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  1. I'll Dv them first and go from there. Anyways I do believe the letter is misleading for the least sophisticated consumer.
  2. What was kitty cat or cat woman actual user name can't find her.
  3. All right guys, as some of you might might not know, in 2013 I started on the trucking industry, and have since been an Over the Road driver of an 18 wheeler, so far I have a perfect driving record, and keeping it safe. Anyways my daughter was suppose to scan me the letter, never happened. Then I got a lucky load coming from Chicago to Miami, so I swing by the house Went to iHoop and got breakfast with the family, my wify also got me a hole bed and two night stands to assemble (kids broke the last one jumping on it). Also I took the time to scan the MCM crappy letter here it is: Ok so even though is a dunning letter, they went creative with the 30 days disclosure. Not only that on the back it states its NOT an attempt to collect a debt, wait why on earth you'll put your contact info the amount and state they are not trying to collect, this is misleading information at the least. Ill DV them and get some other violations I'll send a PM to kitty cat and see if she wants to make some money.
  4. This is actually good news, it was their complete disregard of the law and constant harassment and abuse, that made me become an informed consumer, and filed a couple FDCPA law suits in the process. I would have traded my acquired knowledge for this any day. I guess they got too many people going after them and started behaving.
  5. I'll send a DV and just wait and see. I'm not really looking to sue them, but I still got that bad itch about debt collectors. For this same debt they where calling me systematically every Sunday at 8 am for about a month. That and other abusive tactics made me start searching for info. I send Asset a c&d back when the account was within SOL, I would rather get sue than getting phone calls the day I could sleep in, didn't happen, also they did send me a nice looking letter with a lawyer header but I DV them and never heard back from them, or this debt until yesterday, I even forgot about. Anyways no need to fight just stay calm and share your thoughts.
  6. I guess I could just DV them and wait for the sheep to come by to the Lion, I might get lucky and have a violation just on the DV.
  7. So I got a little surprise in the mail. A letter from Midland that they now own an old debt from a Washington Mutual cc, that was previously owned by Asset Acceptance. It the usual you got 30 days to dispute. All right I'll send my DV letter when I get home. Anyway, I also read that Midland bought Asset. Many moons ago I DV Asset, and then send a cease and desist, so since midland bought asset, does that transfers over? Well I might dv them or not, since maybe I can get some TCPA violations and have some fun. My cell phone line is from 2013, so any calls will be a violation, no consent possible there. Not really in the mood to mske them come to the Lion, but is tempting. Should I just DV them and then cease and desist them, or dv them only ... to be or not to be, what you guys recommend???
  8. I got all collectors with a cease and desist, so they will need to sell an out of every SOL, and disputed debt, to some very bottom feeder to attempt to collect, since those guys work from moms basement, I doubt I'll ever see a lawsuit on those any time in the future.
  9. I'm not planning on take them to court. In fact I believe it's just a waste of their $$ to do a soft pull, it's just a general question. For what I read it does not make it illegal so I would guess they can.
  10. I have not found a clear answer to this. So your debt it's outside the reporting period for your credit report, and outside of SOL for them to sue (I know they can still sue but it will be just a paycheck for me). Most of my collections have been deleted or are starting to fall off the credit report, between nov 2015 and feb 2016, they will all fall off, or else I'll need to dispute them. Anyways can they still pull your credit after they fall off? I got a law firm doing a soft pull on nov 2014, way after the SOL was over. But in general debt collectors stoped pulling the credit report at the 5 year mark from first delinquency.
  11. I did the dispute and all that back in 2012, the ones I couldn't get off I just let them seat and waited for thier time to say bye and it's almost that time, also I ain't rushing it, I might even get some extra cash if some of these smarty collectors try to reage any of them. I might get lucky who knows ...
  12. Since I stoped paying all cc in january 2009, between feb/march 2016 my credit will be good again when all charge offs and the remaining collections fall off. I do not have no debt collectors calling me, they all got a cease and desist or got sued and handled me some cash. As long as you bite the bullet and don't have to do BK or get a judgement, the 7 years mark will show up eventually. The first I`ll say 2-3 years are sort of a pain getting calls all day, but now with my acquired knowledge here I've learn how to stop that.
  13. 2008 was a bad year for many, and for me was the year when I collected enough debt that I stop paying all cc in January 2009. My journey 2012 5 charge off, 7 collections. Got sued on 1 charge off from crap1. Mid 2012 Got a cc of 300. End 2012 sued 2 debt collectors and cashed some extra money. 2013 4 charge offs, 2 collections, 1 settled cc with OC, the crap1. Got 1 cc of $1300 and a store card of $900. Canceled the $500 cc. 2014 CR same as 2013, and opened a new cc, was $1500 and then it went to $3000. 2015 CR the same, but the $1300 cc is now $2600 and the $3000 went to $5000. Automatic credit lines increase since I seldom if at all call the cc. 2016 ... Will see it might be the year to buy a house ... So even if you now got bad credit, if you act responsibly it will get fix later on time. Do not let anyone get a judgement on you since that will remain there longer. Thanks to all that helped me back then, as I keep on trucking. I'm a truck driver since 2013, and also it's not what I wanted it does pay all bills, and my wife stoped working since mid last year, and became a full time Mon.
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