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  1. been really busy working out of town now I'm out of a job and looking for work anybody know of any construction safety positions open I am willing to travel
  2. Howdy all how goes the fight?
  3. If you use something from someone else's thread or take advice from some here you do so at your own risk. Do not blame that person for your outcome. We are not responsible for what you file with the courts or opposing party only YOU are responsible. I for one will feel no sorrow for you if you used something out of my threads and it did not work out for you. The things in my thread are just that, mine. Every case and judge is different, and so are the laws and rules of procedure, as well as the interpatation of those by each judge.
  4. Hey I beat a JDB twice simultanously, If I can do it then certianlly you can as well. This board is the reason I won. Great group of people here helping others.
  5. I beat these scumbags in 2 cases at the same time with 2 different judges.
  6. Hard to record them or talk to a person, as they always hang up. I will find an APP for that as I am not smart enough to use this phone I have now.
  7. Been so busy I have no time. On a side note, made final payment on my truck. Glad to have that out of the way. New career is going great so far. Missed you all.
  8. it is the same number that was calling me before as I have them saved in my contacts list.
  9. they call and say push 1 to hear this message in english and then they hang up.
  10. you will have a mediation anyways. Now this is just my personal idea here. if you could get them to settle for 50% I would jump on it since it is such a small amount and how stessful this whole thing can be,.
  11. Well hello folks. Sorry I have been gone so long. Changed careers and been working a lot. Ok This new JDB is starting to call me again. They backed off once I sent the C&D does that only last for 6 months? Should I send another? Thanks BG