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  1. Paying at minimum or below would accumulate huge interest and financial charges.
  2. The best unsecured credit card is the one that gives lower interest rate without any hidden cost, it waived annual fee, and has fast cycle for cash rewards and airline mileage rewards.
  3. If ever, declining credit card application is a prerogative of credit card issuer.
  4. One may choose to settle for a good credit card that allows shopping convenience or a co-branded credit card.
  5. Balance transfer may be considered simple form of renewing debt.
  6. Sometimes, the gas card so called is just a come on and not really the card's main purpose.
  7. The sense is, the amount indicates the level of [...WTC edited to remove link...] responsibility and credit worthiness. WTC from here down........................................................................... Bordering on spam. Be warned. And, as I said...the "sucker score" has nothing to do with "credit worthiness". It predicts who CCs will make money on. The "sweet spot" is in the 600-650 rrange.
  8. You may want to try [WTC....edited to remove link] through home equity loans.
  9. Sometimes the least help a person can extend to another person in need is giving him/her the benefit of the doubt.
  10. What it takes is understanding and good common sense.
  11. I will go through the process and will update what happened. Thanks.
  12. Does deletion means you're settled with the debt or the debt is considered paid?
  13. They may be verifying from your end. You can answer with your information about the account.
  14. Is there a need to be a lawyer to discuss "sucker score"?
  15. Is an authorized user the same as supplemental card holder?
  16. It may help to make settlement of credit card debt directly to the company, in this case Capital One.
  17. The response to your application will be sent through mail whether it is approved or not.
  18. I understand Chase has many credit cards that offers balance transfers options.
  19. It is wise to wait, but still on watch of the dates.
  20. I agree on the suggestion of paying-off the collections once and for all. There is a big effect of aged unpaid balance (30-day late may lower score between 60 to 110 points), this would defeat your purpose of increasing your score.
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