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  1. here is what i found http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/documents/huddoc?id=12-03ml.pdf
  2. basically we are trying for an FHA loan and we have to show that we have made payment arrangements on our debts and have made 3 verifiable payments on them. It really pains me to have to pay anything on the on past the SOL. The other one is $3000 and I am really angry about that one because its for a rental we had where we paid $1500 in last months rent that we can't prove anymore, and the company admitted we did pay it, then changed their story and said no one ever pays last months rent there. So we are getting shafted big time on that debt.
  3. In order to move forward with buying a house. my husband and I need to start making payment arrangements on our 3 collections, which total almost $5000. One of them is going to fall off next year. What is the best way to go about trying to get some sort of settlement on these debts? Is there a way to possibly get them down before we make payment arrangements, or do we need to just pay the full amount? I have never had to make payments to a CA before, so this is totally new to me.
  4. its not a judgement. i didnt realize that was being pushed back. very interesting, thanks! i dont have a copy of the lease unfortunately. im no expert at home loans, but wouldnt we need to get a $3000 debt of anyway? we will definitely try some other lenders, but im just thinking aloud here.
  5. I dont know that the OC would back off easily. They are owned by a huge company. I dont have anything anywhere to prove I paid that last months rent when moving in. Ill show this thread to my husband and see what he thinks. Im just feeling rather hopeless at the moment. We were right there about to get a loan and now im not sure it will happen. To top it off we are living in a dump and anxious to move. I was just reading over the CA Tenant pdf and it says that if you take the landlord to court they can counter sue you. which sounds like i dont have a very good case. they are saying i owe them $3000 in unpaid rent, etc, etc. I understand taking an offensive stance, but with a huge company that owns rental properties all over the US I dont feel like I have much of a chance.
  6. What do we do if we write the OC a letter about paying the last months rent and they respond that they dont ever charge a last months rent upon a tenants moving in?
  7. last months rent and security deposits have to be paid with a money order. we didnt keep anything from when we moved in because we didnt think we needed it, so no proof. the security is only $500, so im not sure if it would be worth it to sue them.
  8. I really appreciate your response, there is one problem though - it was 5 years ago I left the last months rent deposit, not when we moved out. we moved out dec 31, 2011. so its only been a little over a year. they are now claiming that they dont even ask for renters to put down a last months rent to move in, so therefore they say we never paid it.
  9. my husband and I have been working for 3 months to clean up our credit. We were on the verge of getting a home loan when a collection for $3000 popped up and now we have to get it off to get the loan. Well the CA never contacted us about this, so we sent them a DV. They sent back a list of what we owe. The problem is, its from a rental we had to walk out on a month early. They have deducted the amount of our security deposit, but not our last months rent. We called the OC 3 times to get a copy of the statement showing that we paid $1600 in last months rent when we moved in - but they have run us in circles and lied. We do not have this because we never thought we would need it (its been 5 years now). Not only that but they are also trying to charge us $555 for an eviction that never happened, and $150 in late fees, when there late fees are only $50. Is there any hope in this situation? Im certainly not willing to pay all these bloated fees. is there any way to fix this? We are looking at not buying a house because of this.
  10. At the beginning of the month we had our lender run our credit and a new collection that we werent expecting popped up. Its for over $3000! (including lawyers fees for which we were never served any papers, not went to court) This agency has never once contacted us. I filed an online dispute and sent a DV letter about two weeks ago. The dispute has already come back verified and I am worried. We haven't heard anything from the CA since I sent the DV. Not only can we not afford to pay this debt, but after phoning the CA (before filing the dispute, etc) to find out what the charges were for, they are trying to charge us for things that we don't agree with. Well on the phone they were willing to take it down to $2700. This is the last collection in our way, and if this hadnt came up we would have our pre approval right now!
  11. Oh. Well i sent rhe hud notice to the lender. He hadnt seen it and still says medical doesnt count. So im waiting for him to look over it still.
  12. Oh good -so then if its true that with this new policy debts over 2 years since dla dont count, im fine.
  13. So if an item is disputed, does that change the dla?
  14. great news! thanks so much! I just have one more im waiting to make sure it comes off.
  15. My husband has already called the lender and he was told medical is still excluded. I think he is going to double check though.
  16. I dont see that it specifies that it includes medical...
  17. Do you know if it matters that its over $1000 because of interest? It was at $800, then i disputed it and it was updated to $1100 because they added interest.
  18. Thats bad news. The debt with interest is over $1000. We haven't applied for a loan yet, just working on our credit. So now I need to try to make a deal to pay this off?
  19. well i paid for a $1 experian credit report and my experian score is 586. so not too bad - i need to get it to 620 to get the loan. there is still one item that was supposed to come off that hasn't, and i have to pay my first payment on my secure card. hopefully it goes up after that!
  20. I would love to find out my score. Im just not sure if I should check yet or not though. I was thinking about waiting until I made a payment on my secured cc. My husband has made a payment on his secure card and supposedly got everything deleted off his credit though. There is a program here that pays for most of the down payment, but supposedly it is hard to get and takes 2 months to get approved for the money after you get a loan.
  21. The lender is telling us we need 3.5% down. Seemingly impossible at this point.
  22. Both mine and my husband credit scores are NA right now, so any score would be helpful at this point. But Im not sure if just getting these things deleted off will affect our scores or not. Transunion showed me a copy of my credit score after they sent the email saying the item was deleted, but it still showed everything that Experian said would be deleted. It also did not show my credit score.
  23. yeah well now i need to get my credit score up and save for a down payment! lol
  24. I have just finished up some disputes with Experian and Transunion. I was able to get several items deleted - well at least that was what the email said. I'm wondering how soon they actually show as deleted on my credit report and how soon it will affect my credit score?
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