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  1. I am not sure if this is the correct board. I apologize if this is not. So, I received a call yesterday from my lawyer that the JDB that we took to court has offered to settle and this time we accepted their offer. They offered cash - but I don't want to assume that we will not get a 1099-misc for it. Does anyone know know if on the form if they use use box 3 (other income) or box 7 (Nonemployee Compensation)? I wish I could go into detail about my case, but I can't. I just want to thank everyone that has helped me! I've had two cases settle in the past 6 months and I could not have done it with out the members here! A little advice for those that are new and dealing with abusive JDB's....Never give up! Don't be scared. Take notes, write everything down. Study the laws, know your right and act. If you stand up to them, you will generally come out on top!
  2. I know it has been awhile - but I wanted to give an update. They went screaming for the hills and we are currently packing our bags to go to Disneyland! Thanks for all the help. If I had not found this board I would not have even thought about taking these people to court.
  3. Thanks Nascar! I wont forget the summary!
  4. Long story short, I filed a lawsuit against a JB in Fed court. We have mediation coming up in a few weeks. Not sure what to expect if anyone could give me any info on what to expect and any advise, I would appreciate it Thanks
  5. The message that they left me was a pre-recorded message
  6. Thanks I'll wait the 5 days to see if I get "some information" then I will send out a DV letter. Might as well see if I can't get them on a violation or 2. The call that I got and message that was left was from an auto dialer. Isn't that a violation right there that I could file now as their first?
  7. The person on the phone told me it was a overdraft account for a bank I have never done business with and I know it is not on my credit report. She gave me the date on when it was opened and closed, opened 13 years ago and closed 10 years ago. Company is Credit Smart LLC.
  8. So this company left a message on my machine (by auto dialer) I called them back. She told me they bought the debt and that I have to pay it or they are gonna take me to court yada yada...I have no idea what this debt it and she said that she was going to send out some information. The debt is over 10 years, so should I just send out a "Go F yourself, I am not paying" or wait to see if they send me something. I goggled them and they seem to be ones that violate often and the person I spoke with was an idiot.
  9. poppet24


    No. But this is where I get confused. One is Wells Fargo and the other is CAP One. Those are both normally OC's.
  10. poppet24


    Hello again I got a dunning letter from Midland for a debt that is way past SOL. They did reply to my DV, but the OC is not the same as the OC they stated on the dunning letter. It is about 5 years past the SOL, so I was going to send them a C&D letter. Is that the best approach for this at this point? Thanks for your advise
  11. Yeah, I didn't think it would do anything for me. I guess I could always forward it to them in the mail and maybe add a page with a link to this site
  12. Thanks for the info! I'll send out a letter in the next couple of days. What do I do about the copy of the dunning letter that does not belong to me but someone else?
  13. Hello again.... So as the header says, I got the dunning letter and it is from Midland. At this point because it is past the SOL, do I just send them a C&D letter and just keep an eye on them to make sure they are not planning to serve me? Also, with in my letter, I received someone else's dunning letter. What should I do with that? Thanks!
  14. Yeah, I was hoping it would be on my credit report so I could get them on that. Right now I am waiting to see if I get the dunning letter after the phone call the other day. Thanks for answering my questions
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