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  1. Hi just an update I had the mediation and we did not reach a settlement. Went to the court date Midland didn't show and it was dismissed without prejudice.
  2. Yes it is Magistrate Court. No the Bill of Sale has none of that information on it. It talks about the sale of accounts to Midland from the original creditor. "Seller hereby sells, assigns, and transfer to Purchaser, its successors and assigns, all of Seller's rights, title and interest in and to each and everyone of the Accounts described in Account Schedule attached hereto, and contained within the Sale File described in such Account Schedule." And the Account Schedule has no information about me on it. In the sections were they would have account, balance it is blank.
  3. HI I am being sued my Midland in Georgia. I filed my answer with the court in person. It was a one page form they have available, it didn't have any space to do anything but select one of the following: 1. Defendant denies that he is indebted to the plaintiff in any amount whatsoever or 2. Defendant denies that he is indebted to the plaintiff in the amount stated. I have a mediation hearing scheduled for Feb 29th. and if mediation does not resolve the issue a Trail Date is set for March 14. What can I do prior to mediation? What do I need to bring with me I am not sure what to expect. From what I have read people have already made request prior to mediation. Everything is happening really quickly. The original Statement of Claim I received just said the claim amount and had attached the same paperwork I see they send others. 1. the form with account info that they printed that says "Data printed by Midland Credit Management..." 2. Assignment and Bill of Sale 3. Closing Statement 4. Account Schedule Any advice would be greatly appreciated.