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  1. Let me explain and see if this makes sense to anyone. I have a collection account on my credit report for $120 whom the collection agency lists my current insurance carrier as the original creditor. I didn't really understand why my insurance company would turn over my account to a collection agency then write me a new policy but to be honest I didn't explore. I just printed records of the previous insurance premium and all payments I had made on the account and tabled the matter as I had quite a few CA to deal with as of my last credit report. I figured I'd just DV and more than likely they will go away but whether it turns out I owe or not $120 is a non issue. After the first round in the DV process, only one of the CAs bothered to respond to my verification request. This one looked as if it temporarily was removed from my credit report via Creditkarma but then was readded on 12/5. TU never replied that they deleted this account but mailed me that resolution was expected by 1/7/15. I only know that for a moment it wasn't there because I have been pulling weekly updates. I was all ready to send the DV follow up letter when I got their Settlement opportunity letter dated 12/13. I didn't respond to it immediately because I wanted to see what the outcome of the CRA dispute was and at the time it wasn't showing on Creditkarma so I thought it was already deleted and the settlement offer was a last ditch offer after the account was removed. The settlement opportunity they mailed me had no dollar amount of settlement offered but asked me to contact them to discuss it. I could fight them and ignore the settlement offer and just as them to delete within 15 days but I'd rather just get it off will I offer PFD to the one creditor who verified. In my response letter I have written I pretty much state that I DVd them CMRR on 11/24/14 and it was signed for by named officer of their company on 12/1. I state that they updated to the CRA on 12/5 and that that was a violation which they could be liable for $1,000. I said I was ready to proceed with a small claims filing when I received their offer to settle and that I would be willing to call the matter done to save the time and hassle of filing fees. I offered 20% or $24. I'd gladly pay $24 rather than wait another month just to get it off because I have other business matters I want my report cleaned up for sooner rather than later. Is this a stupid strategy? Please let me know before I send this letter out. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. I have gotten almost all collection accounts off my credit report via DV but have a couple that remain and bother me. My student loans represent 4 baddies on my reports. The original creditor Wells Fargo had a separate loan for the federally subsidized portion of my loan and one for the unsubsidized portion. Since I defaulted, ISAC picked up the loan and I paid the loans a couple years ago because they withheld my tax returns. I was wondering how this now affects my credit. I understand that the existence of collection accounts at all are bad whether they are paid or not. the other true collections accounts have been deleted due to dispute except one that came back verified. I intended to PFD this one and was ready to celebrate because it would have been the last one except I didn't consider my student loans. The charge offs with Wells should remain another year before they drop off due to age but the collection accounts to ISAC don't say when they should be removed. I would guess that date comes from the date of last activity which shows as 4/12 so I would assume they will remain to haunt me until 4/19 if the earth is still turning then. I am less concerned about the charge offs because I read charge offs older than 24 months don't affect your FICO but I imagine I won't see a big score bump after PFD the other account because technically, I'd still be reporting 2 collection accounts though they are paid. I am confused about the way it is reporting though because on my Experian report under type it says Education as if it is a student loan or something just like the loan from the original creditor instead of Collections like my plain ol regular collection accounts. I would rather it look like a loan with bad payment history that eventually got paid in full than a collection account. It looks the same way on a 3 bureau merged report I got where Experian lists it under Education loan and the other big 2 list it as a collection. Does it even matter?? I have already tried GW them but they will not remove this notation early even though it is paid in full. Should I dispute it or leave it alone? My other question is to the dates and whether or not they are accurate. I took out the loans in 9/06 and I never enrolled for spring semester. Since I was no longer in school at least half-tiime, the repayment period should have started in 1/08 but no one asked me for a dime. If the default occurred in 1/08 then the 7 yrs would be up in a week or two and at least the Wells Fargo portion would be coming off and wouldn't have to wait another year to get the baddies gone. I am perplexed though because Wells reported the status as ok until 1/08 and i guess then it entered repayment and went late. On 10/08 the status went back to ok for 6 months and then the count down of late pays started again 4/09. I don't recall making any payments directly to Wells Fargo during that 6 month time period but maybe I did as I did have a good job at that time. ISAC doesn't pick up the default until 1/10 and then the date of last payment is 4/12. If it will remain until 4/19 that seems like a long time for a loan that originated in 9/06 and feels like I am suffering the same effects of illegal re-aging though they didn't do anything illegal to re-age it. Does anyone know if this collection account dates of default has the match the original creditor or if I should even bother trying to dispute it?
