 578 TransUnion TU doesn't have too much reported vs. Equifax and Experian (hence the higher score). One of the adverse accounts is a student loan that was in default in 2007. I did a rehab plan successfully and then consolidated my loans. I assume there's no way to get the adverse info removed since they can report it for 7 years. It does show up as "paid or paying as agreed," but it is still listed as an adverse account. Unfortunately, since you take out a new loan every semester, the negative info appears as five different items. Is there anything I can do about this? There are a few medical items that I plan to pay in exchange for them deleting the info. The total is $4,286, but just one of the items is over $2,500 (uninsured emergency room visit). So, I plan to do pay for deletes with the smallest items first and sock away money to pay off the biggest debt later. They will be out of SOL in March 2013, so I guess I should wait until then to offer to pay for delete? I am not sure how that works. I have two items that are out of the SOL (both medical debts). They are scheduled to fall off in 12/2012, so I think I am just going to bide my time and let them fall off naturally. I'd rather spend time and money on stuff from 2007 to 2011, as this is the stuff that is really hurting my scores. There is a debt for $6,041 that I feel I do not owe (I disputed it, but it came back as verified). That is scheduled to fall off in 11/2012, so I am going to let it fall off naturally. There is one item for $153 for a CA collecting for Verizon Wireless. This is supposed to fall off of my report in 8/2012, so I plan to just let it fall off naturally. There is one more debt from a CA for $138. I plan to do a pay for delete on this one. Equifax Equifax shows the same student loan items as TU, but TU shows them as "paid or paying as agreed" and Equifax shows them as "120+ days past due." Those were the loans I consolidated, so my balance with the original creditor is $0. Is there any way to dispute the status? There is a tradeline for an ambulance ride from 2009 ($983). Since the SOL in my state is four years, I assume it would be best to do a pay for delete with this account? There is an item from a collection agency for $275 (medical), but the DOFD is 7/2005, so I think I am just going to wait a few months and let it fall off. The other items on my Equifax report are the same as the ones from TU. Experian I just received an Experian alert that a company I have never heard of added negative info to my report. Since this is the first I am hearing of it, I just printed up a debt validation letter and will send it certified on Monday. This report also contains an account that should have fallen off my report already. My DOFD was 9/2004, but this report says it is scheduled to continue on record until July 2013. I am going to dispute this. This report has the same medical debts and education loans as TU. There is one item for $83, which I plan to do a pay for delete on. The funny thing is, the $275 debt that is on my Equifax report is also on my Experian report, but Experian says it is only scheduled to continue on record until April 2012. So I'll just wait for this to fall off. This report also contains a Perkins loan that I did not pay. I actually thought it was included with my consolidated loans, but it turns out it was not. I worked with the collections rep at the college and applied to consolidate my loans again, this time with the Perkins loan included. I think the lady would be willing to change the status on this to "pays as agreed." She said she wishes every student was like me because I have kept her apprised of all info related to the loan. She even canceled the collection fees on my account because she was so impressed that I was on top of things. So I might write a goodwill letter and ask her to change the status on the account. So, am I on the right track? Is there anything in my plan that could hurt me? Does anyone have any suggestions? Edited to add: Sorry that I have so many questions. I wanted to read through old posts, but when I click beyond page 1, the forum takes me back to the main list of forums. I can't access anything beyond the first page.
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