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  1. HOLY CRAP! So... given this response: And this response: (quoted from another of my post's the same day) That means...if this guy is not officially "representing" the OC, then he's collecting and does not own the debt and hubby shouldn't pay. But, then again.....he does site the OC as the plaintiff, then he IS an Attorney that is officially collecting for OC, and hubby's bucking it up. .....Thinking out loud here.....
  2. sblisko, I post another question to this affect...checkitout.
  3. Truth be told.... I really don't know who I am dealing with. Come's off as a lawyer Smells like a collector. Already DV, recieved discovery.
  4. I have been very gullible, it appears. Nearly all correspondence "looks' like this suit has been presented/started by a lawyer. Yet...the guys web site would infer otherwise. (up until recently his website was vague) coupled with the fact that his last correspondence stated: This communication is from a debt collector collecting a debit. Dichotomy. Importance on fighting this seems largely based on whether it is a lawyer or a JDB attempting to sue. (be happy to send you a link to his site in PM) Q: Do JDB often masquerade as lawyers?
  5. When asked of JDB to prove that he owned the debt: This JDB's "discovery", included copies of my husband's statements. (hubby still named as client of cc co. - not the DJB) Does this definitively prove that JDB owns the debt?...As there is NO evidence cc company has sold it, that I have seen. (EX: credit reports show no sale of debt) If not, how does he obtain those, how easily is that done? Common practice of the JDB? EDIT: Ok...who cares who gets your statements..I am asking...Can all these bums (collections/JDB/Attorneys) access/obtain a copy of your cc statements??? (ok, I KNOW Attorneys
  6. Hubby defaulted on cc acquired when we owned a company. Company closed, unable to pay the $5k balance due. Served a suite Answered Received discovery Served Motion for Summary Judgement Trying really hard to battle this alone, and feeling overwhelmed at the process, regardless of all the advice on this board. My learning disability trips me up on comprehension. Hubby is essentially dissonant, too busy to chip in. Wants to surrender and settle. (like you haven't heard that, here, before...right?) SO...searching for an attorney to help. What type of Atty. helps consumers with Debt Collection?
  7. Tirwin!!! I am in the same boat!!!! EXACTLY the same sentiments. (as above) I feel for you! My hubby want's to throw in the towel, while I have been TRYING to do what I can. He is at the (served) Motion of Summary of Judgement phase.
  8. I mean... WHY is it suggested to file an Opposition to Summary Disposition??? How does this help? Does it stall the process? Why would I choose this, over caving in and settling? I get very muddled between these two options. Because it seems to be down to these two.
  9. Continuance... What is this? how/why did it come to this? Is this common? Then my wife filed an answer and a motion to dismiss, How does an AtD help? And, on what bases (why) does one do this? How does MtD help? And, on what bases (why) does one do this?
  10. Oddly enough. I realize and understand everything that you have responded to. I know that there does not need to be a signed agreement, as this is less common to even have one. But there are folks on here who have suggested that, that, was paramount in proving/showing. Something that would confuse many readers of such a posting. (like me, at first) I do realize the relevance of their providing a witness. But, again, certain postings by folks leads one to believe that this might be hooey on the bases of being sued by a JDB as opposed to counsel for the OC. Thought that I'd ask anyways.
  11. Ok, here is the situation: When Discovery was sent. Atty. (not JDB) provided: yrs. of statements and a generic agreement. Got us dead to rights. I have NO discovery of our own to offer. I give up. I tried to get a hold of 3 local Atty.s for help, only one returned the call and has yet to get back to me, after laying out the particulars. Since the MSJ was produced/sent/filed(?) to us on the 12th, received on the 15th and I hear that there are (base) 10 days to respond. I feel screwed in filing any reply. This is my husbands default on a CC. and suite, and he just wants to call the Atty. and off