  3. I sent the letter to the CRA CERTIFIED but without the green card as I didn't think it was necessary to have a signature card back but maybe that wasn't the best idea. Please advise if anyone cares to share an opinion so my future mailings can go out the correct way. Thank you.
  4. On last Monday I sent out DV letters to the CA that were on my credit but I found that I did it wrong. I did not send disputes to the CRAs at the same time as the DVs. I had done this in the past with some minimal success as I got a few CA deleted in 2012 with one round and no followup. I have learned from the board since then that I must disputed the collection agency at the same time as the CA is not obligated to respond yet the CRA is required to respond in 30 days. My question is it it completely necessary to send the CRA dispute CMRR. It is expensive and looks confrontational yet is seems un-necessary in my inexperience opinion because I get email notification that they receive my dispute and I can just print that out as proof that they received my dispute. I have used online disputing for simple things like inaccurate address removal and status updates from actual negative info disputes that I mailed in. I guess I feel like I got so many disputes coming to the CRA in the near future I don't really want them to look at me as a nuisance or frivolous already. I was hoping you experts could give me some opinion of that. Thanks
  5. What dispute reason should I list? inaccurate?
  6. I have LVNV on my credit listing a collection account whom the original creditor was care credit. I believe this account must be reaged because the chargeoff from the original creditor no longer appears on my credit report. As I remember I got the original account for some cosmetic treatments that I never received because I lost my job shortly after being approved in 2007. I never made a single pymt because I was unable. That would put my default in '07 and this being 12/14 there has to have been 7yrs that passed. TU and EX only show me the date the CA started reporting the debt but EQ through Quizzle show the default date as 4/1/08. According to that date this should age off in about 5 months. Should I DV them or just dispute this directly with the credit bureaus?
  7. I started trying to repair my credit in 2012 and had some minimal success deleting collections and then life got in the way. I DV'd Credit Management reporting from OC Comcast Cable and they agreed to deleted references to all credit bureaus. I didn't actually pull my credit report initially this go round but I subscribed to Quizzle which showed this account in collections still on 11/24 so I DV them again. They replied that this account hadn't been in their office since 01/12 and that they sent notice to all 3 bureaus to remove this listing from my credit reports. Either Equifax didn't do it or Quizzle is giving me old information. I did eventual get my credit report as I used the dispute button on quizzle which prompts a new window for equifax where you can review your report online and enter disputes. I wrote down info which I believed the account in question was on there but apparently I failed to pdf it because I can't locate that file. I can't access it online at the moment either because I entered an unrelated dispute and now they are waiting on my supporting documents which I mailed. This doesn't appear on my TU report at all. On EX this account is listed but from a different collection agency Credit Protection Association. Their listing says reported 5/08 and last reported 10/08. Should I bother DVing them too even though they haven't reported in 6 yrs? Is there any harm in DV old accounts since I don't want to wait a whole other year for this to age off?
  8. I had 2 loans with Wells Fargo Educational both subsidized and unsubsidized and they defaulted back to the dept of educ managed by ISAC. Has anyone had success with GW to them? If so what were the circumstances?
  9. I have paid collections reporting on my credit report form ISAC/Illinois Student Assistance Commission. They are not the only baddies on my report. Wells Fargo Educational originated the loan and when I defaulted the government guarantee kicked in handled by Isacs. These student loans represent 4 baddies as there is an entry for the subsidized and unsubsidized portion from wells and then separate accounts for the subsidized and unsubsidized portion through ISAC. I read in the forum somewhere that someone had success with GW on the second try with getting TL deleted with ISAC. He said on the second attempt he explained that he was trying to buy a home and that these were the only problem holding him up and he indicated that he had an inquiry indicating that they verified before agreeing to delete. I had success in getting 1 CA deleted after DV this round so I was just excited to start the next attempt make the most impact on my credit report and it seems that requesting GW for paid collection is the next logical step. If have a cleaned up report lead to their decision to delete, maybe I should what until all active collections are cleared and I have settled my judgement??? Has anyone else had success with GW ISAC? Was your report also clear notwithstanding the paid loans? Should I request GW with the original lender? Any success with Wells Fargo Educational? What were the circumstances?
  10. Thank you. I thought it was appropriate to start a new thread because I was actually trying to get an understanding about the information contained in the case summary not trying "to get the answers to change." Actually I did update the creditor on my address as this was a voluntary surrender. Can't imagine why they didn't send the info to my new address even if they still would have filed sue in the state in which the contract was written. They had my address on my initial move to LA but a few years later Hubbys job relocated us to TX. They may not have my current address though it is updated on my credit reports I did not give it directly to the OC. I guess your signature line says it all; you do have a very blunt manner of replying but at any rate I appreciate the knowledgeable information I get from you. I wouldn't ask if I already had this knowledge myself.
