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  1. @shellieh98 Hi Shellie! No I didn't sign anything. Just made a couple of arrangements. then stopped. But, really the only thing I don't have in my favor is the payment's made. I was going to start a new thread but couldn't find the area to do so.. it's been a long week! ugh.. it's probably right in front me. lol
  2. Hi Everyone. Quick Question I hope you super smart people can assist. I had Suttell & Hammer serve me in March of 2012 with a Summons & Complaint for Midland Funding. I answered with Affirmative Defenses. I've had alot going on in my life over the last few years and not until I just did a complete overhaul of ALL activity on the account (Target National Bank) did I see that prior to be served the Summons & Complaint I had made a few arrangments for payments with Midland Funding. Ugh. I have been served in May 2014 now with Summary Judgment WA state and want to know if I have any good defenses since I have made payments on said account. I would love to fight this and would have a great time and probably get the case dropped if not for good then temporarily but I think the case is threatened by my payments made to Midland. Anyone able to assist me on how to proceed? Its for $7500. orginal creditor is Target. Then to Midland and now it's in the hands of the low life attorney's of Suttell and Hammer. I need to do something soon as my time to respond is nearing.. Hearing is 7.11.2014 Thank you so much!!!!!
  3. Does anyone know if there is an ongoing class action law suit against Suttell & Hammer for their practices? I'd love to be able to expose these people on a big big scale..they are EXTREMELY unprofessional.. and I'm sure the people they are attempting to get money from are not saying they don't owe the debt, but unable to pay the amount these guys are demanding. They say to call and set up payment arrangements and then tell you the amount you can pay isn't acceptable.. REGARDLESS of your situation. So, get this.. for reasons too long to list here.. my husband and I got into some financial problems a few years ago and sadly our accounts went to collection agencies and then even sadder to Suttell & Hammer (then Associates) .. my husband made monthly payment arrangements with them to automatically take out a certain dollar amount a month.. the payments were coming out regularly as they said they would.. then all of a sudden they took out another payment.. and my husband called the bank asking what the amount was for, they said Suttell & Hammer.. he called Suttell & Hammer and asked why they had taken additional monies out of his account without his authorization when he'd already made payment arrangements? They said, your wife has an account that had been put over into our office, (unbeknowngst to me - nothing received by them at that point) and that is her account we are collecting for. My husband and I have seperate bank accounts and my name is not on the account they decided to take upon themselves and withdraw his funds for my debt. ILLEGAL.. period. Needless, to say he threatened them with legal action and they put the funds back into his account, and then contacted me to make payment arrangements on my account. I'm not saying that we don't owe the debt, I'm saying the way they go about collecting it, (or trying to) .. kind of hard to pay when you don't have a job.. yet they think suing you is going to somehow make money miraculously show up! Sadly, I've heard many many horror stories about this company, trying to deal with them on the phone is enough to give someone a coronary! They hang up on you when you don't tell them what they want to hear, they repeat stupid things over and over again like 'your going to have to contact your lawyer for legal advice I can't answer your question'. I NEVER asked them for legal advice, my question was this... everytime I tried to make a discussion of what we could agree on as far as payments he was having nothing to do with the numbers I was putting out there, so then he would say well you can pay whatever you want, but I'm still going to have to go forward with our collection proceedings. I would say then, ok what does that mean? collection proceedings? What is your next move? If I am paying you $100 a month but you want $500... are you still going to file a judgement against me because I'm not paying what you want me to pay? When in truth I'm paying in good faith SOMETHING against my debt... he would answer again and again.. I can't give you legal advice.. !!!! Amazing.. these people have had to move their offices, hide their physical address.. because people have tried to go after them ... I can understand their frustration and anger... they make you feel as if you have NO options.. and I know regardless of that feeling.. its not true.. So, if I can leave any of you with any kind of positive remark.. its this. You are not alone in this, and know that its not hopeless. Reach out and seek others who are experiencing similiar and join together, band together to find a way, a person who knows the law and be the voice for you. Looking forward to hearing SUCCESS stories against these people. Blessings T~