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  1. Definitely check and see if there are any tax credits available
  2. Maybe see if refinancing to a fixed rate is an option?
  3. That is a sticky situation. Good luck and I hope everything works out!
  4. Definitely plan for the future and ask yourself you're going to be there long term or short term.
  5. Sounds off, as long as you have a COE, W2, and your Pay stubs, they shouldn't be asking those types of questions.
  6. BOA must have problems in this department. Remember when they seized the homes of active duty service members even though their homes were protected under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act?
  7. Haha I like the Milburn Drysdale comparison.
  8. If you can pay down your revolving accounts to where they are max 20-30 percent of the total limit you should gain your points.
  9. Those all sound about right to me.
  10. I would talk to a VA approved lender. The VA direct loan program has a bunch of hoops to jump through. The guaranteed program is much simpler and after talking to the right people I'm sure you'll have more success.
  11. I would listen to Veterans United on this one and pay down the cards.
  12. You might be able to try refinancing your current home with a cash out program if there's enough equity.
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