  11. I have a judgement entered against me for a deficiency balance on an auto I surrendered. I did not receive service and did not know about the judgement until 2012 when I ordered my credit report. At the time I was pretty much destitute and had no means of even trying to unravel this mess. I was now trying to see what was the best way to get this PR off my credit report and would most like to settle for less than the balance especially since this has been accumulating interest since 03/2010. In looking into this, what I read said to first look for reasons to vacate this judgement. I am wondering if I have grounds to vacate based on improper service as I was never served. I moved out of state immediately after surrendering this auto which is why I believe I was never served. My mother still lives in IL so I have asked her to go and get copies of all documents pertaining to this case but in the meantime I have pulled the case summary online. Case Activity is as follows: 10/19/2009 Detinue Complaint filed - This confuses me because I believe they already had the vehicle back at this point 11/13/2009 Summons Returned - N.S Reason: No Contact 11/17/2009 Alias summons issued and Returnable 11/17/2009 Appoint Special Deputy - Allowed 12/15/2009 Execute or Perform- Allowed - I have no idea what this means as it pertains to the case; does this imply that there was process service? 12/15/2009 Judgement for plaintiff 12/15/2009 Continuance-allowed 12/15/2009 Order Final and Appealable 12/15/2009 Order for Possession - again, they already had the vehicle 01/19/2010 Continuance- Allowed 02/23/2010 Continuance- Allowed 03/12/2010 Certificate of Mailing Filed 03/12/2010 Exhibits Filed 03/12/2010 NoticeofMotionFiled 03/12/2010 Motion Filed 03/23/2010 Assess Costs - Allowed 03/23/2010 Judgement for plantiff 03/23/2010 Order Final and Appealable Twice during this case it has said Judgement for Plaintiff and Order Final and Appealable and I am unsure why. If they were unable to serve me does that mean that they showed due diligence in trying to serve me so the case was allowed to continue or does this mean they manufactured some type of service and it should be in the court file? I never received any notice of the sale of the vehicle so that means I didn't have the opportunity to redeem the vehicle. I also don't have any records of sale to have proof that the deficiency balance is calculated correctly. I am completely green but does this look like getting a motion to vacate would be a long shot? My best case scenario wish is that filing this would prompt the creditor to agree to settle for less than full payment that removes the years or interest that have accumulated and a satisfaction of judgement or having the original creditor file to withdraw the judgement so that it doesn't remain on my credit report for years and years after payment.
  12. Thank you Skippy1960. My mother still resides in Chicago and is going to get the court file for me.
  13. Just found out that Illinois allows for vacating a judgement based on satisfaction! http://www.illinoislegalaid.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.dsp_content&contentID=7144&print=yes That makes me feel better so that at least if I can get this thing paid it doesn't have to sit on my credit report for eternity
  14. Rogue, other people keep telling me the best way to handle my judgement is to file a motion to vacate. I was rereading your post and you say if the creditor can prove they sent a summons the dog ate the mail doesn't fly. IL statute requires me to have been served in person and I was not. Alternately they can have served a person in my household so long as a certified return receipt summons addressed to me had followed. Neither of these happened. Does that change your opinion on whether or not a motion to vacate is a waste of time for me? I mentioned previously about no notice/records of sale because this site says to include the defense you would have presented were you present for the judgement hearing. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/legal/VacatingJudgments.shtml Just to be clear, I am not hoping to get off from this debt free and clear but since they didn't follow the letter of the law and have no proof of service I am hoping that they will at least offer to settle with me and if so I can request them to dismiss the lawsuit themselves as condition of settlement. I plan on paying my debt but a paid judgement still doesn't look great on a credit report; definitely not as good as no judgement at all. Even if it's a long shot, isn't it worth a shot???
  15. I do feel in a rush though. Our plan when we lived in Louisiana was to buy a house and since my credit was shot and Hubby the major income earner we were gonna just leave me off the loan. I opened the first secured cards in Jan 2012. We ended up relocating to TX with Hubbys job and are expecting another baby and outgrowing our rental. I assumed we'd be leaving me off the loan again but found out most won't allow it in TX as a community property state. Pulled my credit and found it to be more salvageable than I thought as my 04 bankruptcy and most negatives have aged off. I don't expect to have excellent credit anytime soon but I'd like to increase about 50 pts in the next 6 months-1 yr just so as not to disqualify hubby for a mortgage. I had hoped 6 months so we could be in a place by the time new baby is born but looks like it may be closer to a year. Is that unreasonable?
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