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  1. So I have read it is 30 days AFTER your last payment of any debt........Is this true? I am within a 30 day window of all debts being past SOL with no suits to date.......SWEET......Thanks...
  2. Hey OP what is the exact date of filing? You stated they filed some 14 months previous but that looks like it was close to SOL.
  3. Thanks...did not know about that but just to clarify.....the assignments are ok without having to have them appear as witnesses but they still need to state any Defendants account number or they are useless correct? Does 1 card statement satisfy the requirement to attach the original contract as Illinois law provides?
  4. Someone may correct me if I am wrong but I thought I remember reading they have to prove that chain of assignments FULLY. IMO they will never be able to do that.... Can you imagine them successfully having every person in EACH and EVERY assignment at trial to testify? NO LOL....
  5. Well my point is I have not done anything to show any kind of loans on my credit report to keep them from knowing I have money or a decent job with income. So you think showing any loan on my credit report wont entice them to come after me? Seems to me it would depending on the circumstances and what state you are in.
  6. So I am 4 months away from far none have filed suit........IF I take on a car loan and it shows on my credit what are the chances of anyone filing prior to SOL? I have 2 1099's already.........1 is Citi which just got hit with major suit problems about credit collections. 1 is Chase which we all know their problems and they were the first to write off and send 1099. The other 2 I am not sure about........I am in Illinois and compared to states in the south and west there are very few suits filed here due to strict rules. So think I am good?
  7. You can go here..... Then choose what court to search....... For instance Northern Calf is here: Then chose login to pacer on the left......then click on Query top left. Put Midland in where it says last/business name then enter.
  8. If any JDB issues a 1099c it is probably fraud IMO as I seriously doubt any would truthfully list what they actually paid as the forgiven debt. If they issue a 1099c for the amount you owed but really only paid 1/100 for that debt are they not committing tax fraud? See might give some ideas as to what to do.....
  9. Here is some info about 1099c and the tax issues........
  10. WTG EASY....always nice to see Midland get kicked in the teeth......and that judge.......ugh........
  11. Here are some links that might assist you:
  12. More info on this topic:
  13. Here are a few things of interest that will help.......