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  1. If you want to get technical it is illegal for them to remove an inquiry. FCRA states they have to tell you of all inquiries on your credit. If they remove it, how can they tell you? Now that being said that leaves two ways to attack inquries. I have had several removed, but found TU is the least responsive. They did go along to some degree with method 2 though. Method 1 - dispute them. If you didn't do it, don't know who the people are, don't recall making a request, don't recall giving permission etc dispute it. This will at times get rid of some at least. If you opened a new chase card six
  2. Not sure about the authorized user thing, but I have heard it helps and older is better IF (and it['s a big if) they always kept it paid on time. A few lates here and there and you might as well pass. Unless it happens to be a 10k or higher limit with less than 1000 on the card at any given time. The usage is down, so it might balance a few lates if over a year old. Frequent or current lates, forget it though. for the CA's dispute. Dispute to the CA, the CRA, anybody that will listen. If it remains, send a letter to them. Deny everything, but offer a settlement / pay for delete. Some will bite
  3. Unless you are wanting to raise your score overnight for some purpose, I say don't mess with anything about to drop off. If you pay a collection account that is almost 7 years old your date of last payment/sctivity/whatever you want to call it becomes today. This (even paying it off) can be a big negative hit on your score because you now have a current negative account instead of one 7 years old. Send them a letter and ask for a pay for delete or something along those lines if you want to pay it off without a negative hit on your credit. Any others that have time left on there, I would again
  4. Bruno, Shot that letter off already BUT I know they will not correct it because as they state over and over that the furnishers are verifying the information as correct. Also long as the OC in one case and the DC in the other continue to say "Oh that? Yeah he owes that much" they won't seem to budge. DC has recently dropped the amount they claim I owe almost in half, but still saying 2000+.
  5. Well, I know everything can change in a heartbeat and they can always come back and hit me with it right before closing, but I got pre-approved for a mortgage this week. Been fighting with my credit crap for a year now for this moment. Not done, but at least cleared that hurdle.
  6. So one of the big three CRA's offers me some $ to basically STFU. They deny responsibility but offer to pay me anyway, could this be my "ace in the hole" if I take them to court? Basically I told them I wanted $XXXX.XX for this and that violations as well as accounts x and y to be deleted for being all sorts of wrong. They came back at me offering me the $ but want me to sign an agreement and inside the agreement is a clause that says I certify the credit report is correct. If it was correct I wouldn't be going through all this crap. Hell no I won't sign it. But I am wondering if this will
  7. I am knocking on the door of getting my scores in the range to get a pre-approval from the VA lenders I have been looking at. My main concern though is will I be able to get the loan with the scores if I have outstanding unpaid items on my credit report? I should have everything cleared up next month with one exception which is reporting to all 3 CRAs. There is no way I can pay this off anytime soon even if I wanted to. They are claiming over 12k on a charged off account. Now, besides not being able to pay them off, I wouldn't if I could. Bunch of crooks, but that is another story. On the up s
  8. Secured cards don't help credit? Funny, as soon as I was approved for mine and it was reported I got a score jump. Now, just as with any other CC if I run it up score goes down. Pay it off score goes up. Pay most of it off but leave a small balance and get the biggest boost. And cap one does not report it as a secured card, just as a CC.
  9. Maybe I misunderstanding, but yes Coltfan is correct as usual you can sue for other violations if they commited them. I just don't think you would be able to use anything regarding it being time barred in your case.
  10. Concur. The only way they would have any recourse is IF the kid continues to abide by the contract on their own free will and then when they are 18 ...damnit can't think of the word for it, but basically at 18 they can say they accept the contract as is and it is vaild from then on. Otherwise it's not enforceable in any way.
  11. Now, you can always attempt to argue anything in court but from what I have gathered so far in my dealings with creditors and multiple moves all around the world due to military service is basically this (but there are exceptions to every rule, except the rule that there are exceptions to every rule) If you are stationed in SC, on base or off base doesn't matter and you buy a car from a dealer in SC and get financing through them and then defualt on that loan the laws of SC would apply. About the ONLY way i can see different is if you default on the loan, then move to another state. While in t
  12. All debt related cases are civil court. JP, district, county, state, federal, whatever you want to call it, it's all civil. Just different levels of it. So they had a judgment against you and were garnshing and then you got them to settle? If you showed up in court and fought this, but did not bring up the fact it was a time barred case I don't think you have any legal grounds at all. Now IF they got a default judgment because you were never properly served, you would have a case, BUT you would have to prove both that you weren't served and it was time barred. ANd BV80, that is odd. The wordi
  13. If it was outside the SOL how did you not get it tossed in the first place and settle instead? I could be wrong, but as soon as you acknowledge the case without bringing up the defense that it is a time barred action, then you are now subject to the action and the SOL is no longer a factor and you cannot use it later against them. Bringing up that defense should have been the 1st step, 2nd would be counter-suit for filing a time barred action.
  14. Without going into to much detail the reason I am considering such an action is simply trying to bait them. The alleged debt is a considerable amount, but fortunately I have good grounds to argue it is out of SOL in N. Carolina where the debt was incurred, which is also the state where the company is located and where I was living at the time. Now, it is my understanding under NC law a company may not attempt to collect a debt outside of the SOL. If they are able to use my current state SOL, well then I have a defense against them where they violated state law in a way that can and is used in
  15. I pay for a service, but it's for the reports, not the scores. Scor just comes with it. For a year now I have been able to obtain free reports from 1 CRA on pretty much a daily basis, another on a semi regular basis. The other was more difficult so I pay for their service to have unlimited access to my report. As for the scores, yes there are tons of scoring models, but when I was recently trying to get pre-qualified for a VA mortage, they pulled the scores from each of the 3 CRAs and at least with a lot of VA lenders, they use the median score, not a consolidated FICO score. The scores they g