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  1. So why bother to dispute anymore? Seems like nothing will get deleted.
  2. I can dispute online. Is it as effective?
  3. I have found this forum to be very helpful. I have a question that seems to be "debatable" when I search. In regards to disputes with the "Big 3" CRA's, I have about a dozen accounts for each I need to dispute. Thoughts on a single letter for each item (12 per agency) or one letter for all (1 per agency)?
  4. They have the judgement. In this case, they served by X-wife at my former address. We were divorced at that point. The sheriff deputy just handed it to her and left. I suspect it was improper, but it was 2 years ago. I called some attorney's in my area but none were very helpful. I received a letter from "Client Services"
  5. BOA has a default judgement against me. I would say it has been 2 years now. I am in South Carolina and they can not garnish wages, so they went with the judgement option. I lost my job and it took months to find another, lower paying job. Fast forward 2 years and a junk debt collector is trying to collect this debt at about 10% of the original price. Can a junk debt collector even do that with a judgement against me? If I paid the junk debt collector, how would I know it would satisfy the judgement? Is there a way to remove default judgements in SC?
  6. I moved to South Carolina five years ago. I opened about 6 credit cards - I was "doing well" financially. Then the bottom came out 2 years ago. All these cards were opened in South Carolina. I am now moving to New York for a different job. South Carolina does not allow wage garnishment for consumer credit debt. Is there a chance these banks/creditors will try it in New York once they figure out I am in New York? Thanks
  7. No, credit score is about 605 right now and there are 2 cards I have not paid in 3 months. Even if I cut back I could not afford to pay them all the minimums right now. Reading around it seems I should try to settle some of the debt. Currently, I have some small amount in 401k that might help settle some of the debt. I suspect I need to be 5 months out for a settlement offer though.
  8. A few years ago I found these forums very useful to fix and repair my credit. I got myself to the point where my score was 735, I had 3 credits cards about 20% charged, and purchased a home. Fast forward a few years and several things happened. It started with grandma getting sick and passing. Gram lived 800 miles away. Due to my good credit, I was able to open a US Air account and charge numerous tickets, maxing the account. But we had to go back.... I then opened a Discover card with a 7000$ line of credit. My son crashed his car and the bill was 5K to fix it... and we did not want
  9. What's "sucker score" vs "FICO score". FICO is for mortgages, correct? That is why I asked about leaving 15% of the balance on the CC's. Would throwing a 1000 down on my car loan help too?
  10. Will paying it off as a settlement lower my score?
  11. I came into a small amount of cash - about $4,000. My score is currently 708 (thanks mostly to advice I found here). I have two car loans neither of which can be paid off with this money. I have two open credit cards. One has a balance of 585$ out of 1200$ and the other has a balance of $570 out of $950. I also have a loan through Citifinancial which I had in 2010 stopped paying for 6 months. It shows as a negative on my credit as a past-due, closed account. It is still being administered by Citifinancial and from what my credit reports tell me, it will "turn positive in 2015". Th
  12. That is what I thought. I will see if they delete it again. If not, I will shoot a letter off to them.
  13. I called Experian, against my better judgement, just to see what they would say. I am told it was deleted in August 2012 for incorrect open date (open date was 11/5/2008). SRG reported an open date of 6/1/2009. That is the date they purchased the debtfrom HSBC. In was off my report thru 1/1/13. In February SRG put it back on with a different open date in 2011. The agent is disputing it for me. I will see what comes of it. If not, I will follow up with a letter. I have always disputed with certified mail before. The agent disagreed and said FCRA does not require Experian to notify
  14. I have been somewhat successful in removing items from my reports. Over the summer (August 2012)I removed a large negative from SRG, Strategic Recovery Group, who had purchased my debt from some other company that I can not recall the name of right now. Anyhow, SRG had been off my Experian Report for at least six months (I check it every few months). I know it was off in August and all the way through until January. Recently, I checked my report again, and SRG is back on Experian. They have only re-appeared on Experian and not the other bureas. I know I can dispute this again. Does t