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  1. Problem is the case is closed. We won, yay! Talken to law office just now and she said, "you have to psy it." Wow, really, didn't know that. I just want it out of collections. She said we have to handle it now,
  2. My wife and I were in a wreck a couple of years back. We ended up suing the guilty party, well, while the lawsuit was going through my wife had to have mri's and such done at the hospital, all accident related. We won our suit and when the lawyer called to pay bill they were told there was no bill. Just got a copy of her credit report and the hospital sent her to collections after being told it was being handled by our attourney's office. How would we go about fixing this mess?
  3. These clowns are now reporting on my credit report that i have been paying them for a few years now. I have never, nor will ever send them a dime. Plus every month the "amount owed" goes up. I need to fix this crap soon.
  4. But is there anything that can be done once it is put on there?
  5. Not sure on rates, but there is only 1 at the moment and almost paid off.
  6. I tried getting my Equifax report the other day, and for the verification questions, none of them had anything to do with me, so I chose none of the above for all questions. Well, they couldn't verify me, what should I do?
  7. Not too long ago things got really hard and tight around the house. Well, my wife got a couple of these $1000 loans to try and help us out some. Now that we are starting to get somewhere in life, these loans are killing her credit. We tried to refinanace our houise and besides our scores not quite being there, these loans are one of the major reasons we were told was hurting us. Is there anything that can be done with these?
  8. Yeah, that's classic. I LOL'd alot at that.
  9. First of all, they started with the, "call us by such and such a time to make payment arrangements." I asked them to send me a list of all of these accounts and the dates they were reported it on. All I received is a list of accounts and amounts due, no dates or anything. One of these is listed as "other debts." These are all medical and some go back a ways. Well, today I received a letter saying that the verified my employment. I hope this is just them trying to scare me. I am going to send them a validation letter soon and find out. But they call all day and it is getting on my nerves. It took 3 times for me to tell them to stop calling me at work, they would always hang up before I had the chance or would cut me off before I can ask and then hang up.
  10. This is on an old account that they bought from the oc. Well, I have not made a payment towards this since like '08. Well, for this past December they put me as being 120 days late. Nothing before, and nothing after. Seems very fishy. opinions?
  11. Quick question. As far as the sol goes, what does medical collections fall under?
  12. I am in the same situation, but some of mine are past the sol. How do I approach this?
  13. First let me say the new site looks great. I haven't been here in a while. It has been a rough time since I was last here. Onto the subject at hand. my wife received a phone call from a collection agent today on the work phone. She immediately told them that she can get fired for them calling on that phone. Their response was, "Well, we needed to verify your work place." Now, before I continue, keep in mind that this is over $125.00. They threatened to garnish her wages. They asked her where I worked and my work phone number so they can contact me to verify where I work. She asked them for a detailed bill on this and was told that she would have to submit for it in writing with a check or money order for five dollars made out to them. Franklin Collections. They also told my wife that it was for MRI place. There is nowhere here called "Mri place."