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  1. My parents are nearing foreclosure on their house. They're behind 3 months in payments mainly because they've fallen behind in the past and have been trying to catch up ever since. The catch is the house loan is under my grandmother's name. My mother has power of attorney and has already sought modification (based off my mom's past income and grandmother's SS I believe) of the loan but the payments are still too high for them to afford. The thing is that my grandmother does not even live in the house. She doesn't even live in the states anymore. They have been living there and making payments on the house since day one, for almost 7 years now. Since the housing market has plundered, any home equity is out of the question. My father is currently unemployed and my mother's income significantly decreased because of cut overtime hours. Since the loan is not under their name, what power do they have? Is this just a hopeless situation? Just a matter of if you can't afford it, leave? How long before they're kicked out? Any insight into this situation and what options they may or may not have would be very much appreciated.