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  1. The Walking Dead is awesome!

  2. *Hugs* I second that about you being such a great help to everyone on here and that this dosn't seem fair. Do keep fighting this, I am sure you will beat this!
  3. Thank you! I wouldn't have thought to check... But no, no new movement on the case summary and the judgement was entered on March 1. So, I am assuming it is a different debt (in which case, here we go again!). I am assuming this because they are probably trying to get ahold of me to see if I will settle with their 75% offer or to admit to something. It could be the same debt too, I don't know. I wasn't aware I had to file a judgement... I thought it was already entered and ordered by the Judge. "To the parties and their attorney of the record; You are herbey notified that pursuant to sectio
  4. the lawsuit was filed april 21 2011 the day before the statute. The case was dismissed on March 1st 2012. All other debts tolled in or before april 2011. I will save the voicemail just in case. Should I bother sending a C&D? I had recently registered on Do Not Call so I filed a complaint.
  5. As some of you know persolve filed a lawsuit against me and lost . Today I get a voicemail from them to call them back regarding a pending legal matter. All of my debts are out of statute and I have received nothing from Persolve in the mail. So I have no idea what it could be. I guess sit back and wait? Kinda thought I was done with them :-/
  6. I was able to beat Persolve on my own by just answering the summons and going to court. Each case can go differently though, so its probably best to do a BOP and use the help provided by Seadragon and others. As for lawyers...if you really wanted to get one, you are probably looking at a grand or more, if they take cc cases.... I used the PLD-C-010 and had my Fiance serve them the POS-030. Can be anybody not named in the Lawsuit. The clerk told me this had to be done when I filed.
  7. I was alittle surprised that they were not trying to collect above 10% and then I remember that Persolve is being sued for trying to collect high interest. I believe everything in your answer is good....
  8. That does not surprise me, Persolve will only ever take 75% of the balance plus interest (usually a ridiculous amount) and fees. Per`solveĀ“ v. t. 1. To pay wholly, or fully. Can you post what you said in your answer? You should be okay, I believe (and someone can correct me if I am wrong) that trying to settle in the past can not be used against you.
  9. I am glad as well. I just want to know how this process will work against default judgements. Obviously, an unethical debt buyer could easily lie about the year or come up with fake documents to prove the alleged debt. If nobody objects to these documents, how is the Judge to know if it is all legitimate?
  10. Does the site say anything about not being able to serve the defendent or if an answer was received.. or something along those lines?.... I mean on the court website where you enter in the case number.... if it dosn't say anything about you being served, you should be okay...
  11. From an article in the huffington post, by consumer advocate Bill Bartmann Posted: March 19, 2012 Bill Bartmann: California Tells Debt Buyers to "Prove It"
  12. My case was alittle different then from what people had to go through on here...maybe. I didn't go through the whole discovery process, but I denied everything but the debt owed to the OC in my answer based on the fact that the JDB had not sent me any proof. (Yes, I did the whole yes I owe this debt, but not to them thing) They sent me all their evidence along with their trial brief and that form... they didn't send me any admissions or interrogaties or any of that nonsense...thank god... that's probably why they lost or why the whole thing took a year, who knows... I have been studying these
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