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  1. Ever since my I won my cases against Midland Funding and Citibank back in 2012, I have been doing well in the sense that I never needed credit for anything. I received a promotion, and basically lived on my own cash, not having to live paycheck to paycheck. (I was glad as I developed somewhat of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD from all the suing) Anyways, recently, I pulled up my credit report, and I have zero debt, and nothing shows up at all from my past with the credit card mess that I had incurred due to my divorce. Long story short, I decided to test my credit by applying for a computer loan at an Apple store, but my loan was denied. The letter in the mail read that although my FICO score is 762, that there is, "insufficient credit history" to make a decision. Everything from my past had dropped off of my credit report as it's been more than seven years. However, I later applied to rent an apartment in NYC, and they ran up my credit, and I was given a lease to sign. The managing company had no problem at all with the "insufficient credit history" (The rent is a bit more than 2K a month) Now, I want to apply for a small vehicle loan, which is only about 10K - but I am afraid the dealer will give me the same response as the computer store. What do you guys think - do you think I'll get it or not? Also, how do I fix this, "insufficient credit history" if no one will lend out to me? I also tried to get reinstated with AMEX, but no cigar. A denial letter. So why would a landlord not have a problem but these smaller companies would? The computer would have costed me about 2K.
  2. Well, the problem is that they called me from a private number. Also, the person was able to read me my exact address - so how did they get my name?
  3. So yesterday - literally five years after I fought my last credit card case against Midland Funding, someone acting as a process server contacted me at work and asked me what my address is because a civil case is being filed against me. I'm not sure what this is about as my credit report shows no inquiries nor any debt at all for that matter. My question is, is it possible for collectors to come across an old debt - that is no longer on your credit report, and try to sue you?
  4. Another injustice. Why should people have two incidents of the same debt on their credit reports? I did not "default" twice. Needless to say, I wouldn't mind "waking up" JDB's in their efforts to collect payment if there is a chance the OC can be deleted. JDB's are easy to beat in court - I beat three JDB's in court: Twice Midland and one LVNV Funding, thanks to this forum.
  5. I had an AMEX green card - was a member since the year 2000, and all of a sudden last month, they decided to close my account for no other reason than them running my credit and finding out that all of the JDB's were posted onto my credit report. Never mind the fact that I had been using my AMEX card for everything from lunch to retail to travel and paying off the entire balance (as is required) by the end of the month since the year 2000 - never having been late on any payment whatsoever. They didn't care - they just closed my account for being "too risky" I now have no credit cards and have to depend on my debit card to make purchases which not only puts me at risk (as far as people who steal like what happened at Targets), but the AMEX issue now shows up on my credit report, "account closed by lender." Not to mention - how can I prove that I make payments on time without a credit card? It's funny how these lenders themselves create financial messes for people regardless of how responsible we are with our credit. It wasn't my fault the banks experienced a "credit crunch" and made my interests go up from 4% to 29.99% - that is their own fault for overextending themselves. That should not be our problem as consumers. But whatever, rant over. Regardless, I have seen my credit score creep up. Back in 2009, it was in the 500's, and now it's up to low 600's - still regarded as poor. I guess it doesn't matter what my situation is - I still have to wait for the seven (two left) years for the OC's to expire before the JDB's fall out? Is there any way to get the OC's to fall out earlier? As for waiting - I have goals that I'd like to accomplish now. My goals involve my buying equipment and getting a business loan. That's why this bothers me. But if there is nothing I can do about it, then I guess I'll have to wait.
  6. To make a long story short, I divorced during the "credit crunch" and although I was paying my cards on time, and the judge made my ex husband pay for half of the debt, the interest rate ballooned from 4% to 29.99% for no other reason than the "credit crunch" as was explained by one stupid bank. So the late payments started. All the cards were under my name as I was the one with the good credit. But my late payments made my credit score drop from a 7xx to something like 5xx. That happened around 2008, and some of those cards fell out of my report. But here comes all of these collection agencies that I don't recognize and they start to post all sorts of crap on my credit report in 2012. I don't understand it, or why, but I want them removed. I want to move on from my past (like everyone else here, I'm sure). I have waited a sufficient amount of time patiently for the original debt to be removed for me to have to wait another 7 years! That is what I have tried to dispute, in not so many words. Some of the original debt is still there from 2009 - for some reason, so technically, I have a good two years for those to be removed. Is it hard to get the JDB's removed?
  7. Well then, thank goodness that I've never had a Captial One credit card!
  8. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I wrote my own letters - handwritten. I don't copy and paste. Not to brag, but I love to write and have a few published works of my own. I am also highly detailed oriented, so copy and pasting never works for me. Anyway, I was once able to get two deletions - and ironically, it was by disputing my case online - in the little field box provided to make a case. At the time, I was not familiar with this site's "credit repair" forum or what the proper procedures - (i.e. certified mail), are to make a dispute. What I did was provide them with the court's index numbers to the two cases that I had successfully fought with Midland and LNV Funding. That was the end of it - Experian deleted everything Midland and LNVN (sp?) within a month. But now I have other items that I need deleted that I have not fought in court. When I sent the letters, nothing was deleted at all! In fact, everything came back as "verified"
  9. I agree. But I am unable to find information on the "how to's" anywhere. Everything seems so vague - unlike the "lawyer in the house" forums which helped me a lot.
  10. Does anyone here have any experience with credit repair companies? I hear good things about Speedy Credit Repair for example, but they're very expensive. They charge about $133 a month for six months (the duration of the contract), and $35 per deletion. I find that a little too steep, but wonder if their prices have anything to do with how successful they are, or if that's just a going normal rate. I know that i can do this myself, but I've already sent a first round of letters and the letters weren't successful. I'm afraid of putting my account on frivolous status. I am seriously thinking about hiring a professional (if there is such a thing).
  11. Yes, I understand that. But if the bank reported the date of delinquency wrong, then I guess that wouldn't be the CRA's problem? Is there a way that I can still dispute these items, or will everything I say from this point on be seen as "frivolous"?
  12. Ok, so I wrote the CRA's regarding two accounts that should have fallen off my credit report because both accounts are passed the SOL. Problem is that on my credit report, both banks are saying that I defaulted a lot later than when I really did. TU responded that the accounts are "verified" and did not delete neither one of the items off. Do I still have a chance to get those items removed? TU says it doesn't have to provide any type of proof.
  13. I see on my credit report that a JDB has bought an old debt. The old debt reported by the bank was of only $2,000. But, the debt under the JDB now appears to be $5,000! I'm not sure why, but suspect that these JDB's tag on the interest that they wish. I have never made a payment to the JDB and the debt is due to fall out of my credit report in about a year. Is it possible for me to dispute this item on my credit report? I don't think I should be liable for 5k when the original debt wasn't even half of this!
  14. I pulled my credit and found that those dumb cases that I had dismissed from Midland Funding weren't deleted from two of my credit reports. So I sent the CRA's dispute letters basically stating that a NYC judge has dismissed the cases as frivolous without prejudice. I included the index numbers as reference. But I think I made a mistake. I sent the letters without attaching neither my credit report nor a form of identification. I did send the letters certified and the letters each have my name, signature and social security number. Do the CRA's have to respond? I read a few incidents where they don't respond if you don't have ID. Should I leave it alone, or follow up with another letter?
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